UP Police SI Physical Efficiency Test Preparation Tips 2017

UP Police SI Physical Efficiency Test Preparation Tips 2017 – PET (Physical test) & Physical Standard Test preparation strategy

UP Police SI Physical Efficiency Test Preparation Tips 2017

How to Qualify/Pass Physical Test of UP Police SI – Physical fitness is a must for a candidate who aspires to become a police officer. In any country for that matter, a policeman is expected to do the more physical job than a sitting clerical job. Every police offer should be fit enough face consequences involving crime and law. Hence an entrance test to the police department includes physical efficiency test as the most crucial part of it. It is mandatory to pass the physical efficiency test and there is no room for any layoff in this test. This article is about the preparation tips for UP Police SI Physical efficiency test 2017.


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UP Police Physical Efficiency Test Preparation Tips :

Before we get some tips, it is important to know the requirements for the physical efficiency test. It is different for male and female candidates.

For male candidates:

1. Height – 170 cm

2. Chest – 80cm unexpanded and 85 cm expanded

3. 100 meters running in 16 seconds

4. 1.6 km. Running in 6.5 minutes

5. Long jump – 3.65 meters in 3 chances

6. High jump – 1.2 meters in 3 chances

7. Shot put – 4.5 meters in 3 chances (16 pounds)

For Female candidates:

1. Height – 157 cm

2. 100 meters running in 18 seconds

3. 800 meters running in 4 minutes

4. Long jump – 2.7 meters in 3 chances

5. High jump – 0.9 meters in 3 chances

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You must have noted that there is more than just maintaining the height for a police job. You have to be good at sports too. Here are the preparation tips:

  • Make a habit of running at least for 2 km. Every day. It increases your stamina as well as your timing. The running tests are important considering the need of running in the police department. There is no way you can compromise on the length and duration. Even a single second delayed, you are out of the whole recruitment process. Nothing else other than continuous practice works for this.
  • Sports – For every sport, it is important to maintain the length and time. For instance, while practicing high jump, concentrate on the distance. It is most crucial and you have to meet the standards irrespective of your present day situation.
  • Weight – The candidate is expected to maintain a proportionate weight to meet the physical standards. So maintain a proper diet in order to reach the set requirements.

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