Happy to share about SBI Clerk Results, Check Toppers Strategy

SBI Clerk Prelims Result is declared. We feel proud and happy to share that many of our aspirants have cleared SBI Clerk Prelims Exam. Some students have cleared SBI Clerk Prelims as well as SBI PO Prelims. They are now preparing for SBI Mains. Would you like to know their secret strategy of cracking SBI Exams?  Before telling you their strategy, lets have a glimpse of these toppers who made us proud. These people who are listed in table below enrolled SBI Clerk Marathon. Total 250+ candidates have been selected who enrolled in our previous SBI Clerk Marathon. Below is the partial list of our selected aspirants.

Student Name Registration Number Exams Cleared
Sanyasi Nahak 164028xxx


SBI PO Prelims

SBI Clerk Prelims

Yesbir Singh 164xxxx530


SBI PO Prelims

SBI Clerk Prelims

Charu Joshi 164xxx168


SBI PO Prelims

SBI Clerk Prelims

Deepika Katniss 164xxxx186


SBI PO Prelims

SBI Clerk Prelims

Deepshikha Govil 16xxxx0546


SBI PO Prelims

SBI Clerk Prelims

SAURAV GUHA 16xxxx4814 SBI Clerk Prelims
AKHIL DEVA RAM 16xxxx6245 SBI Clerk Prelims
AMIT 163xxxx2905 SBI Clerk Prelims
SIDHARTH MOHAN M 16308xxxx9 SBI Clerk Prelims
Uday NA SBI Clerk Prelims
Rovil NA SBI Clerk Prelims
Rai Shivam 16xxxx9792 SBI Clerk Prelims
SUSHANT 16xxxx8249 SBI Clerk Prelims
Yesbir Singh 16300xxxx9 SBI Clerk Prelims
SONU PANWAR 1630xxxx85 SBI Clerk Prelims
Deepshikha Govil 16xxxx6373 SBI Clerk Prelims
Dharmendra Singh 1630xxxx69 SBI Clerk Prelims
Gaganpreet Singh 1630xxxx33 SBI Clerk Prelims
Gugan singh 16307xxxx0 SBI Clerk Prelims
Jyothirmai 16308xxxx6 SBI Clerk Prelims
Sanyasi Nahak 1630xxxx65 SBI Clerk Prelims
Deepika Katniss 163xxxx338 SBI Clerk Prelims
Ashish Shalik Chalakh 1631xxxx46 SBI Clerk Prelims
Ajay khalkho 16xxxx0812 SBI Clerk Prelims
Anitha Raj Raj 163110xxxx SBI Clerk Prelims
Kuldeep Yadav 1631xxxx99 SBI Clerk Prelims
Brijraj 16xxxx1966 SBI Clerk Prelims
SANVEDAK 1631379702 SBI Clerk Prelims
Manish Kumar 16314xxxx6 SBI Clerk Prelims
Anirban Pal 163xxxx642 SBI Clerk Prelims
Charu Joshi 1631xxxx70 SBI Clerk Prelims
NIRMAL 1631xxxx74 SBI Clerk Prelims
Ganesh Subhash 16319xxxx0 SBI Clerk Prelims
Aarthi 16300xxxx0 SBI Clerk Prelims
Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay 1631xxxx96 SBI Clerk Prelims
SHALKA 4181xxxx05 SBI Clerk Prelims
Surinder Kumar 199xxxx36 SBI Clerk Prelims

What was the Toppers Strategy to crack SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

Some of the candidates who cleared SBI Clerk Prelims, have shared their strategy with us. Have a look

  • I analyzed the previous year memory based papers and then made a study plan.
  • Previous Year Papers gave me an idea of how to proceed.
  • To crack SBI Clerk Exam, Speed plays an important role. Practice helped me alot.
  • I enrolled for SBI Clerk Marathon at TopRankers, which provided me lot of practice questions, live doubt clearing sessions, online classes by Subject Matter Experts. This helped me alot.
  • If you did not clear the SBI Clerk exam, you can take help from TopRankers.

What is the Toppers Preparation Strategy for SBI Clerk Mains

This strategy is based on the feedback given by the selected candidates.

  • I am surely going to enroll for SBI Mains Marathon.
  • SBI Mains Marathon will provide me the Online Classes, Regular Assignments, Live Doubt Clearing Sessions and tips to crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam.
  • I am going to practice alot (Questions of every expected pattern in SBI Clerk Mains), this will save my time during exam.
  • I am going to revise thoroughly and stay calm.

Note : SBI Mains marathon is a complete package to crack your dream exam. You can get instant 500 rs. discount by using coupon code MAINS500.

SBI Mains Marathon

You can also enroll for SBI PO Mains Test Series, which will give you actual simulation of real exam.

Here are some of the articles that will help in your SBI Clerk Mains Preparation:

SBI Clerk Mains Syllabus

SBI Clerk Mains Smart Study Plan

Don’t miss to solve SBI Clerk Previous Year Papers. Practice will lead you to success. For any query related to SBI Clerk Exam, you can Meet Your Expert and post your query in the comment section.

Things To Remember : We have launched  IBPS PO Online Classes. If you looking someone to help you with IBPS PO, You are at the right platform.

Keep posting your queries and All the best for SBI Mains.


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