Top job options that Indians prefer

Job: A major concern in the minds of youngsters in today’s scenario. With the increasing cut -throat competition, it is an extremely difficult job for an individual to find an appropriate job. An individual contributes to the national growth by the quality of service he/she provides. So, it is extremely important for an individual to have a job he/she is good at. But, with the evolving times, most of the youngsters prefer to have government jobs instead of private ones as the former ones provide better job security.

According to a recent survey, approximately 5 million youngsters pass out with their graduation degrees from various educational institutions on an annual basis. This ratio creates a tough task for the young generation to find a suitable job option. Out of these 5 million, approximately 5 to 10 percent youngsters graduate from colleges of good repute. They get exposure to good placements even before the completion of their graduation. Let us now take a look what the rest 90 to 95 percent of students coming from ordinary colleges prefer.

Let us go through different categories and analyse the preference of students:

Jobs in private sector: In the private sector, students mostly prefer jobs in the IT sector/ software jobs. The main reason for every graduate pursuing jobs in IT sector is the exposure and the handsome pay. Software and IT jobs provide you a better learning with services expanded globally.

Jobs in government sector: Public sector jobs are the real “king of the jungle”. The most desired of all, these jobs provide with all the factors an employee would ever desire of. As per a latest survey, there is a 48 percent rise in the students searching for government jobs. Government jobs come with assurance of decent salaries along with perks and benefits.

The ranking of the civil jobs comes in 4 categories namely: Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. The group A carries higher administrative and executive responsibilities and senior management positions in the field organizations. The group C is engaged in supervision based works as well as operations based tasks. Group D is engaged in maintenance of daily routines and regimes.

If we daw a preference graph in the public sector jobs, first preference would be SSC jobs, second would be PSU jobs and third would be most probably railway based jobs.

Jobs in Pharma sector:  This profession serves as a link between the doctors and the pharmacy chains. They go to different medicine and healthcare professionals and give them presentations. This job is preferred by youngsters as this gives them a good opportunity to nurture their career in the healthcare domain.
Jobs in Aviation Industry: Listed among one of the well paid and prestigious career, this job adds glamour to your presentation. The entire team is divided into various sub categories based on the roles and responsibilities. The cabin crew members (air hostesses/ flight attendants) are responsible for the hospitality of the passengers and to make sure they are comfortable. They receive special training for this and also assist the passengers in the process of boarding the flight. The ground team is responsible for guidance. They guide the customers regarding security check, take care of the check- in procedures, manage the baggage transactions etc.

Jobs in Insurance industry: The most common option for graduates who are sound in their marketing skills. Development officers have become a common and famous career option. This career option is preferred by candidates who aspire a career with engagement. Supervision and support. Instant promotions with fast-track career growth is an added advantage in this career.

We hope that this article gives you a brief picture of the job preferences of “Indian youth”. All in all, it can be said that each job option gives growth in some or other way. It entirely depends on the preference of the candidate opting for. Stay tuned for more updates. We wish you good luck!



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