Top 3 toppers in IAS (2015-16): Succees Story of UPSC toppers 2015, Everything you need to know to get inspired!

Success Story of UPSC (IAS) toppers of 2015-16

The Civil Service Examinations, which are conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), are a dream of thousands and millions of Indian candidates every year. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that these examinations have a success rate of less than 1% and are therefore, considered as the toughest and the most competitive examination in the country. So as to secure their desired post in the different arms of Indian Civil Services, tens and thousands of candidates undergo intensive study regime.

Recruitment however doesn’t come easy. It requires rigorous coaching, intensive training, sheer devotion and dedication and a strong will power and hope to qualify the three rounds of this exam. In a hope to make it to the select candidates list of UPSC, thousands of candidates put everything in their life, at hold.

In a scenario, where qualifying for the UPSC seems like a distant dream, only a few make it to the list of UPSC. What does it take to do that? The UPSC 2015-16 results, which were released lately, again gave the country the surprising and young toppers. Here is what you need to know about them.

Detailed biography of the Top 3 toppers in IAS (2015-16)

All India Rank in UPSC 2015-16 Name of the Candidate Age Detailed Biography Reaction to the UPSC 2015-16 Result
1 Tina Dabi 22 Years 1.       Domicile of New Delhi.

2.       Cleared IAS 2015-16 in the first attempt.

3.       Graduate in Political Science from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College.

4.       Schooling from Convent of Jesus & Mary.


“It is indeed a proud moment for me. I have always wanted to work in a challenging state. That is why I chose Haryana. I want to work for women empowerment in the state.”


Reason for choosing Haryana Cadre:


Skewed sex ratio in the state of Haryana inspired her to choose this state as her cadre.

2 Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan 23 Years 1.       Domicile of Jammu & Kashmir (Village Anantnag)

2.       Cleared IAS again in the second attempt. Gave the second attempt for improving rank.

3.       Undergoing training at the Indian Railways Institute of Transport and Management, Lucknow.

4.       Did not take any formal coaching.

5.       Relied on extensive reading and 100% dedication & devotion.



“I just could not believe it. The news took few minutes to sink in that I obtained second rank. I secured 560 rank last year. I’m very delighted and extremely satisfied that my hard work has really paid off. I had appeared last year but my ranking was down and, therefore, I was offered Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS). I joined but IAS was my first love and I planned to do both — join the training and appear again”


Reason for choosing Kashmir Cadre:


The militancy-torn state of Jammu & Kashmir was his choice because he wanted to serve the people of his state and fulfil their aspirations to join the mainstream country.

3 Jasmeet Singh Sandhu 28 Years 1.       Domicile of New Delhi.

2.       Cleared IAS again in the 4th attempt.

3.       Already serving as an Indian Revenue Service Officer.

4.       Took formal coaching only for one month.

5.       Studied for the IAS on his own.

6.       His brother too, is undergoing IAS coaching.

His mother, Surinder Sandu is proud of him and commented, “He only took coaching for a month. He prepared for the exam on his own. I am a proud mother.”


Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam 2015-16: Final Declaration of result- Understanding the criterion

Total number of Candidates Selected- 1,078

General category- 499

OBC- 314

Scheduled Castes- 176

Scheduled Tribes- 89


1.       A reserve list of 172 candidates has been maintained by the Commission.

2.       The UPSC 2015-16 result is based on candidates’ score in December 2015- held written examination and March-May 2016 held Face-to-face interview round.


The list of top 20 toppers in IAS (2015-16)

All India Rank Roll Number Name of the Candidate
1 0256747 Tina Dabi
2 0058239 Athar Aamir ul Shafi Khan
3 0010512 Jasmeet Singh Sandhu
4 0000123 Artika Shukla
5 0015876 Shashank Tripathi
6 0105343 Ashish Tiwari
7 0575838 Sharanya Ari
8 0708525 Kumbhejkar Yogesh Vijay
9 0147086 Karn Satyarthi
10 0636176 Anupam Shukla
11 0030357 Anurag Chander Sharma
12 0835059 Ashish
13 0003413 Siddharth Jain
14 0891407 Kirthi C
15 0003562 Pratap Singh
16 0714225 Shrikrishnanath B Panchal
17 0430914 Amit Pal
18 0699076 Anshul Gupta
19 0236963 Sweta Agarwal
20 0925445 Vipin Garg


The individual marks break-up will be made available at the official UPSC site, i.e., http//, within 15 days after the declaration of result.

On the basis their rank in the final result of UPSC 2015-16, the candidates will get to serve in the different prestigious government positions. The candidates will get the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Indian Police Services (IPS) and others in central services.

Tips from the topper of UPSC 2015-16 to crack civil services examination

The three candidates had different methods of studying, but one target- IAS. Likewise, every student can have his/her own method of study, time management and a plan. But the overall or the basic target remains the same. Out of the top three toppers, the most inspiring is definitely the 22-year old girl from Delhi, Tina Dabi, who managed to qualify for the IAS with All India Rank 1 in her first attempt only. How was it possible?

Here are a few tips that we have compiled, on the basis of interview of Tina Dabi and her parents:

  1. No matter which subject you graduate from, do not lose hope- Tina Dabi is a graduate from Lady Sri Ram College of Delhi University. She did her graduation in Political Science, which definitely is an important subject for Civil Services examination. However, her non-science background in school did not give her an edge in Math and Science subjects of the UPSC exam 2015-16. Therefore, her key focus was on her weaker sections. She did not lose hope, despite being from a different background.
  2. Focus on your weaker sections more- As mentioned above, the topper of UPSC 2015-16, had weak Math and Science because she did not come from Science background. But instead of losing hope, she prepared herself for her weaker sections.
  3. Study, study and study more-In an interview to one of the channels, Tina Dabi’s mother told that she studied for a minimum of 10 hours every day. Her mother had to tell her to stop studying. We are not compelling students to study for 10 hours at a stretch, but while preparing for the civil services examination, a minimum of 8 hours study is highly recommended.
  4. Do not let stress overpower your energy-Tina Dabi, in one of her interviews to a channel, told that the preparation for IAS examinations is extremely stressful and de-motivating. It is important to not lose hope and focus. Stress should not be allowed to overpower your energy because it will drain your time.
  5. Do not waste even a single day-Tina Dabi says that she did not waste even a single day. Every day, she used to study with same enthusiasm and dedication. Devotion is all it takes to crack the civil services exam in first attempt.
  6. Parents should not force students to choose subjects; let them take their own decisions-One of the most important things that Tina Dabi’s parents said in their interview to a channel, was that they did not force Tina to take the subject of their choice. Her mother strongly opined that children should be allowed to take their own decisions and only then, they will strive for their goal by excelling in it. Tina found solace in her parents’ support, which according to her was her biggest motivation to qualify this exam.


We are waiting for the details of Tina Dabi’s and other toppers marks, so as to give our aspiring candidates a detailed analysis over the subjects to focus upon. Nevertheless, the above mentioned tips and strategies are important for the candidates and parents to note.

The students who are aiming for IAS 2016-17 should start preparation now. This is the best time to get inspired from the toppers of UPSC 2015-16 and plan the preparation regime. Seek help from coaching centers, online sample papers, mock tests and a myriad of websites that can provide you good tips, tricks and strategies to crack IAS in the first attempt only. Also note that age is just a number. You are never too young/old to accomplish your dreams. Hard work, pure dedication, strong will power, determination and devotion, as well as, parents’ motivation can always work in your favour. Find your weaker sections and make them stronger. Make sure that your stronger sections/subjects become your strength to top the exam.

Target a rank for UPSC exams and practice all through the day, once your civil services exam preparation is over.


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