TOP 10 PREPARATION TIPS FOR MBA Admission interview


Admission into an excellent B-school for MBA course requires exceptional preparation planning and good knowledge about the MBA admission Interview. Here are the top 10 preparation tips for cracking MBA interview round that will land you in your favorite B-school.

  1. Tell me about yourself is a mandatory question which is asked in every business school interview so, you must prepare at least 3-4 minutes of introduction that includes things about you such as:
  • undergraduate life,
  • major subjects studied,
  • Achievements
  • Work experience if any
  • future career goals,
  1. Question like “Why are you choosing MBA and which specialize course you want to get into?” must express your motivation along with course plan that you want to follow throughout it to achieve what you desire.
  2. You must know thoroughly about the MBA B-school where you have applied; just go through its official website and grab important information. You must be very clear about why choosing it over the other available school options as it is usually asked so.
  3. You must update yourself with the current or, business affairs related to various topics like:
  • Economy
  • Market perspectives
  • Brand names that are into major business sectors
  • National companies,
  • International companies
  1. Strengths: Be aware of your strengths. Just jot down three or four such things that explain about the good side of your personality.
  2. Weaknesses: Talk about your weaknesses in such a way that they turn out to be source of your power. For example, you can say “I am very restless when my work in not completed on time” So, I try to wind up everything on time and within the deadline.
  3. Look Clean: Be personality ready; dress formally with nice shoes.
  4. Appear early for the interview as it shows you are confident. You can never miss any important instruction given during its commencement.
  5. Do not hesitate to say no if you do not know any answer during your interview session. It is better to skip than hunch.
  6. Wear a slight smile throughout the interview.

It is advisable to stay energetic throughout the interview session.


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