Tips to Solve Reasoning Questions for Bank Exams

Find preparation tips to solve reasoning questions.

Tips to Solve Reasoning Questions for Bank Exams

Bank exams are believed to be the toughest of all because of the competition everywhere. Reasoning is a section of every bank exam be it for PO, SO, Clerk, RRB etc. It is the trickiest and is one of the most scoring sections of all. To solve questions from reasoning, you need to be strong in your logical skills for which you need to prepare from. Your logical reasoning should be sensible enough and questions from reasoning mostly test your judgement skills, sharpness of mind and logical capacity. We provide you Tips to Solve Reasoning Questions for Bank Exams for your all round preparation.

In case of reasoning, either you end up scoring well or scoring bad. You can master this section onlythrough rigorous practice. The more you practice, the more you score!

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Important Topics for Reasoning in Bank Exams

The important topics of reasoning asked in bank exams are –

  • Coding and Decoding
  • Inequalities
  • Syllogism
  • Blood Relations
  • Direction Sense
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Puzzles
  • Miscellaneous

Tips to crack reasoning in bank exams – How to solve questions from reasoning

Given below are some of the topper’s hacks you can try which can help you to crack reasoning in bank exams-

  1. Inequality is a vital topic and you will find them frequently in bank exams. We can expect min 5 and max 6- 7 questions from inequality in every bank exam. You will find questions mostly from two types of models in inequality.
    • Coded Inequality – The symbols are coded and not obvious. So, you need to analyse properly in case of coded inequality questions.
    • Direct Inequality – You will find symbols which have direct meaning.
  1. To solve questions from seating arrangement section, all you need to do is arrange. The questions may be based on different types of arrangements based on heights, age, weight, order, etc. Please remember that the information given is sufficient to answer if you pay attention to the details. To solve these questions efficiently, draw them so that you can answer easily. There are questions of three types.
    • Circular Arrangement
    • Square/ Rectangular Arrangement
    • Linear Arrangement
  1. Puzzles are tricky because they are meant to be tricky! Without wasting any of your time, start drawing. Draw the plot of the question, arrange the information, make interpretations and relate to the question. This approach will give you a better understanding. Also, pay attention to the indirect clues.
  2. Don’t compromise with practice. Practice with books for bank preparation, attempt banking mock tests and banking sample papers.
  3. Don’t get confused with topics. Make a time table and focus on preparing the topics as per their weightage.
  4. Be crystal clear with your basics. Make sure you are clear with your basics as they will lay the foundation for the rest of your performance.
  5. Learn shortcuts and tricks which will save your time. This approach will help you develop your accuracy and result in great scores.

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