Tips to Solve Data Interpretation Questions – Bank, SSC, Govt. Exams

Tips to Solve Data Interpretation Questions – Get here tips, tricks & strategies to easily solve Caselet/ Paragraph DI questions

Tips to Solve Data Interpretation Questions

We help you to understand how to solve caselet/ Paragraph DI Questions that you can come across in SBI, IBPS, Bank exams, SSC, RRB  and various Government Exams. There were 5 questions from Caselet Data interpretation last year in SBI PO mains exam. You can expect the same this year that will be conducted on 4th June 2017.

Data interpretation consists of questionnaire involving pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, radar graphs, tables. You have to read the given information carefully and draw a suitable table/Chart listing out all the given data to answer the questions.

How to solve Caselets / paragraph data interpretation questions?

1. Solving caselets comes with an expert like understanding of the subject. Read the paragraphs carefully and analyse the questions. Make yourself clear before answering the questions.

2. Underline the important points in caselets while reading. Make your work easier with symbols or shorthand. Kep focused on relevant data and do not assume any thing

3. Represent the data in graphical or tabular form. Represent the data in a pie chart, bar graph, table etc based on the questions asked.

4. Read the figures carefully and use options and approximations to avoid tiresome and lengthy calculations.

Let us illustrate this with an example – Technique to Solve DI questions

DIRECTIONS:In the following question, two statements numbered I and II are given, on solving them, we get quantities I and II respectively. Compare both the quantities and choose the correct option.

Quantity I-In a test consisting of 80 questions carrying one mark each, Arpita answers 65% of the first 40 questions correctly. What percent of the other 40 questions does she need to answer correctly to score 75% on the entire test?

Quantity II-The length of a Rectangular park is decreased by 33.33%. By how much % the breadth of the plot will be increased so that the area remains constant?

Option A- Quantity I > Quantity II

Option B – Quantity I < Quantity II

Option C -Quantity I≥Quantity II

Option D -Quantity I≤Quantity II

Option E -Quantity I = Quantity II or the relation can’t be determined

Ans: (a)

Some  Tricks & Tips to Solve Data Interpretation Questions  :

  1. Improve your Calculation speed
  2. Be thorough with the mathematical topics like percentages, interests, ratios and proportions as caselets are often based on these type of concepts
  3. Going by the old Adage Practice makes a man perfect and there is no substitute to it

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