Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams Using Mobile Phones

Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams Using Mobile Phones- Get sureshot tips, tricks and strategy to crack bank exams using cell phones

Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams Using Mobile Phones

Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams Using Mobile Phones- In this age of smartphones and 4G connectivity, anything and everything can be searched for and viewed in seconds. The world is at your hands in that slim, compact case. And so has the preparation for competitive exams become easier and convenient. You might ask how. Because smartphones are not merely tools for entertainment, they can be utilized to increase our knowledge about the world.

Bank exams are gateways to get into posts of various public and private sector banks across the country. Bank jobs are the most stable jobs and are famous due to the benefits and perks associated with these. Bank exams are held for different posts like PO (Probationary Officer), Clerk, Assistant Manager, Management Authorities, etc.

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 Read on to find out ways to prepare for bank exams using your handy smartphone.

 Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams Using Mobile Phones- Simple Hacks

1. Videos:

You can always bank on learning videos that clear the basic concepts and go on to solve problems. When your basics are clear, you don’t have to mug those huge formulae.

If you’re good at memorizing, that’s great. However, if you’re not, it’s extremely helpful to unlearn everything & go back to the basics.

And there’s no dearth of sites dedicated to genuinely teach students and professionals about any topic possible. All you have to do is type in your query and hit search.

2. Apps:

There is an abundance of apps purely dedicated to teaching you a variety of topics like language, mathematics, and many more.

Extremely user-friendly, improving your English vocabulary and grammar or learning new tricks to solve mathematical problems has never been easier. Some of these would require a working net connection to operate whereas others can be operated offline (after a one-time download requirement).

Go to your Android or Windows Store and search for learning apps. You can see the reviews and pick one according to your requirements.

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3. E-books:

E-books can be a saviour when you don’t have the time required to search for a book in a store, purchase it, and then carry it with you everywhere. Physical books take up a lot of space and are not convenient.

This is where e-books come to your rescue. You can find many of the highly-renowned books in PDF format. Some are even free of cost.

You just have to click on the file whenever you have time: on the metro, on a flight, anywhere you wish to.

4. News:

Reading newspaper daily is a habit that helps you increase your knowledge. However, it’s not necessary anymore to purchase a newspaper to do that.

You can get all the news headlines and stories via news mobile apps. If you don’t want to download these apps, you can still open their mobile site and read the news. Another alternative is to follow the news pages on Social Media like Facebook. All the current incidents are posted within seconds and there’s no time lag.

Now, reading news won’t be boring for you anymore, in case it was earlier.

5. Mock Tests:

Reading books and making notes is not enough when you don’t practice. Giving mock tests helps you remember what you learnt. It also helps you in improving your time-management skills.

You can give as many tests as you want online with zero expense.

6. Question-Answer Platforms:

Finally, if you have any confusion regarding a concept or a problem, you can always post your query on discussion groups or question-answer platforms like Quora,, and many other sites.

There are a handful of people, proficient in the concerned topic, who are ready to answer your queries any day.

These are just a few ways to prepare for bank exams using your smartphone. If you have any other idea, you can always incorporate them into your routine.

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Hope this post on Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams Using Mobile Phones is helpful. Stay tuned for more articles to boost your preparation.

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