Tips to Crack CAT Exam: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Tips to Crack CAT Exam – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Tips to Crack CAT Exam

Tips to Crack CAT Exam: CAT exam is approaching. Aspirants would include graduates as well as working professionals. Graduates would go for the regular coaching classes, while the working professionals would choose for weekend classes or online coaching along with self study by referring study materials. CAT exam being one of the toughest competitive exams, require a lot of hard work and serious preparations. Another key to crack CAT is to take mock tests after revising. These are the key instructions for cracking CAT exam.

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In this article we would take you through some key Tricks and tips to crack CAT Exam.

  1. The very first and important point is to take a deep breath and be calm. Everything will be in its place and there is no point in getting nervous and bursting out with stress. You cannot answer well if you are tensed or stressed out throughout the exam.
  2. Always think BIG before attempting the exam, which would seem like a big hurdle and a stepping stone to a new journey. It is important to have a foresight about your future so as to be alert, which is required as the corporate sector.
  3. Revitalization and Recreation are the essential elements of this routine, not just while entering the management field, but as a daily routine. Besides, it is quite important to eat healthy and to be always fresh since studying all day long would be quite straining and tiresome.
  4. When considering the To Do list for the CAT exam, assure yourself that the shortcuts are placed right. Though it is a conceptual exam with the core fundamentals being tested, these shortcuts would help in solving the problems faster and with great accuracy.
  5. If you need to have some changes or improvements, they need more practice so as to win the exam.
  6. When it comes to exam pattern, it is very important to practice and take frequent mock tests to crack the CAT exam. Understanding and being comfortable with the pattern would get you better speed and accuracy which is required along with knowing the concepts.
  7. After completion of the mock test, you must analyze the results, since that is what you learn from, and hence could improve the scores gradually.
  8. Time Management would be the first factor to be mentioned and it would join the preparation. It is quite important to plan a schedule, with a time limit you could easily follow.
  9. Once you learn to manage time well, equal importance has to be given in finding the strengths and weaknesses. Strengths have to be exploited and weaknesses have to be connected to the strengths used in a manner mentioned previously.
  10. It is good to be motivated and better to get positive from inspirational stories. However, it could be harmful if you let these stories get high in your mind.


  • Tips to crack CAT exam by a 99 percentile scorer of CAT 2016:

Aakanksha Raj had secured 99% in CAT 2016. Here are some key tips she has recommended for the CAT aspirants- both students as well as working professionals:

    • The right time to start preparing for CAT varies from one person to other, as it completely depends on the level of preparedness.
    • Routine study strategy: If you are a working professional, dedicate at least 2-3 hours on weekdays and 6-7hours on weekends. Maintain equal time slots for each section. Sundays should be dedicated only for mock tests. Analyze the mock tests well. Identify the weak areas and work on it throughout the week. Prepare well and perform better in the next mock test.
    • Study materials to be used: You could choose a study material as per your convenience based on the author of the book. Remember: Whichever material you have chosen, stick on to the same till the end. Complete a set properly, rather than referring to multiple materials. In this way you would cover all the topics.
    • Sectional preparation strategy:
      • Verbal: Read the passages based on different topics. The comfort level of reading a passage is directly related to familiarity with the subject of the passage. Hence increase the number of passages you read. You could read newspapers like The Hindu, The Economic Times; mainly referring the Editorial page or column. Make sure you get clarity about the matter you read. Just reading some words per minute would be of no use.
      • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: Solve different types of questions. Refer the previous years’ question papers and mock tests after attempting DI/LR problems. Keep a separate notebook to write down those interesting questions you get. Go through this book quite often. As you practice, it would be easier to pick up the sets. Certain sets would be difficult and time consuming and hence you could skip them.
      • Quantitative Aptitude: Be well versed with the fundamental concepts. Do not just memorize the formulae, but make sure you understand the method of solving the given problem. You must focus on solving the problem faster with equal concentration on accuracy. If you get a question that would be less time consuming, write it down in the notebook; but do NOT skip any topic.

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  • How to attempt questions from different sections: For any section, if you feel you were taking more than 3 minutes, skip it and go to the next one. Come back to that question once you are done with that section completely. Solve similar questions which could be solved in less time.
  • Time Management: Make a daily time table and follow it well.
  • Judging the weaker areas: Give a mock test. The areas where you score less are the weak areas. Firstly, diagnose the real problem with the weak areas. Would it be the lack of speed or the lack of knowledge? In case of speed, try to find shortcuts in the topic. In case of the latter, work more on the fundamentals. Thus, start solving problems based on the difficulty level for those topics.
  • Dos & DON’Ts useful for the aspirants:

Be regular with the preparations. Key word is CONSISTENCY.

Do NOT fly high once you score a good percentile. You cannot predict until the final stage of admission. Update yourself with General Knowledge and Current Affairs throughout the preparations. Once you get your CAT score, prepare well for the Personal Interview. Treat each call with importance. Do NOT take it light till you are finally admitted for MBA.

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