Time Management Tips for RBI Grade B 2017

Time Management Tips for RBI Grade B 2017

Time Management Tips for RBI Grade B 2017 –

Time Management Tips for RBI Grade B 2017

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) conducts 3 phases of examination for recruitment of officers in Grade B. Out of the three phases; two are written exams which have to be cleared by the aspiring candidates in order to attend the third phase which is the personal interview. Managing time is an important thing to be done in any competitive exam and to be an employee of the Reserve Bank, time is most crucial. This article is about the time management tips for the RBI Grade B selection exam.

RBI Grade B Exam Pattern :

In order to manage time, one should understand the pattern of examination properly. Below is the exam pattern

  • General Awareness – 80 Marks
  • English Language – 30 marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 30 Marks
  • Reasoning – 60 Marks

So for a total of 200 marks, the time duration given is 2 hours.


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RBI Grade B Time Management Tips :

Here are some important Time Management Tips for RBI Grade B 2017 examination:

As mentioned above, within 2 hours of time you have to answer for 200 marks. That is for every 25 marks you get 15 minutes.

1. Give more time to quantitative aptitude and reasoning since they have to be solved. So you can take less time for English and general awareness for which you just have to remember and give the answers.

2. Every question has 36 seconds. On an average, while practice you should manage time in such a way that you take 30 seconds, to read, understand and answer a question. This will improve accuracy in the exam and will also let you manage time easily.

3. English language questions can be solved in 15 minutes with the average 30 second for each question practice. Spend 25-35 minutes for general awareness. The most difficult and time-consuming is the reasoning for which you may take up to 40 minutes. 20 minutes for the quantitative aptitude and if you are left with some more time, you may check back the answers or attempt the leftover ones.

4. The priority order for answering the paper is the English Language – General Awareness – Reasoning – Quantitative aptitude. With this time is best managed.

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Follow these time management tips to score well in RBI Grade B 2017 .


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