Time Management Tips for IBPS SO Post wise | Learn the tricks to gain speed

Time Management Tips for IBPS SO

As the IBPS SO Prelims Exams are proceeding, we are here with some Time Management Tips For IBPS SO. Get the section wise tricks to manage time and increase speed for the sectional timing introduced this year.

Time Management Tips for IBPS SO

What is the role played by Time! Time plays an important role in competitive exams. As always stated, you should be exam ready with speed and accuracy to ace the exam.Especially for banking exams, the time given is less and students need to manage time accordingly. Moreover, this year, IBPS has included sectional timing for all exams, including IBPS Specialist Officer. Here, we have provided some useful preparation tips for IBPS SO for the different posts with Time management. Moreover, there is negative marking for wrong answers. Therefore, you should also keep in mind that you cannot be wrong while speeding up. The aspirant must answer the questions known to him and answer with confidence. Avoid questions that are time to consume and solve all questions that are easy first.

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Post Name – Specialist Officer (SO)

The IBPS Specialist officers are recruited in 6 different posts:

  1. IT Officer (Scale-I)
  2. Agricultural Field Officer (Scale-I)
  3. Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale-I)
  4. Law Officer (Scale-I)
  5. HR Officer (Scale-I)
  6. Marketing Officer (Scale-I)

Time Management Tips for IBPS SO:

  • Prioritize: Answer Questions that are easy first or that you are comfortable with.
  • Do not attempt a question, if you do know the answer to the questions.
  • It is advisable to first solve English, General Awareness and computer.
  • Devote time of 1 minute to each question.
  • Skip topics that are lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Practice more to improve speed.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses to solve better.
  • Always recognize your strongest zone first and solve it in a minimum period.
  • Devote maximum time for Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude, as these are more difficult.

Subject-wise Time Management Tips for IBPS SO


Tips for Reasoning section 

The section is the trickiest and time-consuming. Several candidates fail to clear this section. Practice can help you to solve better. Inequalities are the easiest part of this exam. It is possible to devote about 3 minutes of time for inequalities with 100 percent accuracy. Focus on solving Data Sufficiency, blood relations, age problems, and Direction test are to be solved first, followed by Seating arrangement and Puzzle time to answer. Make sure that within the allotted 40 minutes, you attempt the major questions that you are 100% sure of and have solved with accuracy.

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Tips for English Language Section

In the English Language Section, you have to complete 50 questions in 40 minutes. It is difficult and time-consuming section. It can be difficult to attempt as it includes paragraphs, essay, grammar, etc. First finish with error detection and correction, synonyms and antonyms,. Then move on to Reading comprehension, rearrangement.

Tips for Quantitative Aptitude section

This section is the second last part of solving and is very time-consuming because it includes problem-solving questions. You have to keep in mind that this time you have 40 minutes to complete this section. Candidate must not spend more than 35 minutes on solving. You will be able to solve this section in 20 minutes if you are a gifted mathematician. However, if you are a layman you must solve this section in 30-35 minutes. The remaining minutes should be utilized in reviewing or recheck any marked question.

Tips for General Awareness Section

The candidates appearing for Law Officer and Rajbhasha Adhikari  will have to take this paper. General Awareness does not require critical thinking like quantitative aptitude or reasoning. If you are well updated with current affairs, you will be able to solve this section quickly. Go for the direct and recent updates questions, and try to attempt the minimum good attempts within first 20 minutes. The remaining 20 minutes, you can rethink and answer the remaining.


General Tips for IBPS SO Prelims 2018

1. Understand the exam pattern – First of all, get familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus. There is no point in studying without knowing the exam pattern and syllabus.  You can have a look at the detailed exam pattern from the IBPS SO Complete Exam Pattern. 

2.Proper planning – Plan your studies. Understand the IBPS SO exam syllabus and find out which section you must pay more attention to and plan your studies accordingly.

3. Order of Attempt – Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning are more difficult to solve as compared to English. Move in the order of Difficult to easy questions which is making it easy and be time-saving. Computers are also one of the easier sections.

4. Aim for Accuracy: Start working on your accuracy with more and more mock tests. Quant section is tedious and needs a lot of accuracy. So are the puzzle solving in reasoning. Get hold of previous years’ papers and work accordingly.

5. Effective Time Management Tips – You can save time only when you solve more or practice more. Practicing more will give you hands-on experience and confidence to do well. Solve Seating Arrangement, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Para jumbles which carry more marks.

6. Prepare study notes: Prepare Study notes while preparing for the exam. During your course of preparation, you will come across both common and uncommon questions and prepare study notes when you come across important points or tricky questions.

7. Practice with Mock Test-Series – Solving mock tests is a great way to scrutinize your performance. You come to know of your strengths and weaknesses once, you take IBPS SO mock tests. The mock Tests and practice tests on TopRankers give a detailed analysis of your performance and help you to know where you stand. The more you score in mock tests, the more your chances of scoring well in the exam

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