This Is How Can We Help You Crack The CTET 2016

Since 2011, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been conducting the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) every year now. CTET is mandatory for anyone who wants to take up a teaching job in a government school. Many private schools are also considering this to be an important qualification. You can benefit from proper preparation if you are going to appear for the CTET exams. Also practice the online test series to improve your speed and confidence.

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The competition is intense because of the huge number of aspirants from all over India. Preparation is the key to success. We have a few tips to help you crack CTET 2016 exams.

1. The best way to understand the structure of the exam is to go through previous year’s CTET papers. You will find this helpful and you will also get to know the exact level of the examination.

2. Time is of essence while preparing and appearing for the exam. During preparations for CTET you must ensure that you spend time on all subjects properly and give time to sections and concepts that you are not clear with.
When you appear for the exam, try to complete the paper well in advance so that you have time in hand to revise the paper and make necessary corrections before you submit your paper.

3. Practice makes perfect. All aspirants must practice in order to gain speed and accuracy in completing the paper. Online exam preparation websites have many online test series which can be used for practicing.

4. For those who require assistance, it is advisable that you join a course to prepare for the exams. When you join a course, you get to meet others who are preparing for the test. You can have an exchange of knowledge and share your inputs with others. This helps in preparing in a much better way for the test.

5. Confidence is peremptory for those who want to succeed in the exam. Prepare well so that you have a clear mind and are confident when appearing for the test.

6. Use the elimination method to choose the right answer. Begin with eliminating those which are incorrect and then discuss the possible correct answer among those that are left.

7. Avoid overloading yourself with information just before the exam. While the focus remains on good preparation, you must understand that too much of information right before the exam or learning a new subject towards the end will only leave you confused.

8. Do not panic. It may sound difficult but to stay calm when the exam is round the corner is very important. Stressing yourself unnecessarily will only worsen the situation. Anxiety will not allow you to appear for the test with a clear head and you will end up feeling lost.

9. Your last minute preparation is important but do not avoid your usual breaks. Give yourself time to relax as well. Breaks are necessary for your brain to retain the information you are taking in.

10. Go through the guidelines of the examination and reach the centre ahead of time. This will help you put yourself together before you begin with the exam.

These tips will help you succeed in the CTET. Give your best and stay positive throughout your preparation.


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