TCS Campus Placement Preparation Tips

TCS Campus Placement Preparation Tips

TCS Campus Placement Preparation Tips – Tips, Tricks and Strategies for getting a job through TCS Campus placement Drives

TCS Campus Placement Preparation Tips

TCS Campus Placement Preparation Tips : TCS is one of the most renowned IT companies in the world. TCS campus recruitment is important for every candidate who is an Engineer or hails from Technical/IT background.. TCS is a subsidiary of the Tata group and is today placed among the most valuable IT services brands in the world. In 2015, TCS ranked at 64 overall in the worlds most innovative companies. It is the highest ranked IT services company. TCS remains the 9th largest IT services provider by revenue.

As a IT services company, major jobs at TCS include Application development and maintenance which account for 44% of TCS services. Enterprise Solutions account for about 15% of TCS projects, while IT infrastructure services account for 11% of TCS services. TCS is a equal opportunities employer and about 31% of its workforce in India are women.

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Job Locations for TCS in India: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Goa, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, Jamshedpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Kalyanpur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Noida, Nashik, Pune, Trivandrum and Patna

Largest IT services employer in India: TCS is one of the largest employers in India with a count of 3,87,000 employees in India as on December 2016. An average TCS employee is 28 years old.

TCS Campus Placement Selection Process:

  1. Written Exam: An aptitude test containing 30 questions and 1 essay writing

  2. Technical Interview and Managerial Interview

  3. HR Interview

Eligibility criteria for TCS Campus Placement:

  1. Candidate must have a minimum of 60% throughout his or her education

  2. Students with backlogs are not eligible to apply

  3. Gap in Career is allowed for up to 2 years for valid reason

  4. Flexible to working in Shifts

  5. Should have good communication skills and verbal skills

  6. Candidate who have attended TCS interview process before 6 months need not apply

  7. Candidates should apply for TCS through the TCS Nextstep Registration Link

Written Test for TCS Campus placement:

Important topics for Written Test: The written test comprises of a Email Writing test of 10 minutes, followed by a 30 MCQ’s on Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. You will be given 60 minutes to solve the 30 MCQ’s.

Email Writing for TCS Campus Placement:

The Email writing test is for a duration of 10 minutes

The written test also comprises of writing an email. You will be given clues of around 70 related words. You need to understand the context of the words and type the email in the space that is given. You need to use all the phrases without missing out on a single word.

After the email writing, you have to take an aptitude test of 30 questions in 60 minutes.

Written Test for TCS Campus Placement:

The Writing test is for a duration of 60 minutes. You will be asked questions on Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning in the Written Test.

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Important Topics for Written Test:

Number system, Equations, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Time speed Distance, Areas and Mensuration, Averages, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Plane geometry, Seating Arrangements, Sets, Progressions, Functions.

Interview Round for TCS Campus Placement

Interview Round: Interview Round consists of Technical round, managerial round and HR round, not necessarily in that order. You will have to answer questions from different people who will judge your skills.

Some of the most likely questions in Interview Round in TCS Campus Placement :

  1. Introduce yourself? Or Tell me about yourself

  2. Why do you want to work in TCS?

  3. What made you choose Engineering Stream or Why did you become an engineer?

  4. What are your strengths and Weaknesses?

  5. What extra-curricular activities do you like? Or what are your hobbies?

  6. Can you work in a Team?

  7. Why should we hire you?

  8. What is your Dream job?

  9. What matters to you – Work or money?

  10. Are you willing to work in Night shift or rotational Shift?

  11. Are you willing to Relocate to a nearby location?

  12. Who are the competitors of TCS globally and in India?

  13. What would you do if you are not selected?

  14. Who is the founder of TCS?

  15. What is Charmian of TCS?

  16. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

  17. Are you okay if you are asked to sign a bond of 2 years

  18. Do you have certifications or skills other than your Degree?

  19. Do you have any questions from us?

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