Syrian Civil War – Why, When, and What?

Syrian Civil War - Why, When, and What?

Syrian Civil War – Learn why the war started and why it’s still going on.

Syrian Civil War

The gruesome violence and death of civilians in the ongoing Syrian Civil War have shocked all of us to the core. Social media has gone crazy with the heartbreaking photos of children in pain and their dead bodies. We are going through these unbearable sights every day, nowadays. But we are merely seeing it, virtually. Would we have been able to actually go through all that torture for years? The severe torture the Syrian people bore and are still bearing is a big slap on the face of humanity. What can we do to help the victims or victims-to-be? Why aren’t some of the big media channels speaking about such an extreme issue instead of focusing on celebrity gossip and politics? Has humanity gone for a long, deep sleep? Such questions should arise in the minds of all, especially in the minds of people having power and position.

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Why did the Syrian Civil War start?

The situation was similar to many other countries in those times – corruption, unemployment, lack of political freedom, economic troubles were constant factors. President Bashar al Assad was ruling the country even at that time.

In 2011, activists overthrew Egypt and Tunisia’s Government. This uprising came to be known as the Arab Spring – giving immense hope to the Syrian people. Inspired, peaceful protests were carried out in Syria. The Syrian Government responded by detaining and torturing several boys. And one of the boys was killed after brutal torture. This inhumane act inflamed the people. Consequently, country-wide protests started to emerge. Hundreds of protestors were killed while several more were imprisoned. To defend themselves, the people started taking up arms – afterwards, they started using arms to expel security forces from their areas. Ironically, this act was termed as ‘foreign-backed terrorism’ by Assad. And he said that he will crush these forces, ultimately.

Later, the Free Syrian Army was formed with the aim of overthrowing the current Government. Since then, the Syrian Civil War began its journey and never ended.

Allies and their Impact

The military, financial, and political support from international powers like Russia, USA, Turkey – to name a few – have contributed in intensifying the war. The intervention has led to the continuation of the war for many years. What we should learn from this – no one should have intervened, at least not by providing military support. What did it lead to? Anything more than increasing the insane and inhumane acts? No. The international authorities should have, long back, ordered both parties to immediately stop using arms. Else, everyone should have isolated themselves from the Syrian Government – providing no support or help of any kind. Violence doesn’t stop the violence. Peace does.

What does it look like today?

The ongoing war had caused approximately 470,000 deaths. Recently, in Eastern Ghouta, the hostilities increased tremendously. 541 people were reported killed which included many children. At least 20 civilians were killed on Sunday due to air strikes. Following this, the UN Security Council had ordered “all parties cease hostilities without delay” and maintain “a durable humanitarian pause for at least 30 consecutive days throughout Syria. We hope the order is followed thoroughly by all parties – this will help in aiding the injured and sick while also return peace to the region for some time period.

Can’t help but draw parallels of the Syrian situation with the plot of The Hunger Games. We can only hope for a similar ending to this war as in the series.

We, at TopRankers, strongly, oppose any form of violence against the innocent. And we hope for a peaceful era to begin in those troubled areas. Amen!

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What are your thoughts on the ongoing Syrian Civil War? How do you propose to put an end to this insanity? Your insights may, one day, help curb this violence. So, do tell us in the comments section below.


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