Syndicate Bank PO last 15 days preparation tips –  Strategize, Practice, Assess and Improve

Syndicate Bank PO last 15 days preparation tips

Strategize, Practice, Assess and Improve – Syndicate Bank PO last 15 days preparation tips

Syndicate Bank PO last 15 days preparation tips

With last few days left for the examination, Candidates are preparing to perform their best in upcoming Syndicate Bank PO Examination. Well, Preparation doesn’t just mean learning or studying a subject rather it is the strategic approach of a student to build a plan about how to study and what to study. Today we are not going to suggest any plan with last 15 days left for the examination but will give you the 4 keys to any successful preparation. With clock ticking down the time, here we are with important tips and tricks to crack Syndicate PO Examination 2018 in 15 days.

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Strategize your preparation:

Formulate an adaptive study plan and search for accurate and reliable resources. Carefully strategize an action plan, if you have time; on the basis of previous years questions and patterns preferably. Planning is the key to any successful performance. when anything is planned, it becomes easier to understand the requirement/Need according to a planned strategy. Now as you are left with hardly 15 days in your calendar, Say it a go to your important strategic planning for Syndicate Bank PO Exam in 15 days.

Practice Regularly:

keep on practising until you’re confident. Then revise before you forget what you studied. It is a very important aspect of learning, which people sub consciously trivialize while preparing for a competitive examination. Mock tests are a great way to assess yourself  and it also gives an examination like experience. Well, We suggest you take Toprankers Free Mock test to see and improve your performance.

Assess your performance:

While learning makes you wise, assessment shows you the way to be wiser. Keep a note of all the sections or type of questions you are not so good at. Go through a continuous and reliable assessment of your progress. Identify your pitfalls and shortcomings.

Improve your performance:

Once you have identified your shortcomings and pitfalls, evolve your strategy and work on your weak points. Prioritize those section where you are not able to perform so well. Do not panic if you don;t get s sudden result. It might take some time but those improvements will make you wiser.

Common Preparation Tips For Syndicate Bank PO

Keep switching sections while practicing:

Test your skills to shift focus from one subject to other under pressure situation and ensure that you don’t panic. Revise your short notes and formula notes to recall the concepts quicker which can help you to switch between the topics easily.

Be Accurate:

Accuracy is the key to crack the Syndicate bank PO exam. The penalty for each wrong answer is a 1/3 mark deduction and therefore, answer carefully to maximize the marks.

Be confident with repeated previous year Questions:

Make a note of all the Questions being asked repeatedly in Syndicate Bank PO examination. Practice all those questions till the time, You are really confident about those Probable Questions.

Get a good sleep before Examination:

Examination is a mental gym-ind and if we do not give our brain the required, Tension and anxiety may harm your hard work. Its better not to be mischievous just before the examination you have been waiting since long.

Don’t Panic, Be confident:

Well, confidence is the key. If you are confident about your abilities, the job is half done. A confident person with less knowledge can easily outperform a person having more knowledge but lacks confidence. Do not panic if you get stuck in any particular section or question and look for other opportunities to Upgrade/Improve your score.


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Stay tuned for Examination related information, tips and strategies. If you have any query or suggestion, Do write us in he comments below.


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