Syndicate Bank Interview Tips 

Syndicate Bank Interview Tips 

Syndicate Bank Interview Tips – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to crack Syndicate Bank Interview 

Syndicate Bank Interview Tips 

Syndicate bank has recently released the result of Syndicate Bank PO written examination and list of candidates who have qualified for the interview and Group Discussion Round for Syndicate Bank PGDBF. It is necessary to clear interview and Group Discussion.  The job interview is the essential part of the job. One has to answer the questions correctly. 

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Interview Dates for Syndicate Bank:

Sl no   Interview Centre   FROM    TO  
1.    BENGALURU – PANEL 01    23.04.2018   27.04.2018  
2.    BENGALURU – PANEL 02   23.04.2018   26.04.2018  
3.    DELHI – PANEL 01   23.04.2018   28.04.2018  
4.    DELHI – PANEL 02   23.04.2018   28.04.2018  
5.    HYDERABAD – PANEL 01   23.04.2018   28.04.2018  
6.    HYDERABAD – PANEL 02   23.04.2018   28.04.2018  
7.    KOLKATA   23.04.2018   28.04.2018  
8.    LUCKNOW   23.04.2018   27.04.2018  
9.    MUMBAI    23.04.2018   28.04.2018  
10.    PATNA   23.04.2018   28.04.2018  

Essential Interview Tips: 

  • Be Confident 
  • Go Well Dressed and go wearing formals only and wear ironed clothes  
  • Be well groomed for the interview – Comb your hair and go clean shaved 
  • Wear Formal Shoes

Personal Interview Questions for Syndicate Bank PO PGDBF: Syndicate Bank Interview Tips  

1)Who is the Chairman of Syndicate Bank? 

A)Melwyn Rego 

2) When was Syndicate Bank Established?
A) Syndicate Bank was established in 1925 in Udupi.Karnataka 

3) When was Syndicate bank nationalized?
A) Bank was nationalized on 19th July 1969 

4) What is the Syndicate bank tagline?
A) Faithful. Friendly. 

5)Where are the Syndicate Bank Head Quarters located?
A) Syndicate Bank Head Office Post Box No.1, Manipal 576 104 (Udupi Dist), Karnataka, India  

6) How many branches does Syndicate Bank Have?
A) Syndicate bank has a total network of over 2300 branches. 

8)Why do you choose PO job as your career?
9)Tell us about yourself, your hobbies and interests?
10)Tell us about your schooling and family life? 

11)Tell us about your Education 

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13) Professional knowledge test as part of the interview 

  1. What is a Commercial Bank?
  2. What are some of the key reforms in the banking industry
  3. Who are some of the important people in the banking industry today

Some Important Terms in Banking for those who are appearing for the interview:  

  • SLR – Statutory liquidity ratio  
  • CRR – Cash reserve ratio  
  • Repo rate – It is the rate at which RBI lends money to Banks.  
  • Reverse Repo Rate – It is the rate at which Banks park their funds with RBI  
  • Bank Rate – It is the rate at which RBI lends money to Banks.  
  • Call money rate – It is the rate of interest charged by the banks for temporary borrows among banks Ledger  
  • Tender Money – Currency issued by RBI Optional Money – Cheques, DDs, Bankers Cheques  
  • Plastic Money – Credit card, Debit card  
  • The credit card is a readymade overdraft in e-form for buying goods and services by the cardholder within specified limits and according to terms and conditions of the issuer Bank without having an account.  
  • The debit card is e-Cheque which can be used within the limits of the credit in the account associated with it for financial transactions.  
  • Core Banking – Networking of Banks for providing anywhere any time Banking is called Core Banking.  
  • Merchant Bank provides capital to firms in the form of shares rather than money.
    Investment Banks tend to provide investment to firms. 
  • Corporate Banking looks after the needs of big firms, companies, business entities.
    Business Banking looks after needs of medium level business firms, entities, individuals. 
  • Retail banking focuses to provide services to individuals.  
  • Private banking focuses to provide services to high net worth individuals.  
  • Lead Banking focuses on providing all type of financial services.  
  • Narrow Banking focuses on a particular sector like Mortgage, Auto Finance etc. 

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