Statement & Assumption Quiz Questions for SBI SO, SBI Clerk , Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank

Statement & Assumption Quiz Questions

Statement & Assumption Quiz Questions – Get Statement and Assumption based quiz based on the latest pattern of  SBI SO, SBI Clerk , Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank

Statement & Assumption Quiz Questions

Candidates preparing for bank exams often find it difficult to solve questions based on Statement and Assumption. In these type of questions, you need to make certain assumptions based on the given statement or set of statements. Here, we have compiled practice quiz questions for Statement and Assumption section and the questions are based on the latest exam pattern of SBI PO, Clerk Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank.

Statement & Assumption Quiz Questions – Tips & Tricks

First, we need to understand the given statements well. After that each assumption should be carefully analyzed weather it is true or not.

Statement: Please do not lean out of the running train.A notice in the railways compartment

  1. The people are likely to pay the attention.
  2. It is the duty of railway to issue such notice.
  3. Leaning out of running train is dangerous.
  4. Not leaning out of running trains ensure safety.

Solution : In this case, we can say that all the statements are true.

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