SSC Stenographer Preparation Tips for English 2018

SSC Stenographer Preparation Tips for English

SSC Stenographer Preparation Tips for English 2018 – How to Crack English section in SSC Stenographer exam!

SSC Stenographer Preparation Tips for English 2018

The SSC Stenographer Preparation Tips for English 2018: The SSC Stenographer Recruitment 2018 for Grade C and Grade D has begun. The SSC Stenographer is a computer based exam.  In this article we give important tips for preparing English for SSC Stenographer 2018. Please understand that being a stenographer exam, the level of difficulty of the English exam will be higher as knowledge of English language will be a primary requirement for the exam.

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SSC Stenographer English Section- Weightage of Topics

Before moving on to preparation tips for SSC Stenographer English section, let us take a look at the weightage of topics asked in this section:

Name of topics Weightage
Reading Comprehension 10-15
Para Jumbles 5-7
Cloze Test 5-10
Sentence Rearrangement 5-7
Error Spotting 5-7
Fill in the Blanks(Fillers) 3 – 5
Sentence Improvement 5-7
 Idioms & Phrases 5-7
Active & Passive Voice 4-5
Synonyms & Antonyms 4-5
Vocabulary Test 4-5
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SSC Stenographer Preparation Tips for English (Topic-wise Tips)

Let us have a detailed outlook at the SSC Stenographer 2018 English Preparation Tips and Strategy topic wise-

Reading Comprehension

  • Identify the tone of the passage, it will help you answer quicker.
  • Read the Questions first, it will help you identify the answers while reading the passage.
  • Don’t skip the RC part. If you emphasize on it, you will score much better in your exam.
  • Read more and more passages so that your reading skills are enhanced.

Error Spotting

  • Read the sentence very carefully. You will be able to detect the error in the first go itself.
  • While reading check the subject-verb agreement.
  • Read the individual part of the sentence, emphasize on the sentence framing, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.

Fill in the Blanks

  • You need to use the elimination method i.e you need to check and see which option best suits the given sentence.
  • After checking the suitable option, you should read the sentence and see if it sounds right.

Idioms and Phrases/Word Replacement

  • There is no trick involved here. You need to learn a lot of Words, Idioms & Phrases to know the meaning of them. Sometime the options may give you the right meaning but you can’t count on it entirely.
  • Make sure you learn one Idiom or Phrase daily.

Synonyms & Antonyms

  • You need to learn the meaning one word each day for this. Write it somewhere and keep revising those words every 7 days so that you do not forget them.
  • Do not use your instincts or mark any answer your gut tells you is right. Remember there is 0.25 negative marks for wrong answer.

General Tips for English Section in SSC Stenographer Exam

  • Keep an Oxford Dictionary with you and use it whenever you get stuck in a sentence. Learn new words each day.
  • Read good English Newspapers like The Hindu & Times of India for better vocabulary and reading skills.
  • Try to read more and more books, novels or any good post on the internet.
  • Put social media to good use. Read articles posted on some pages from educational websites on social media sites.

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