SSC Result | SSC Marks Normalization Update

SSC Marks Normalization Update

SSC Result Latest News on Normalization of Marks: SSC has announced calculation of scores for SSC CGL or SSC CHSL or SSC JE or any other exam conducted by SSC, through a normalized method. This update was introduced in PDF format on the official website of SSC on February 07, 2019.

SSC Result: Normalization of Marks

SSC has concluded to calculate the marks of any candidate appearing for SSC CGL through normalized score calculation. CGL exam is conducted in multiple shifts, thus, keeping in mind the difficulty level of each shift, SSC has introduced this change.

The difficulty level of question papers varies across different shifts. This helps to simplify general of SSC CGL Result. How is normalization of marks done in SSC?

What is Normalization?

Normalization is nothing but adjusting scores measured on different scales (difficulty level etc) to a common scale. It’s done to evaluate the performance of all the candidates on similar exam parameters i.e. It aims to adjust the difficulty level across different shifts of the exam.

Why is Normalization Done?

The normalization is done following the fundamental assumption that in all multi-shifts examination, the distribution of abilities of candidates is same across all shifts.

This fundamental assumption holds true since the number of candidates appearing in the exam conducted by SSC is large and allocation of shifts to the candidates is random.

How is Normalization Done ?

The scores calculated using the normalized formula can be corrected up to 5 places of decimal. Given below is the formula for calculation of final scores of candidates in SSC exam:

SSC Normalization of Marks  Where,

SSC Normalisation of CGL 2018 marks

SSC CGL - Formulae for Normalisation in 2018 exam

SSC CGL Normalization – Example

  • A candidate got 142 marks in 11 August, 2nd shift.
  • The Average marks of top 0.1% candidates in all sessions = 191
  • Sum of Mean and SD (cut-off) for all sessions = 131
  • Average marks of top 0.1% candidates in 11th August 2nd shift = 185
  • Sum of Mean and SD (which is basically a cut-off)for 11st august 2nd session = 129
  • Normalization marks = (60/56) (13) + 129 = 142.92

SSC CGL 2018 Preparation - Mock Test and Test Series

How to check SSC Result?

SSC announces result on the official website in PDF format for different exams. The qualifying candidates can find their roll numbers in the PDF to check their result.

Given below are the steps to find SSC Result online:

  • Visit the official website of SSC
  • Click on the direct link to check the desired exam result
  • SSC Result opens in the PDF format
  • Find your roll number in the given list to find if you have qualified the exam.

SSC also releases score card/marksheet after the SSC Result announcement. Candidates can check their scores for each section and total marks obtained on the SSC Score card.


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