SSC MTS Tier-I Exam Analysis 2017 17th September Slot 2

SSC MTS Tier-I Exam Analysis 2017 17th September Slot 2

SSC MTS Tier-I Exam Analysis 2017 17th September Slot 2 – Get detailed analysis of number of attempts, sectional cutoff and level of difficulty

SSC MTS Tier-I Exam Analysis 2017 17th September Slot 2

SSC MTS Tier-I Exam Analysis 2017 17th September Slot 2 – SSC MTS recruitment 2017 is a good chance to try for government jobs for those with minimum education. The MTS exams are conducted to fill in vacancies in Multi Tasking Staff in various ministries and departments of the central government.

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SSC MTS New Exam Dates: SSC MTS 2017 Exam Date Extended up to 31st October

Name of Examination

Tentative Dates of


Re-examination of Multi Tasking (Non – Technical) Staff Examination 2016 (Paper-I) 16.09.2017 to 31.10.2017

SSC MTS Exam pattern 2017

SSC Multitasking Staff Exam consist of two stages:

  • Phase I Written exam
  • Phase II Descriptive exam

The written exam consist of total 150 marks for a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes

Written Exam (Paper-I) Objective Type




Time Duration

Reasoning Ability


1 hour and 30 minutes

Numerical Aptitude


General English


General Awareness





Good Number of Attempts for SSC MTS Exam Slot 2:



Good Attempts

General Intelligence Easy 18-20
General Awareness Moderate 13-14
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 15-19
English Language Easy 16-18
Overall Easy-Moderate 70-78

SSC MTS Exam Analysis: English Language

English language section was relatively easy, There were no questions from One-word substitution. Questions are there from jumbled paragraph topic.


No of Questions


Sentence Improvement 2 Easy
Error Detection 3-4 Moderate
Idioms/Phrases 2-3 Easy
Parajumbled 3 Easy-Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym 6 Easy
One word substitution  
Spelling check 2 Easy
Cloze Test 5 Easy
Total 25 Easy

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SSC MTS Exam Analysis: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative aptitude was of moderate level of difficulty l. There were no questions from trigonometry & algebra.

DI: Bar graph (expenditure & revenue)


No of Questions


S.I, CI, Profit/Loss 5-6 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 4-5 Difficult
Time and Work 4-5 Moderate
Geometry 1 Easy
Speed and Distance 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Average & Percentage 2-3 Moderate
DI (bar graph) 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 25


SSC MTS Tier-I Exam Analysis 2017 17th September Slot : General Intelligence

General intelligence or Reasoning was of easy level as usual. But this time there were no questions from direction sense.


No of Questions


Syllogism 2 Easy
Matrix 1 Easy


4 Easy-Moderate
Non-Verbal (Image) 3 Easy
Odd one out 2 Easy-Moderate
Mathematical Operations 1 Easy
Analogy 5-6 Moderate
Series 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Miscellaneous 9 Easy-Moderate
Total 25 Easy

SSC MTS Exam Analysis: General Awareness

Q1.What is the reason of Urine being Yellow? 

Q2. Elbow joint is what kind of joint? 

Ans-The elbow joint is a complex hinge joint formed between the distal end of the humerus in the upper arm and the proximal ends of the ulna and radius in the forearm. 

Q3. Which color is at the top in the spectrum?

Ans- RED

Q4. anemia disease is caused by the lack of which element? 

Ans- Iron 

Q5. Why chlorine is added in the water?

Q6. What is the Freezing point of Water? 

Q7. Atom is made of ?

Ans- Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons


No of Questions


History 5 Moderate
Geography 2 Easy
Polity 3 Difficult
Economics 2-3 Moderate
Science 8 Easy-Moderate
Current Affairs 2-4 Moderate
Total 25 Moderate

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