SSC MTS Question Asked 21st September 2017- Check SSC MTS All Slots Questions here

SSC MTS Question Asked 21st September 2017- Get all the questions asked in SSC MTS 21st September 2017

SSC MTS Question Asked 21st September 2017 All Slots

The SSC MTS was postponed earlier this year due to some unavoidable reasons and now this exam is scheduled to be conducted from 16th September to 31st October 2017. We are sharing this article to let the candidates know what kind of questions were asked in today’s exam. This will be very beneficial for all the candidates if they are still carrying on their preparation. Have you appeared for the exam already? Then also, you can analyze your performance by having a look at the analysis published. For the same reason, we provide you with some of the topics & questions asked in various subjects in SSC MTS Exam today. Go through this article on SSC MTS Question Asked 21st September 2017 and get to know the overall difficulty level and topic-wise questions asked.

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Section-Wise SSC MTS Questions Asked 21st September 2017 

General Awareness

  1.    Who invented the radio?
    2. Lok Sabha lifetime achievement award winner?
    3. Panchasheel agreement between which countries?
    4. My music my life is the autobiography of?
    5. No of fundamental rights in the Indian constitution?
    6. Purna Swaraj statement was given by?
    7. Winner of 2017 ICC champions trophy?
    8. How many planets Solar system?
    9. With which state Pakistan does not share its boundary?
    10. Full form of GDP?
    11. UNICEF or UNESCO ‘s Peace Award winner?
    12. Author of God’s of Antarctica?
    13. How to identify Atomic Number?
    14. The battery was invented by
    15. Indus water treaty is between India and?
    16. Author of God of small things?
    17. 2016 kabaddi WC winner?
    18. Bengal was divided under which viceroy?
    19.. How many countries are members of Mekong Ganga?
    20. Who wrote Dictionary?
    21. Types of PM Mudra Yojana?
    22. Man Booker prize winner 2017
    23. Lothal is related to?Synonyms
    1. Insane

    2. Passion
    3. Amplify
    4. unrulyAntonyms
    1. Subtle

    2. Hinder
    3. tactful


    1. To get the upper hand
    2. III at ease

    Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning

    1. What is the HCF of  3/4 and 12/13?

    2. 0.6 c.p=0.8 s.p, What will be the profit?
    3. XJ: AM:: IS:?

    We will update more questions in this article as soon as possible. Kindly post questions in the comment section if you remember any.


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