SSC MTS Photo & Signature Size

ssc mts photo size

The Staff Selection Commission released the SSC MTS Application Form on April 22, 2019. The students can find all the information related to the uploading of pictures, signatures, and documents in this article.

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SSC MTS Photo Size

The candidates have to upload a scanned copy of their passport size photo. The dimensions of the image are specifically set by the officials which are as follows:

  • The student should look straight to the camera during the click
  • The background of the image must be white
  • The picture should not be blurred in any case, the students with spectacles must take care of that
  • It should be the latest photo of the aspirant
  • The resolution of the photo must be 100*120 pixels
  • The candidate must not upload a selfie, the picture must be clicked with a proper professional camera

SSC MTS Application Form Status & Correction

SSC MTS Photo Specifications
Digital Size Between 20 Kbs – 50 Kbs
Dimensions 4.5 cm (height) x 3.5 cm (width)
Resolution 100 x 120 Pixels
Format 8-bit JPG Format

SSC MTS Signature Size

With the image, there is a compulsion of uploading a scanned copy of the candidate’s signature as well. The specifications of the signature are as follows:

  • The signature must be on a white paper with black ink
  • Secondly, the signature must be in running hand, not in BLOCK letters
  • Most importantly, the signature has to be in candidate’s own handwriting
SSC MTS Photo Specifications
Digital Size Between 10 Kbs – 20 Kbs
Dimensions 3 cm (height) x 4 cm (width)
Resolution 140 x 160 Pixels
Format 8-bit JPG Format

SSC MTS Admit Card 2019

The example of a signature is given below in a form of picture:


Resizing the Scanned Images in SSC MTS Application Form

The size of the scanned image set by the officials of SSC is less than 50 and 20 KBS but the digital camera pictures are somewhat 2-3 MBS. So, there is a way of resizing the photo which is given as follows:

Resizing using Paint

The paint option is very good to resize any photo. The steps are:

  1. Upload an image in the paint
  2. There is an option of Resize in the upward directionssc mts photo size
  3. Click on Resize
  4. A new box will openssc mts photo size
  5. In front of Horizontal and Vertical, change the size to less than 100
  6. Do not change the percentages
  7. Save the file to upload in the form
  8. Take help from the following image to know how to save

ssc mts photo size

Resizing on Web

Another way of resizing the picture is online. There are many websites which enables one to resize any picture for free. The following steps can be followed for the similar procedure:

  1. Write ‘Image Resize’ on Google
  2. Open any website
  3. Upload the image
  4. There will be an option called ‘Resize/Compress Image’
  5. Resize the photo in between 20-50 KBS
  6. Then Download that image to upload in the application form

ssc mts photo size


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