SSC MTS Exam Center Booking Scam in Bihar

SSC-MTS-Exam-centre-booking-scam Bihar

SSC MTS Exam Center Booking Scam in Bihar – Complete Details about an ongoing Scam in SSC MTS

SSC MTS Exam Center Booking Scam in Bihar

A Video published by Qmath shows how seats in SSC MTS Exam are being sold backdoors by cheating at Exam Centers in Bihar. The man in the video claims that officials at SSC and Sify are together doing this.

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A Man owning a Exam centre in Bihar claimed that authorities of the Staff Selection Commission tried to ask him to allow his centre to be misused by allowing proxy candidates to write exams for SSC MTS Exam .The Man in the video claimed that when he denied allowing the misuse of centre owned by him, his centre was canceled by the commission. He also goes on to claim that he was offered handsome amount of money by some people who said that proxy candidates would write exam in the centre.

He claimed that the computer based exam center is one of the best of its kind in the locality and makes for the top 5 centers in the region. However, as he was not allowing his center to be misused for malpractices in SSC MTS exam, the center canceled his center without giving any explicit reasons. Claiming that he was a honest man and an award winning educationists, he could not allow, encourage or participate in such malpractices. He goes on to say, that several centres who do not meet up to the parameters of SSC were allowed as centers, while his centre was cancelled in the SSC Exam as he did not agree to follow corrupt means.

In a press conference, he has asked education ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bihar CM- Nitish Kumar, local DIG, DSP and others to look into the matter and provide a suitable solution to him as he has invested more than 70 lakh rupees in the exam center and that canceling his exam center would mean great loss to him.

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On a daily basis around 450 candidates use the computer centre for the SSC exam, on a basis of 30 days more than thousands of candidates will. He also claims that the SSC and Sify are together conspiring by deciding centers of examination and encouraging exam malpractice.

Information Source: QMaths Youtube Channel

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