SSC JE Topper Interview- Tips and Tricks to crack SSC JE

SSC JE Topper Interview

SSC JE Topper Interview- Get insights from SSC JE topper, tips and tricks to crack SSC JE with important topics, strategies to score well in SSC JE, etc.

SSC JE Topper Interview

SSC JE Topper Interview- SSC JE exam is one of the most sought after examination among all graduates in the country. When you look at the SSC JE topper marks 2016, you will get an idea of how tough or easy the last year exam was. We could find students with queries like “how to prepare for ssc je electrical exam”, “how do I become ssc je topper 2017”, “what a ssc je topper marks 2017 should be”, “who was the ssc je civil topper last year”, etc. Well, questions are many but answer is one- efficient preparation. So, we thought of having an interaction with a SSC JE topper and ask him about his success journey. We present you this article on SSC Je Topper interview, insights from the topper himself on how to crack SSC JE in one shot:

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SSC JE Topper Interview- A Detailed Overview

Tell us something about your success and the hard-work you had put in to achieve it?

I am overwhelmed by my success in the exam. To crack an exam like SSC JE was an ever- cherished dream and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my result. As far as hard-work is concerned, I wouldn’t say only hard-work is essential. In fact, you should go for the right combination “hard work+ smart work+ proper plan”.

How important is it to be well- versed with the exam pattern for a good score?

It is highly essential that you have a crystal clear idea of the exam pattern. When you know the exam pattern well, you are able to keep a proper tab on the time management. That, in turn, helps you improve time management.

Is it required to brush up engineering concepts for SSC JE exam?

Yes, it is required. You will find one big section which is dedicated to questions related to engineering. You need to brush up whatever you already know. Try scoring at least 60-70 in one hour. This mark will give you an edge over other aspirants in the exam.

During preparation, how important it is to devote time to every section?

In your study plan, you need to include every topic from the important topics list. In a exam duration of 2 hours, it is highly important to train your brain to attempt questions from all sections at once. You must make sure you don’t skip preparation of any of the important topics.

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How well does method of elimination work?

When I am not sure about the answer of a question & am running out of time, it is always better to implement method of elimination. When you find options with no chance at all, you need to eliminate those at once. The probability of choosing the correct option in reduced choices is always high.

How important it is to solve mock test and question papers?

Mock tests are the best platform to have an exam oriented experience before the actual exam. You find the exam oriented interface with questions which are as per latest exam pattern & syllabus. Moreover, previous year question papers give you the idea of pattern asked and hints of pattern which could be asked this year. You also get a few questions repeated over years, which is an added benefit.

Which mock test did you practice with during your exam preparation?

I was randomly browsing for SSC JE free mock tests when I stumbled upon SSC JE test series by Toprankers. A decent choice with good set of questions, these mock tests made me discover my weak areas which I could improve. I am happy with my decision to take up SSC JE tests by Toprankers.

Any piece of advice for other SSC JE aspirants taking up the exam this year.

Believe in yourself. When others can do it, you can do it for sure. Stay focused and prepare well.

It gives us immense pleasure to present the complete interaction in the form of this article “SSC JE Topper Interview”. We hope you liked reading this and would visit us again for more such articles. Let us know in the comments section below.

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