SSC JE General Awareness Questions & Answers 2020

SSC JE General Awareness Questions

The Staff Selection Commission is conducting the Junior Engineer exam for filling in various posts under different branches like Civil, Electrical, and mechanical. As the SSC JE Exam is scheduled in the month of September, here are the SSC JE General Awareness Questions compiled by experts.

  • As per the SSC JE Notification for the year 2020, there are two stages involved in Recruitment that is Paper 1 & 2.
  • In this post, we have provided SSC JE GA Questions with answers which are compiled by experts from various previous year articles. Check out the most important SSC JE GK Questions and answers here.
  • For enhanced preparation, candidates are advised to follow SSC JE Preparation Tips by experts to clear all the stages of the JE Exam.

SSC JE General Awareness Questions 2020

Enhance your preparation for SSC JE 20202 Exam by practicing various types of general Awareness questions and know their answers as well.

  • According to experts, most of the questions in the examination appear from previous year papers. Check out the most important and expected SSC JE General Awareness questions in this post.
  • Along with General Awareness, practice SSC JE Reasoning Questions prepared by experts to clear the upcoming exam in one attempt.
  • Start practicing different types of questions from SSC JE General Awareness Books PDF available online. Ensure to study from the most recommended SSC JE Books which cover all topics explained in depth.

SSC JE General Awareness Questions and Answers 2020

Here is the list of different GA Questions according to the latest SSC JE General Awareness Syllabus. Go through them and know different type of questions that can appear in the exam.

Q. Which is used as a primary memory of a computer?

Ans: RAM

Q. Chief Justices of the Supreme Court hold office till they attain the age of ______ .

Ans: 65 years

Q. Pachmarhi biosphere reserve is in _____

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Q. What is Cloud burst?

Ans: Abnormally heavy downpour of rain, associated with Thunderstorm

Q. Which committee recommended for three language formula?

Ans: Kothari Committee

Q. The rice is cooked more quickly in a pressure cooker because

Ans: water boils at a higher temperature under pressure

Q. Wings of birds and insects are

Ans: analogous

Q. The Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council Are 

Ans: China, France, Russia, UK, US

Q. Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas in the reign of

Ans: Akbar

Q. Which Indian State had the first woman Chief Minister?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh (U.P.)

Q. Who is the final authority to interpret the Constitution?

Ans: The Supreme Court

Q. In the long-run the fixed costs become 

Ans: Variable costs

Q. Which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in India?

Ans: Indira Gandhi canal

Q. The “Alamatti Dam” is constructed on which river?

Ans: Krishna

Q. The lift of an air plane is based on which of the following?

Ans: Bernoulli’s theorem

Q. Which one of the following noble gas is not found in the atmosphere? 

Ans: Radon

Q. What is the chemical name of Urea?

Ans: Carbamide

Q. The concept of Welfare State is included in which part of Indian Constitution?

Ans: Directive Principles of State Policy

Q. ‘Shekel’ is the currency of which country?

Ans: Israel

Q. The Vedic Deity ‘Indra’ was the God of:

Ans: Rain and Thunder

Q. ‘International Day of Tolerance’ is observed on:

Ans: November 16th

Q. ‘Utility’ in economics means the capacity to:

Ans: satisfy human wants

Q. Who said, ‘Child is the Father of Man’?

Ans: William Wordsworth

Q. Which among the following planet is largest in size?  (1) Mercury, (2) Venus, (3) Earth, (4) Mars

Ans: Earth

Q. Nobel Prizes are given in how many fields?

Ans: 6

Q. The most important ore of Aluminium is:

Ans: Bauxite

Q. Who is the author of the Book ‘My Presidential Years’?

Ans: R Venkataraman

Q. Market Regulations in Medieval India were first introduced by:

Ans: Alauddin Khilji

Q. The term ’Butterfly Stroke’ is associated with which sport?

Ans: Swimming

Q. Addition of excessive amounts of heat to a lake is referred to as:

Ans: Thermal Pollution

Q. In the context of Computers, most common input devices are:

Ans: Keyboard and Mouse

Q. ‘Parasec’ is a unit of:

Ans: Distance

Q. ‘Vienna’ is the capital of which country?

Ans: Austria

Q. Which among the following is the longest river?

Ans: Godavari

Q. As per Census 2011, which is the only Indian state to have a positive sex ratio i.e. more women per 1000 men?

Ans: Kerala

Q. Which is the largest coal producing state of India?

Ans: Jharkhand

Q. In the context of Indian banking, abbreviation RTGS stands for:

Ans: Real-Time Gross Settlement

Q. Tebhaga Movement of 1946 was initiated in:

Ans: Bengal

Q. Which among the following countries is NOT a member of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)?

Ans: India

Q. Red Blood Cells are formed in:

Ans: Bone Marrow

Q. National Institute of Nutrition is located in which city?

Ans: Hyderabad

Q. Which is the National Heritage Animal of India?

Ans: Elephant

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Apart from these questions, you can also attempt FREE SSC JE General Awareness Questions Quiz by clicking on the above link. Based on the latest exam pattern we have prepared the questions for enhancing the candidate’s preparation.


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