SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018 – Exam analysis and Review

SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018

SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018 – Get complete analysis on Questions asked, good attempts and difficulty level.

SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018

SSC JE Exam is scheduled to be held from 22nd January to 29th January 2018.

SSC JE is a great opportunity for all engineers. The SSC JE Prelims exams are being conducted from 22nd to 25th January for all Engineering aspirants. In this blog post, we have provided Exam analysis and Review of SSC JE Exam held on 22nd January 2018.

Important Dates for SSC JE Exam:

Exam Event Important Dates
Release of the Online
Application Form
21st October 2017
Last Date to Register 17th November 2017
(before 5:00 PM)
SSC JE Paper-1
Exam Date
22nd to 25th
January 2018
SSC JE Paper-2
Exam Date
29th April 2018

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Examination Paper Pattern SSC JE 2017:

Paper Sections Asked Maximum Marks Duration
Paper – I General Awareness 50 2 Hours
General Intelligence and Reasoning 50
Part A- General Engineering (civil & structural) 100
Part B- General Engineering (electrical)
Part C- General Engineering (mechanical)
Paper – II Part A- General Eng. (civil & structural) 300 2 Hours
Part B- General Eng. (electrical)
Part C- General Eng. (mechanical)

In Paper-I and Paper-II for General Engineering, the candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Civil), Junior Engineer(Quantity Surveying & Contract) should attempt Part A (Civil & Structural) of Paper-I and Paper-II.

Candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Electrical) should attempt Part-B (Electrical) and the candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Mechanical) should attempt Part C (Mechanical) of Paper-I and Paper-II failing which his/her answer sheet (Paper-II) will not be evaluated.

Overall Analysis: Overall, the paper consisted of 80-85% of theory based questions and about 20% of the paper had numerical problems. It was a moderate level of paper. The Paper was of the Moderate level of difficulty.


SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018  – General Awareness

In General Awareness, there were questions from current affairs, questions from history and Science especially on eyes

Questions asked:

  1. Who won the Davis Cup 2017?
  2. Which country will host summer Olympics 2028?
  3. What is the difference between convex and concave lens? (Optics)
  4. What is myopia? New vision Problem
  5. What is Hypermetropia? Far Sightedness
  6. SSC JE analysis Electrical Engineering:
Sr. no Topic Number of Questions
1 Thevenin & Norton: 2
2 Voltmeter/ Ammeter: 1-2
3 Illumination: 2-3
4 Power System: 10
5 Network Theory: 15-20
6 Electrical Emission: 15-20
7 Measurements: 15-20
8 Magnetic Circuits: 3-4
9 Resonance & Frequency: 10
10 Finding Current in Different Branches: 2-3
11 Bridges: 2
12 Storage Factor: 1
13 Electronics: 10
14 Resistance Color Coding: 1-2

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SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018 –General Intelligence & Reasoning

Level: Easy to Moderate

Following questions were asked in General Intelligence and Reasoning.

Sr. No Subject Number of Questions
1 Syllogism 2
2 Analogy: 1-2
3 Alphabetical Sequence: 2-3
4 Missing Character: 2-3
5 Odd one Out:  8-9
6 Direction & Distance: 2
7 Water Image: 1-2
8 Alpha Numeric Series: 3-4
9 Blood Relation:  2-3
10 Alphabetical Coding: , 5
11 Number Series: 5
12 Analogy 3-4
13 Miscellaneous: 6

Questions asked in Electrical Engineering:

  1. Questions:
  2. Define Galvanometer?
  3. What do you mean sharing bridge?
  4. What is the ideal condition for max power transfer?
  5. Define Superposition Theorem?
  6. What is the Unit of Reluctance?
  7. Finding the equivalent resistance?
  8. 80% of the paper was based on theory and there was very little calculation or numericals involved.

SSC JE Exam analysis 22nd January 2018 – Mechanical

Sr. No Topicas Questions
1 Thermo Dynamics: 10
2 Fluid and Mechanics: 20
3 Production & DME: 15 – 20
4 Strength of Material: 10 – 15

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  1. Topics:
  2. Capillary Rise Coefficient
  3. Viscous and Non-viscous Fluids
  4. Otto, Diesel & Dual cycles
  5. Supercharging
  6. Irreversibility
  7. Carnot Engines
  8. Limit & Tolerance


  1. What do you mean by cascade system?
  2. What is centrifugal casting?
  3. Ferrite structure is formed at which temperature according to the iron-carbon diagram?
  4. Explain the transformation of Austenite from Martensite using Fe-C diagram?
  5. If the compression ratio is same, then which engine has the highest efficiency?
  6. What is the difference between Austenite and Martensite transformation?
  7. Calculate the strain based on the given information?
  8. What is the difference between free and forced convention?

The Paper was of the moderate level of difficulty and 80% of the paper comprised of theory based questions. Only 20% of the paper comprised of numerical problems.

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