SSC GD Constable Reasoning Questions & Answers

The Staff Selection Commission conducts a recruitment drive every year to fill in various vacancies under GD Constable post. If you are appearing for the SSC GD Constable Exam, then it is suggested to begin preparation well in advance. To ease out candidate’s preparation, here are the detailed SSC GD Constable Reasoning Questions along with answers.

  • As the SSC GD Constable Application Form is yet to be released, candidates who are willing to apply for this post can begin their preparation well in advance by studying all the topics one by one.
  • In this post, we have provided SSC GD Constable Expected questions from Reasoning Ability topic. These questions are compiled from a panel of experts with reference to SSC GD previous year questions.
  • According to the experts, it is said that most of the questions in every exam are repeated from previous year paper with slight changes in the numbers and logic.
  • So, start practicing SSC GD Constable Previous Year Questions to score more in the upcoming GD Constable Exam.

SSC GD Constable Reasoning Questions 2019

The important topics in Reasoning ABility section of SSC GD Constable Exam are:

Analogies Similarities and Differences Spatial Visualization Spatial Orientation
Visual Memory Discrimination Observation Relationship Concepts
Arithmetical Reasoning and Figural Classification Arithmetic Number Series Non-Verbal Series Coding and Decoding
  • Reasoning ability includes questions based on logical thinking.
  • Candidates appearing for the SSC GD 2019 Exam, can go through the SSC GD Constable GA Questions and answers as well.
  • Here is the list of questions and answers from the Reasoning section. Candidates can go through them and enhance their preparation.

SSC GD Constable Reasoning Questions and Answers

Here is the list of SSC GD Constable Reasoning Questions that can help in cracking Reasoning Ability section with more marks. Start preparing and score more by going through these questions.

Q. What is the relative word for the sequence; Eye: Cataract :: Skin: ?

Ans: Eczema

Q. Vitamin A: Carrot : : Vitamin C: ?

Ans: Orange

Q. Arrange the leaves according to their sizes (small to large): 1. Mango leaf, 2. Tamarind leaf, 3. Papaya leaf, 4. Banana leaf

Ans: 2, 1, 3, 4

Q. If the 8th of April falls on Monday, what would be the 30th day of that month?

Ans: Tuesday

Q. If SUNDAY is coded as 012345 and BIG is coded as 678, how would you encode SANDBAY?

Ans: 0423645

Q. Select the correct combination of mathematical signs to replace * signs and to balance the equation:  9 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 6

Ans: ÷ x – =

Q. If RAJ = 29, EDUCATION = ?

Ans: 92

Q. At dusk, Rohit started walking facing the west, After a while, he met his friend and both turned to their left. They halted for a while and started moving by turning again to their right. Finally, Rohit waved ‘goodbye’ to his friend and took a left turn at a corner. At which direction is Rohit moving now?

Ans: South

Q. Find the number of triangles in the given figure

Ans: 7

Q. The image that will complete the pattern in the question figure


Q. Production function refers to the functional relationship between input and _______

Ans: Output

Q. ‘Self Reliance’ was the main objective of

Ans: Sixth Plan

Q. District Judge is under the control of

Ans: High Court

Q. What is meant by Social Justice?

Ans: All kinds of discrimination based on caste, creed, color, and sex should be eliminated.

Q. _____ is essential for Liberty

Ans: Rights

Q. Nandini stops to walk after covering a distance of 10 km to the west. She then turns to the right and walks 8 km. Again she walks 4 km to the right. How far is she from her office?

Ans: 10 Km

Q. CTPN : DSQM : : MUSK : ?


Q. As ‘Furniture’ is related to ‘Bench’ in the same way ‘Stationary’ is related to what?

Ans: Pen

Q.  If ‘A’=26, and SUN = 27, then CAT?

Ans: 57

Q. Find the number that must appear in the place of question mark? 

45389, ?, 453, 34

Ans: 8354

Q. M is older than R. Q is younger than R and N. N is not as old as M. Who among M, N, R and Q are the oldest? 

Ans: M

Q. Surendra introduces “Raju as the son of the only brother of his father’s wife”. How is Raju related to Surendra? 

Ans: Cousin

Q. If water is called black, black is called tree, the tree is called blue, blue is called rain, rain is called pink and pink is called fist in a certain language, what is the color of the sky called in that language? 

Ans: Rain

Q.  If 2 is added to the last digit of each number and then the positions of the first and the third digits are interchanged, which of the following will be the highest number? 

576, 895, 783, 394

Ans: 576

Q. Find the missing number in the following series

Ans: 1

Q. Pointing to a lady in the photograph, Varma said, “Her mother is the only daughter of my mother’s mother.” How is Varma related to the lady?

Ans: Brother

Q. Daughter is to father as niece is to

Ans: Uncle

Q. Foot is to hand as leg is to

Ans: Arm

Q. A trader told his servant Shambhu that he left for his home from the shop after every 2: 40 hours. I left for home 55 minutes earlier and for the next time, I will leave for home from my shop at 8: 15 p.m. At which time did I inform my servant?

Ans: 6:30 PM


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