SSC GD Constable GA Questions

SSC GD Constable GA Questions

The Staff Selection Commission conducts a recruitment drive every year for GD Constable post. This year, the SSC GD Constable Recruitment has begun and there is a lot of time for Exam preparation as the exam is scheduled in the month of February 2020. To help with the preparation, we are providing SSC GD Constable GA Questions and Answer here.

  • As the SSC GD Constable Application Form is yet to be released, candidates willing to apply for this post can begin their preparation well in advance by studying all the topics one by one.
  • In this post, we have provided SSC GD Constable Expected questions from General Awareness topic. These questions are compiled from a panel of experts with reference to previous year questions.
  • According to the experts, most of the questions repeat in every exam with slight changes in the numbers and logic.
  • So, practicing SSC GD Constable Previous Year Questions is of great help for all candidates.

SSC GD Constable GA Questions 2019

The Important topics from the General Awareness section of SSC GD Constable Exam are

Sports History Culture Geography
Economic Scene General Polity Indian Constitution Scientific Research
  • General Awareness section includes questions from various topics like National and International Issues.
  • Candidates appearing for SSC GD Constable 2019-20 exam must be prepared with all latest current affairs from various topics like Sports, History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Polity, Indian Constitution, Scientific Research.
  • To ease out your preparation, we have provided SSC GD Constable General Awareness Questions below as per the SSC GD Constable Exam Pattern.

GD Constable General Awareness Questions

Here is the list of SSC GD Constable GK Questions that can help in cracking General Awareness section with more marks. Start preparing and score more by going through these questions.

Q. Which is a greenhouse gas or a gas which can deplete the ozone layer?

Ans: CCl2F2

Q. Which is the disease caused by parasites of the Plasmodium genus?

Ans: Malaria

Q. Which of these is not an Indian Food?

Ans: Tiramisu

Q. Which of these rivers do not flow through Punjab?

Ans: Ganga

Q. The Tropic of ____________ passes almost halfway through India.

Ans: Cancer

Q. Who invented Aerosol can?

Ans: Erik Rotheim

Q. A transformer cannot perform which function?

Ans: step-up a/c power.

Q. Right to education in our country is a _________right.

Ans: Fundamental

Q. Who is the author of “The Hungry Tide”?

Ans: Amitav Ghosh

Q. For the movie “Taare Zameen Par”, Aamir Khan won the Filmfare Award for

Ans: Best Director

Q. Carica papaya is the scientific name of

Ans: Papaya

Q. Muscles get tired when there is a shortfall of

Ans: ATP

Q. The outermost layer of the earth’s atmosphere is

Ans: exosphere

Q. Which is the first Indian company to list on NASDAQ

Ans: Infosys

Q. Which country got Independence from the United Kingdom?

Ans: Pakistan

Q. Who Invented Induction Coil?

Ans: Nicholas Callan

Q. Which part of the solar rays heats up the solar cookers?

Ans: Ultraviolet rays

Q. In which form of government priests rule in the name of God?

Ans: Theocracy

Q. Who was the first temporary chairman of the Constituent Assembly?

Ans: Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha

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Q. Who won the first T-20 Cricket World Cup?

Ans: India

Q. Who is the author of “Chokher”

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

Q. Triton is the moon of which planet?

Ans: Neptune

Q. Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka is in

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Q. Highest Civilian Honour received by Anupam Kher is

Ans: Padma Bhushan

Q. Which is a b drug that doctors give to people to make them calm or help them sleep

Ans: Barbiturate

Q. Artocarpus Integra is the scientific name of

Ans: Jack fruit

Q. BSE SENSEX Constitutes how many numbers of companies?

Ans: 30

Q. International Dateline passes through the middle of which Ocean?

Ans: Pacific

Q. Before its Independence, Bangladesh was part of

Ans: Pakistan

Q. Humayun was born in the year

Ans: 1508

Q. Who Invented the 3-D printer

Ans: Chuck Hull

Q. Alpha particles are 

Ans: just like helium nuclei

Q. Who has served maximum time as the Prime Minister of India?

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q. What is the maximum number of Members in Lok Sabha?

Ans: 552

Q. Who is the author of “Go Clown #AccheDin for Comedy”?

Ans: Shatrugna Vadwlas

Q. Periyar Tiger Reserve is in which state?

Ans: Kerala

Q. Grevillea Robusta is the scientific name of

Ans: Silver Oak

Q. How many Indians have Won Nobel Prizes before Prof.Amartya Sen?

Ans: 5

Q. Urdu is the official language of 

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

Q. Stagflation is a period of

Ans: Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment

Q. Which government income is included in revenue budget?

Ans: Tax-revenue and Non-tax-revenue

Q. The tomb of Babur is at

Ans: Kabul

Q. The Gandhara school of Art was influenced most by the

Ans: Greeks

Q. The moon is showing its same face to the earth because

Ans: Its periods of rotation and revolution are the same

Q. Devaluation of currency leads to

(A) expansion of export trade; (B) contraction of import trade; (C) expansion of import substitution; (D) All of the above

Ans: All of the above

Q. Teak and Sal are the principal trees in the forests known as

Ans: Tropical moist deciduous

Q. Open market operations of RBI refer to buying and selling of

Ans: Government bonds

Q. Which one of the following pairs of seas does the Suez Canal connect?

(A) Indian Ocean – Pacific Ocean; (B) Mediterranean Sea- Black Sea; (C) the Mediterranean Sea – Red Sea; (D) Atlantic Ocean – Pacific Ocean

Ans: Mediterranean Sea – Red Sea

Q. The joint session of the two houses is presided by

Ans: the speaker

Q. Odissi is the dance style of:

Ans: Orissa

Q. Who invented the telephone:

Ans: Alexander Graham Bell

Q. In S.H.G. (Self Help Group) most of the decisions regarding savings and loan activities are taken by

Ans: NGO

Q. Which of the following country has more than 55,000 lakes?

Ans: Finland

Q. The Kiel Canal links the

Ans: the North Sea and Baltic Sea

Q. The National Institute for Agricultural Marketing is located at

Ans: Jaipur

Q. Per capita income is obtained by dividing National Income by

Ans: Total population of the country

Q. Sikkim became a full-fledged state of the Indian Union, in the year?

Ans: 1975

Q. Who is the founder of Mahabalipuram?

Ans: Narsimha Varman

Q. Which of the following is not a bone in the human body?

Ans: Pericardium

Q. Rennin and lactase, the enzymes required to digest milk, disappear in the human body by the age of

Ans: two

Q. Eden Garden (Kolkata) is associated with

Ans: Cricket

Q. Which one of the following states of India records the highest sex ratio?

Ans: Kerala

Q. Government is going to merge the Annapurna Scheme with

Ans: National Old Age Pension Scheme

Q. When was the first National Forest Policy issued by the Government of India?

Ans: 1952

Q. What is the maximum Water Vapour content in the atmosphere?

Ans:  3 to 4 percent

We will keep you posted with more SSC GD Constable GA Questions. In the meantime, go through SSC GD Constable Preparation Tips.


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