SSC GD Constable English Questions & Answers

SSC GD Constable English Questions

The Staff Selection Commission conducts GD Constable Recruitment drive every year to fill in a large number of vacancies. This year, the SSC GD Constable Exam is scheduled in the month of February 2020. As there is an ample amount of time for the exam, here is the SSC GD Constable English Questions and Answers for preparation.

  • As the SSC GD Constable Application Process is yet to begin, candidates can start their preparation well in advance in order to complete all the topics earlier before the exam.
  • Here, we have compiled SSC GD Constable English Questions and SSC GD Hindi Question separately. These questions are compiled from many previous year question papers by a panel of experts.
  • Candidates appearing for GD Constable exam can now go through these questions provided here to score more in the upcoming GD Constable exam.

SSC GD Constable English Questions 2018-19

Here are the important topics from the English section

Spot the Error Fill in the Blanks Synonyms/Homonyms Antonyms
Spellings/Detecting Mis-spelt words Idioms & Phrases One Word Substitution Improvement of Sentences
Active/Passive Voice of Verbs Conversion into Direct/Indirect narration Shuffling of Sentence parts Shuffling of Sentences in a passage
Cloze Passage Comprehension Passage
  • We have provided questions from English section here. Go through them and start preparing accordingly.
  • Along with English and Hindi questions, go through the SSC GD Reasoning Questions compiled by a panel of experts.

SSC GD Constable English Questions and Answers

Here is the list of SSC GD Constable English Questions that can help in cracking English Language section with more marks. Start preparing and score more by going through these questions.

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence, the letter of that part will be the answer.

Q. In an effort (A) / to make peace (B) / Priya spoke separately (C) / to both the person. (D)

Ans: D

Q. They had a narrow escape (A) / when skating as (B) / roaring avalanche (C) / just missed them. (D)

Ans: B

Q. The movie star should not have (A) / allowed the press (B) / at the scene had he (C) / known about the fuss. (D)

Ans: A

Find the most appropriate word from the given options to fill up the blank in the sentence.

Q. When he reached the doctor’s house he ……. out already. 

Ans: had gone

Q. The Government agreed to pay compensation ……… damaged crops, land and cattle.

Ans: for

Q. Antonym of EXONERATE 

Ans: Accuse

Q. Antonym of REPLETE 

Ans: Devoid

Q. Synonym of SPORADIC

Ans: Occasional

Q. Synonym of SOPORIFIC

Ans: Sleep-producing

Q. Find one-word for Life history of a person written by another

Ans: Biography

Q. A post without remuneration

Ans: Honorary

Q. One who cannot die 

Ans: Immortal

Q. Find the meaning of the idiom/phrase: Swelled Head

Ans: Pride

Q. Find the meaning of the idiom/phrase: To sow the dragon’s teeth

Ans: To take some Action

Q. Find the meaning of the idiom/phrase: Get around

Ans: Avoid

Q. Improve the bracketed part: Rohit (did many mischiefs)

Ans: Committed many mischiefs

Q.  Improve the bracketed part: The kid jumped with delight on seeing the (joker) at the circus.

Ans: clown

Q. Find one word for: An instrument for measuring the atmospheric pressure

Ans: barometer

Q. Fill in the blank: In ancient Greece, women were not allowed to _______ in the Olympic Games.

Ans: compete

Q. Find the synonym for: FUSE (Verb)

Ans: combine

Q. Fill in the blank: Colours, they say have the power to calm, pacify and relax; they can energize, activate and _______. 

Ans: envigorate

Q. In the sentence identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.

“I done a lot of work today,” she said.

Ans: I done

Q. Select the word for:  The part of a country’s government responsible for its legal system

Ans:  judiciary

Q. Find the Synonym for ATTRIBUTE

Ans: quality

Q. Given below are four jumbled sentences.  Find their correct order.

A. A man on a bike had to ride on the pavement. 
B. When he tried to plunge onto the road, a car hit him. 
C. As the bus inched through the evening life, the traffic grew. 
D. There was no space on the road anymore.


Q. Find the passive form of the given sentence: 

Ananya plucks fresh flowers from the garden every day.  

Ans: Fresh flowers are plucked by Ananya from the garden every day

Q. Find the antonym of ILLUMINATE

Ans: darken

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