SSC CPO Questions Asked 4th July 2017 for all Slots

SSC CPO Questions Asked 4th July 2017 – Get here section wise SSC CPO Questions asked in all shifts- slot 1, 2 for 4th July 2017

SSC CPO Questions Asked 4th July 2017

SSC CPO or the Staff Selection Commission CPO exams is entering its fourth day. The SSC CPO exams which began on 1st July 2017 will go on till July 7th 2017. The exams are taking place in 2 shifts and are being conducted online for the first time therefore the exam is expected to be quite different from the previous time as previously the exams were conducted in pen and paper mode.

SSC CPO 2017 is a great opportunity for those who want to join police and paramilitary force. The SSC CPO 2017 is for those who would love the opportunity to join the paramilitary forces. It is a respected job and aspirants who would love to be part of police and paramilitary forces must give Phase I of the Exam followed by Physical Endurance Test and then a Phase II exam and interview to be selected in SSC CPO.

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Exam Pattern for SSC CPO:

SSC conduct CPO exam every year for those who are graduates.

Paper Pattern I

Section Subject No. of Questions Maximum marks Time Duration
Part A

General Intelligence & Reasoning

50 50

Composite Time Duration of 2 hours

Part B

General Knowledge and General Awareness

50 50
Part C

Quantitative Aptitude

50 50
Pard D

English Comprehension

50 50
Total   100 200


Paper Pattern II


No. of Questions

Maximum Marks

Time Duration

English Language and Comprehension

200 200 2 hours


Questions asked in SSC CPO :

SSC CPO Questions Asked – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. NOR, NOT and NANAD gates related question.
  2. (x^2)-7x+1=0 Find x+(1/x).
  3. A car moves 20% slower than a train. Both start from point A and reached point B which is 240 km away from point A in same time. The train stops at the stations for 48 minutes. Find the speed (in kmph) of the car?
  4. Rs 25000 compounded annually@20% for 4 years will be?
  5. Height and distance related questions

SSC CPO Questions Asked General Knowledge

  1. Which is considered as the richest source of protein? –
  2. Which country is Great Barrier Reef situated – Australia
  3. During hibernation frog respires through which organSkin
  4. Urine gets stored in which organUrinary Bladder
  5. NSDL is abbreviated asNational Securities Depository Limited
  6. What is a nucleus made up of? – Proton and Neutron
  7. What is the name of the Grassland of South Africa – Savannas
  8. Which country is the Kalahari Desert situatedBotswana, South Africa
  9. Article 21 is related to – Right to life & Personal Liberty
  10. Who abolished Jazia Tax – Akbar
  11. Article 15 of the constitution is related to – Prohibition of Discrimination on Grounds of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex or Place of Birth
  12. Narmada river originates from which point Amarkantak
  13. What is the purpose of the Basel Convention for – Control of trans boundary Movements
  14. What voting procedure is followed to elect the the president?= Single transferable vote
  15. Arrange the following in chronological order the Chauri chaura Incident, Non cooperation movement and Civil disobedience movement – Non cooperation movement > Chauri Chaura Incident > Civil disobedience movement  

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