SSC CPO Exam Analysis 3rd July 2017 (All Slots) – How was your exam?

SSC CPO Exam Analysis 3rd July 2017

SSC CPO Exam Analysis 3rd July 2017 (All Slots) – Share your SSC CPO paper review , questions asked, good attempts, difficulty level etc., SSC CPO today exam analysis

SSC CPO Exam Analysis 3rd July 2017

SSC CPO 2017 is a great opportunity for those who want to join police and paramilitary force. The SSC CPO 2017 is for those who would love the opportunity to join the paramilitary forces. It is a respected job and aspirants who would love to be part of police and paramilitary forces must give Phase I of the Exam followed by Physical Endurance Test and then a Phase II exam and interview to be selected in SSC CPO.

SSC CPO Exam commenced on 1st July 2017. The exam was successfully held on 1st and 2nd July 2017. The exam will be held in 2 slots per day.

SSC CPO Exam Analysis 2017- SSC CPO Exam Pattern- For Paper I and Paper II

SSC CPO Exam Pattern – Paper I

Date of
Part Subject No.

A General Intelligence
and Reasoning
50 50 2 Hours
B General
50 50
C Quantitative
50 50
D English
50 50

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SSC CPO Exam Pattern – Paper II

Date of
Subject No.
08.10.2017 English Language
& Comprehension
200 200 2 Hours


SSC CPO Exam Analysis 3rd July 2017 (All Slots) – How was your Exam?

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Did you appear for SSC CPO exam on 3rd July 2017? If yes, you can share your feedback right here. Include the following in your feedback-

  1. Questions asked
  2. Difficulty level
  3. Number of questions from each topic
  4. Expected cut- off
  5. Number of good/safe attempts

Remember, sharing is caring. Your feedback may help hundreds of students to perform well in the exam. Drop your feedback in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “SSC CPO Exam Analysis 3rd July 2017 (All Slots) – How was your exam?

  1. questions asked on 3 july
    no. of questions attempted-173
    sectional marks- maths 46 english 45 reasoning 46 gk-35
    questions in english
    1. meaning of Hoarse,querolous,malevolent
    2.idiom-old elbow
    3.there was a passage and the passage in which some blanks were given
    Questions of math
    questions were very easy below a certain level like u can solve them in seconds but the server was too slow to mark the answer. So keep that thing in mind that time is less and you have to perform in estimated time.Here are some topics from which questions came in exam.
    1. questions based on trignometrical identities and 2A angles like certain values of A and B were given and tan (2A+B) was asked.
    2. Question from algebra was both easy and hard . x^2-8x+1=0 find value of x^2 +1/x^2.In another question x+1/x was given and x^3+1/x^3 was asked. Hard question was (x^32+1/x^32)(x^16+1/x^16)(x-1/x)(x^8+1/x^8)(x+1/x)
    3.boat stream 40 kilometer upstream and 60 km downstream in 10 hrs ..and something like this only
    4.If the ratio of two numbers is 3:5 . if both the number are increased by 8 then the ratio becomes 13:19 the find the sum of numbers.
    5. Two questions from data interpretation .In first one a table was given and certain questions were asked in second one pie chart was given.
    6.profit loss question if the rate is increased from rs 80 to rs 100 then how much he decrease to equalize the same thing.
    7.If the 25% of a number is 6 then 50% more than original number is? ans-36
    8.1/n=(6^1/2 + 5^1/2)/(6^1/2-5^1/2) then the value of n is?
    9.A wheel of radius 3.5 will make 20 revolution in
    10. one question of cylinder in which radius and height were given and surface area was asked.another one was a sphere of radius 21 was moulded into cylinder of diameter 21/2 .then find the height of cylinder.
    11.if a man buys 3 items for a rupee then at what rate it should be sold to gain 50%.A is 25% efficient as B. if B can do a work in 25 days then A will do the work in how many days?.
    12. if there are 50 trees on road with equal distance btw them .it takes 18 seconds to travel from 13th to 34 th tree then in how many time it will cover all the trees.
    13.if there is 210% profit on cp on a certain item .if the cp is increased by 40% keeping the selling price constant then the profit will be what percent of selling price..
    14.if marked price is 40% of cp then after applying 10% discount the profit percentage will be.
    15.The average of 5 consecutive odd integers is 27 then the product of first and last number is?.
    16.The average of first 29 even integers is?.
    17.In an triangle ABC which is right angled at B AB=5 BC=2 then what will be the radius of circumcentre?
    18.In any triangle ABC there is an circumcentre P.and angle BPC is 30 degrees then the value of angle BAC will be?

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