SSC CPO CISF ASI Training Schedule- Starts from 12.02.2018


SSC CPO CISF ASI Training Schedule- Get details of SSC CPO CISF ASI Training schedule which starts on 12th February 2018 with job profile and career growth of CISF ASI.

SSC CPO CISF ASI Training Schedule

SSC CPO CISF ASI Training Schedule- In this post on SSC CPO CISF ASI Training, we will share details about the SSC CPO CISF ASI training schedule. The SSC CPO CISF ASI Training starts from 12.02.2018 as per the latest PG portal reply.

SSC CPO CISF ASI Training Schedule
SSC CPO CISF ASI Training Schedule (source credit- Qmaths)

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SSC CPO CISF ASI – Roles and Responsibilites

The roles and responsibilities associated with SSC CPO CISF ASI are as follows-

  • Airport Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Search Operation
  • Power in Seizure
  • Clerical Duties

Airport Security: ASIs are responsible for providing last mile security to the airports which connect various parts of our country.

Industrial Security: The major objective is to provide security services to the public sector industrial locations around the country. In these areas, generally ASIs are appointed

Search Operation: Being in Police means that you need to have the authority to search a suspect and once you get the order from the higher-ups, the ASIs can carry out these operations in their place of duty but generally they are supervised by sub-inspectors at the time of the search operations.

Power of Seizure: Here ASIs come in handy as they have to search and seize any suspect for preventive custody in any place they are posted. Supervised by the sub inspectors, they have to seize anything that is illegally in possession of the suspected persons.

Clerical duties: It is mostly of field jobs, but there are desk job opportunities as well. You will be involved in clerical works which is maintaining files of various operations, administrative events/matters etc.

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What do you get in a job as ASI in CISF?

  • When you join as an ASI, there are chances of you getting promoted to rank of a sub inspector
  • It is not a cushy job on desk, it involves thrill of being a part of one of the unique paramilitary forces in the whole world.
  • Good social respect as a member of military establishment

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