SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 17th March 2018 Tier I for Shift 2 & 1

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 6th March 2018

Subject-wise Questions asked, March 2018 – SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 17th March 2018 Tier I for Shift II & I

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 17th March 2018

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As the SSC CHSL Examination process is going on, Aspirants are eager to know about SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 17th March 2018. This is going to be useful for aspirants whose examination is scheduled in next few days as they can get the clear picture about the level of difficulty of the question paper. Today the questions asked were of easy to moderate difficulty level. After the examination was over, Our experts went around and talked to various candidates about the questions in the examination as well as the level of difficulty. We could follow few questions from today’s paper, which can be helpful for many other aspirants in understanding the paper pattern and examination difficulty level. We will be updating this post as soon as we find more questions from today’s examination.

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SSC CHSL Questions Asked 17th March 2018:

1. Voltage is 220 V and current is 40 A. what is resistance?

Ohm’s law

I = V/R

2. Founder of Vikramshila University ? Ans – Dharamapala

3. Minimum age to join Lok Sabha is ? Ans – 25 years

4. Biggest Air Purifier tower located at ? Ans – China

5. Topmost point of Chota Nagpur Palteau? Ans – Pareshnath Hill Jharkhand as well as adjacent portions of West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and Chattisgarh

6. Beghum Akhtar related to which field? Ans – Indian singer of Ghazal, Dadra, and Thumri genres of Hindustani classical music.

7. Gaj Yatra is related to ? Ans – Environment Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan launches ‘Gaj Yatra’ to mark World Elephant Day 2017.

8. Sahitya Akademi Award 2017 in Hindi Category won by? Ans – Ramesh Kuntal and Vishw Mithak Sarit Sagar

9. Minimum no. of meeting in Parliament in 1 Year is ? Ans – No minimum number of days that parliament is required to meet in a year.To conduct a sitting of Lok Sabha, there should be atleast 55 members present while to conduct a sitting of Rajya Sabha, there should beatleast 25 members present.

10. largest City of Nepal ? Ans – Kathmandu

11. Isotopes related question?

12. One question related to baking Soda?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 13th March 2018

Shift 2

English Language

To be updated

Quantitative Aptitude

Q. Average age  of three friends is 23 years. if ages of 4th friend is added in the average age of three friends. what will be the  age of 4th friend ?

Q. If x = 222, y = 223, z = 225, then find the value of x3 +y3 + z3 – 3xyz = ?

Q. If 35 men complete the work in 8 days. then how many men will be need to complete the work in 10 days?

Q. Perimeter of two similar ΔABC and ΔPQR respectively 60 cm and 36 cm. if PQ= 18 cm, then AB = ?

Q. If 4x + 1 / x =5, then calculate the value of 5x / (4x2 +10x +1) = ?

Q. A shopkeeper sells a thing of face value Rs. 20,000 at discount 7%, what is selling price of thing ?

Q. A Sound  travels 330m in 1 sec. when Sound hear after 10sec of shining of a Light. What is the distance of cloud in Km?

Reasoning Ability

To be updated

General Awareness

Q. Who was the king of India during the establishment of East India Company of Britain?

Q. Where is National Earthquake Science Information Center located?

Q. In which year, DD-2 is broad-casted?

Q. Who is the architect of National Bhawan?

Shift 1

English Language

To be updated

Quantitative Aptitude

Q. 12 men & 16 boys together finish a work in 5 days. 14 men & 13 boys together finish the same work in 4 days. What will be the ratio of work done by one man & one boy in a day?

Q. In a class of 50 boys, the average height of 30 boys is 160 cm. If average height of remaining boys is 100 cm, what will be the average height of boys in cm?

Q. The seller sales a good with the loss of 6%. If he had sold it with the selling price of 65 Rs. more, he would have earned 10 % profit. What is the cost price of the good?

Q. If the cost price of 25 pens is equal to the selling price of 20 pens, what will be the % profit?

Q. The distance between two places A & B is 60 Km. Two cars at the same time start moving from two ends with the speed of 35 km/ph and 25 km/ph respectively. If both cars are moving towards each other the, after what time they will meet?

Q. The average of marks obtained by 100 students in an exam is 30. If the average marks of students who passed the exam is 35 and the average marks of students who failed in the exam is 10, what is the number of students who passed the exam?

Q. In a mixture, spirit and water are in the ratio of 3:2. If the amount of spirit in the mixture is 3 liters more than that of water, what is the amount of spirit in the mixture?

Reasoning Ability

To be updated

General Awareness

Q. Where is the headquarter of new development bank located?

Q. In which five-year plan did the GDP target exceed?

Q. Rukhmani Devi is an athlete related to which sport?

Q. The line of Capricorn does not pass through which of the given countries – Chile, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina?

Q. Mentor India program was initiated by whom?

Q. Why dessert plants release CO2 during the night?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 12th March 2018

SSC CHSL Tier I examination conducted on 12th March 2018 was easy to moderate with General Intelligence being the easiest section of all the sections.

Section Level Good Attempts
English Language Easy-Moderate 16-18
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 18-19
General Intelligence Easy 20-21
General Awareness Moderate 14-16
Overall Easy-Moderate 71-76

English Language

English language section was easy to Moderate, this time there were no RC(Reading Comprehension) instead there were 1 Cloze Test with 5 questions based on it and questions from it were of easy-moderate level.


Cloze test was based on Indian & American markets.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Quantitative Aptitude was of Moderate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative.
  • There were 1 DI in the Exam: Pie chart

General Intelligence:

  • General Intelligence(Reasoning) questions were of Easy level. There were only 1 questions from image.

General Awareness:

  • General Awareness questions were asked from all aspects of GA, especially from Science section, if you have basic knowledge of Science, then you can easily score good marks in GA Section.
  • In Current Affairs, 3-4 questions were asked. Questions were asked from constitution in polity.
    Some questions from exam:

1.Rank of Pakistan according to population?

2. What is the SI unit of G?

3. Who runs the Parliament?

4. Which type of medicine used in Indigestion?

(a) Speaker of Loksabha,

(b) President of India,

(c) Prime minister
5. Which provide more electricity?

(a) atomic power,

(b) thermal power station,

(c) wind power station,

(d) hydro power station
6.Which one is wrong from the given option
(a) Thermometer, temperature
(b) Barometer, pressure
(c) Length, mass
7. Title of Babar after which fight?
8. Chamera dam located is in which state of India?
9. Which of the following is not considered a debt?
(a) commercial papers
(b) stocks
10. Leeuwenhoek saw free living cells. Where did he saw
(a) sea water
(b) pond water
(c) humans..
11. After which fight Akbar assumed the title Ghazi?
12. What is the frequency of updation of commercial taxes?
(a) half yearly
(b) monthly
(c) quarterly
(d) yearly
13. One question was about ancient monuments bill passed in Jan 2018? How many companies were assigned the 14 monuments

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 6th March 2018

Below are the subject wise Questions asked on 6th of march 2018;

English Language :

Questions Asked:-

  • Antonym/ Synonym: Lucrative, Courtly
  • Idioms Phrases: To create scene
  • Spelling Errors: Fluorescent

Quantitative Aptitude : SSC CHSL Questions Asked 6th March 2018

Questions Asked:-

  • The diameter of the sphere is given, find the volume?
  • One question related to a3 – b3 formula.
  • Cost Price of an article was given with 2 discounts.
  • Find the inradius of an Equilateral triangle?
  • The ratio of Interest & Principle was given. Find rate?
  • Diameter is 35, Find Circumference
  • One question related to average where the average of first & last 3 digits were given.

General Awareness : SSC CHSL Questions Asked 6th March 2018

Questions Asked:-

  • Planets smaller than earth.
  • If an object is moving in uniform acceleration, Find the velocity?
  • Founder of the Mughal dynasty?
  • One question related to force.
  • Gadhwall folk dance?
  • Where is fatehpur sikri ?
  • Official capital of Sri Lanka?
  • Shortest coastal boundary of which state?
  • One question related to Prize April 2017.
  • Which of the following statements are not true about Gautam Budha.

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 SSC CHSL Questions Asked 6th March 2018

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