SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018

Know the questions asked Today – SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018

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As SSC Examination Is currently going on, Candidate who are yet to write the examination this term or the candidates who are going to appear in the next year’s examination are looking for the SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018. We consulted many candidates at various exam centers and at the end of it, we could find few of those questions mentioned below. We will be updating this post as soon as we get more questions from the candidates.

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Below are the Questions asked on 10th March 2018 and Examination Analysis;

Slot – 1 Examination

Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked :SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018

1. P and Q complete the work together in 8 days. Q and R complete the work together in 16 days. R and P complete the work together in 8 days. In how many days P,Q and R will complete the work together?

A. 7.1

B. 5.5

C. 7.2

D. 6.4

Ans – D. 6.4

2. Height of two cylinders are equal and their radius are in the ratio of 1 : 3 . What will be ratio of volume of both cylinder?

A. 1 : √3

B. 1 : 27

C. 1 : 9

D. 1 : 3

Ans – C. 1 : 9

3. Marked Price of a Iron is Rs. 68,00. If there is 12% and 20% discount on Iron respectively, what will be the selling price of Iron ?

A. 4524

B. 4460.8

C. 4624

D. 4787.2

Ans – D. 4787.2

4. A shopkeeper sells big, medium and small sized chairs in Rs. 650, Rs. 500 and 400. Ratio of total chairs sold is 8 : 13 : 4. What will be average speed of a chair?

A. 506

B. 546

C. 478

D. 532

Ans – D. 532

5. If u : v : w = 1 : 5 : 13 . find (3u + 2v + 4w)/ (2w- u – 4v)?

A. 25

B. 13

C. 12

D. 17

Ans – B. 13

6. U and V can complete the work respectively in 6 days and 48 days. They have taken contract of Rs. 45,000 to complete the work. How much will be U’s share in it.

A. 40,000

B. 36,000

C. 37,000

D. 35,000

Ans – A. 40,000

7. A train with speed of 72 km/h cross a platform in 50 seconds. If length of a train is 250 m, what will be the length of platform?

A. 600

B. 480

C. 750

D. 950

Ans- C. 550

8. An Investment have made in compound interest of Rs. 5000. If rate of interest 12% per year, how much interest will be earn in 2 years.

A. 1450

B. 3450

C. 1520

D. 1272

Ans – D. 1272

9. Two pipes X and Y can fill the tank in 6 hour and 10 hour respectively. Pipe Z can empty the tank in 4 hour. If all three pipes have been opened, In how many hour tank will fill completely.

A. 30

B. 50

C. 60

D. 45

Ans – C. 60

10. Three batsman X, Y and Z make the total run 1584. Ratio of runs by X and Y batsman is 4 : 3 and of Y and Z is 5 : 3. How much run made by X ?

A. 742

B. 614

C. 516

D. 720

Ans- D. 720

English Language Questions Asked : SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018

1. Indirect/ Direct Speech

The coach said, “Don’t move, boys.”

A. The coach told to the boys don’t move.

B. The coach said to the boys not to be moving.

C. The coach asked the boys not to move.

D. The coach told to them, don’t move boys.

Ans – C. The coach asked the boys not to move.

2. Improve the bracketed part of the sentence.

A. for

B. upon

C. to

D. No Improvement

Ans – B. upon

3. Antonyms

to flay

A. to sheath

B. to peel

C. to excoriate

D. to sclap

Ans – A. to sheath

4. Error Spotting

  • Mother does not hardly (A)/ know what happened (B)/ in school yesterday. (C) / No error (D) Ans – A
  • No beggar who comes (A)/ to our doors (B)/ goes back empty handed. (C)/ No error (D) Ans -B

5. Ram wandered through life, with no clear ideas of where he was heading and what he wanted to accomplish.

A. Madly

B. Excitedly

C. Crazily

D. Aimlessly

Ans – D. Aimlessly

6. One word substitution

To lift or haul something heavy with great effort

A. runt

B. wimp

C. shrimp

D. heave

Ans – D. heave

7. Select the word with correct spelling

A. Liberto

B. Jazziest

C. Serephim

D. Kamikazey

Ans – B. Jazziest

8. Idiom and Phrase

A. a lot of hard work

B. a very glory murder

C. loss of lives in battle

D. a person’s physical body and their needs and frailities.

Ans – D. a person’s physical body and their needs and frailities.

NOTE – More questions will be updated as soon as we get more questions from the test-takers.

Slot – 2 Examination

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018 – General Awareness

Q1. Which of the following states shares border with Arunachal Pradesh?

A. Assam
B. Nagaland
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Assam & Nagaland

Ans – Assam & Nagaland.

Q2. What does PMKSY stands for?

Ans – Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana.

Q3. What is the total surface area of Nepal?

Ans – 147182 km.

Q4. In which part of human body Alveoli are present?

Ans – Lungs.

Q5. CAG submits its report to

Ans – President of India.

Q6. After demonetization how much % money back to RBI?

Ans – 75 billion.

Q7. What does I stands for in FIU ?

Ans – Financial Intelligence Unit.

⇒ SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018 – English

Q1. Synonym of ‘Pawn’.

A. Sponge
B. Hire
C. Pledge
D. Scrounge

Ans – Pledge.

Q2. Synonym of ‘Chastise’.

A. Praise
B. Monitor
C. Upbraid
D. Chaise

Ans – Upbraid.

Q3. Antonym of ‘To hew’.

A. Scatter
B. Hide
C. Agglutinate
D. Travel

Ans – Agglutinate.

Q4. Sentence Improvement: Parush wandered (with no clear ideas) what he was to accomplish.

A. Lonely
B. Aimlessly
C. Weakly
D. Freely

Ans – Aimlessly.

Q5. Sentence Improvement: Would it be impolite (to be asked) why they are leaving?

A. to ask
B. to question
C. to request
D. to bid

Ans – To ask.

Q6. The workers are Bent (on) getting a full day wages as bonus

A .upon
B. to
C. for
D. underneath

Ans  – upon.

⇒ SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018 – Quantitative Aptitude

Q1. The total runs scored by three batsman x,y,z is 1584. If runs scored by x : y is in ratio of 4 : 3 and runs scored by y : z is 5:3. Find runs scored by x.

Q2. If monthly earning of Rajesh and Mahesh is ratio of 9:13. If difference between their earnings is Rs 20000. Find the earning of Mahesh.

Q3. A merchant has 1000 kg Sugar. Part of which he sell at 8 % profit and the rest at 15% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. The Quantity of Sugar sold at 8% profit is:

A. 400 kg
B. 560 kg
C. 640 kg
D. 200 kg

Ans – 400 kg.

⇒ SSC CHSL Questions Asked 10th March 2018 – General Intelligence

Q1. Female : Feminine :: Male : ?

A. Manager
B. Macho
C. Man
D. Masculine

Ans – Masculine.

Q2. SUMO : PRJL :: TAXI :: ?


Ans – QXUF.

Q3. The Mall is 250 meters north-west from the Market. The School is 250 meters south-west of the Market. In which direction is the School from the Mall?

Ans – South.

Q4. If the production of company ‘D’ is ‘h’ times the production of company ‘A’. Then H equals to?

A. 1.2
B. 1.3
C. 1.8
D. 1.5

Ans : 1.5

Examination Analysis:

The SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam commenced on 4th March this year. The exam will continue till 26th March 2018. Three shifts are conducted each day for different batches of students. The first shift starts at 10 A.M. and ends at 11 A.M. The second shift starts at 1:30 P.M. and ends at 2:30 P.M. And the final (3rd) shift starts at 4:30 P.M. and ends at 5:30 P.M. We have prepared a post on SSC CHSL Exam Analysis. To know more, Click Here.


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