SSC CGL Vs SSC MTS – Career Aspects, Salary, Work pressure and Growth

SSC CGL Vs SSC MTS – Which is better – Check comparision of CGL & MTS to know which job is better


If you are a govt. job aspirant and you are asked to choose one among SSC CGL and SSC MTS, which option would you go for? What factors would influence you to choose one over another? Do you know that every year more than 50 lakh candidates prepare for exams like SSC CGL and SSC MTS. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is, undoubtedly, one of the largest contributors in the generation of employment opportunities and it is extremely tough to choose one among these two options. So, we bring you an article on comparison of SSC CGL Vs SSC MTS which will give you clear insights of which option to choose and why.

Every year, SSC conducts examinations for recruitment of candidates into central secretariat service, central vigilance commission, intelligence bureau, CBI, Ministry of Railways/ External Affairs/ Defence and few other ministries.

Let us take a close look at the individual factors which have the possibility of affecting one’s decision when it comes to SSC CGL Vs SSC MTS comparision.

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SSC CGL Vs SSC MTS – Job Profile, Duties, Nature of Work, Salary  & Promotion:

Job Profile

In SSC CGL job profile, you need to carry out the following responsibilities-

As an officer recruited through SSC CGL, you will be expected to:

  • Clerical work like RTI queries answering
  • Prepare notes and proceed with filing work
  • Administrative work
  • Go for field jobs which will involve travelling
  • Inspections, raids and surveillance
  • Shaping national policies by taking care of back office work

In SSC MTS job profile, you need to carry out the following roles and responsibilities

  • Office Cleanliness and maintenance
  • Sending FAXs and photocopies
  • Watchman or ward duties
  • Opening & Closing rooms
  • Driving of Vehicles
  • Delivering of posts
  • Upkeep of parks, lawns, potted plants, etc.
  • Physical maintenance of records
  • Paper and less carrying to the several related departments.
  • Daily office work which includes diary, dispatch & computer replacements.

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Work Pressure

In SSC CGL, the work life is very relaxed and you will be able to maintain a good work- life balance. After you join, you are allotted to one of the 30 departments according to your merit. At times, SSC CGL job can be demanding depending on the amount of pressure. The work pressure depends on the superiors to which are allotted to.

In MTS job profile, work pressure also depends on the demand of the situation. The work pressure depends on projects allotted to you and the superiors you are working under.


In SSC MTS, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) the pay scale is Pay Band-1 (5200- 20200/-) + Grade Pay 1800/- (this is the revised pay scale after 7th CPC Pay Matrix Level). SSC MTS Salary (After 7th Pay Commission) is given below-

SSC MTS Posts Grade Pay MTS (GP 1800) MTS (GP 1800) MTS (GP 1800)
City (Category)  Pay-Scale X Y Z
Basic Pay RS 1800 RS 18000 RS 18000 RS 18000
Gross Salary RS 1800 RS 23670 RS 21780 RS 20340
In Hand Salary Rs. 1800 Rs. 20245 Rs. 18355 Rs. 16915

In SSC CGL, the salary structure will be as follows-

There are two categories Grade pay in SSC CGL based on which the salary structure is as follows:

Grade Pay: 4600 Salary approx.: 52000 (Variable in 2k-3k based depends on which city you are posted in)

Grade Pay: 4200 Salary approx.: 45000 (Variable in 2k-3k based depends on which city you are posted in)

Note- As per the seventh pay commission, there will be hike in salary structure of SSC CGL after every 10 years or so.

Working hours

In SSC CGL, you will have a proper schedule. You will going on the morning and coming back to home and in the evening, no extra works and you will work in fixed shifts.

In SSC MTS, you will also have a proper schedule with fixed timings and working extra time only depends on the amount of work load and work pressure.

Growth and Career prospects

In case of SSC, the promotion scale is as follows-

  • First Promotion: Rs. 1900/- after 3 years of service.
  • Second Promotion: Rs. 2000/- after 3 years of service.
  • Third Promotion: Rs. 2400/- after 5 years of service.
  • And so on upto Rs.5400/-

SSC MTS employees are the Group C central government who are hired via SSC exam. MTS employees play a major role in the bureaucracy specifically when it is about performing daily operations from departments. The SSC MTS employees are hired in CCAS cadre (Central Civil Accounts Service) of the Group C.

In case of SSC MTS job profile, the career growth is as follows :

Promotions in SSC happen every 4-5 years. As per your post you will be promoted to the next higher level.

  • Auditor will become Senior Auditor in 3 years.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer will become Enforcement Officer in 4-5 years.
  • Income Tax Officer will become Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner and Finally Commissioner.
  • Assistant in CSS will be promoted to the next post – SO (which is a Group-B Gazetted Officer post) and can go upto Joint Secretary.

Final verdict

On a final verdict note, it can be said that both SSC MTS and SSC CGL job profile have their pros and cons. Both of them also have equal opportunities to grow and scope to prosper. You are responsible to take a call to make the right decision.

Stay tuned for more updates on SSC CGL Vs SSC MTS. Good luck!


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