SSC CGL Vs SSC JE – Career Aspects, Salary, Work pressure and Growth


Are you an SSC aspirant? Confused about which post to apply? Well, here is the brief comparison between the top 2 posts i.e., SSC CGL and SSC JE. Check the differences between SSC CGL Vs SSC JE – Check Comparision of SSC CGL and SSC JE in terms of work profile, salary, Promotion.

  • Through SSC CGL Recruitment, every year numerous vacancies are announced to fill in various posts under different Ministeries, departments of Government Organization.
  • If you are interested in the technical field and aspiring to get a central government job in the technical department, then check the SSC JE Recruitment details to know how are candidates selected for the respective posts.
  • In this post, candidates can find detailed differences between SSC JE and SSC CGL.


SSC CGL Vs SSC JE- It is really tough to choose one among two career options which are equally good. But, the factors which will motivate you to make a choice are- job profile, salary, perks, and benefits, career growth, etc. In this article on SSC CGL Vs SSC JE, we will provide you clear insights around those factors that will help you to make a wise decision.

Let us now look into SSC CGL Vs SSC JE comparison in details and figure out the pros and cons of each one of them-

SSC CGL Vs SSC JE- A Comparison

Let us take a look at various factors in detail-

Job Profile-

The job profile is mostly about the roles and responsibilities involved with a particular career option. It will include all the duties entitled to your post/ designation which will give you clear insights of areas which you will handle.

In SSC CGL job profile, you need to carry out the following responsibilities-

  • Doing clerical work like answering of RTI queries
  • Notes preparation and filing work
  • Administration related work
  • Field jobs which involve traveling
  • Inspections, raids, and surveillances
  • National policies shaping by taking care of back-office work.

In SSC JE job profile, you will have the following roles and responsibilities-

  • Supervision of Work.
  • Planning for flagship activities carried out by his/ her section
  • Managing Accounts
  • Smooth Execution of government policies
  • Assisting Superiors


Salary is one of the ‘no.1 crucial factors’ required for choosing a career option. Salary works a motivation factor for an employee to join a particular career option.

In the case of SSC CGL salary, the structure is as follows-

As per the salary structure of SSC CGL, there are two categories Grade pay in SSC CGL as follows-

Grade Pay: 4600 Salary approx.: 52000 (Variable in 2k-3k based depends on which city you are posted in)

Grade Pay: 4200 Salary approx.: 45000 (Variable in 2k-3k based depends on which city you are posted in)

Note- As per the norms of the 7th pay commission, SSC CGL salary structure will be enhanced after every 10 years or so.

In the case of SSC JE salary, the basic scale of pay for SSC junior engineers lies in the range of Rs. 9,300- Rs. 34, 800 along with additional grade pay of Rs. 4, 200.

Perks and Benefits-

Perks and Benefits are the additional advantages/ allowances offered by the organization to a candidate along with the salary. A candidate is mainly attracted to a job option based on the additional benefits a candidate gets along with the salary.

If we talk about the SSC CGL perks and allowances, following are the perks and benefits-

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • LTC
  • Cash Medical Benefit
  • Group Mediclaim
  • Pension Scheme

If we talk about the SSC JE perks and allowances, following are the allowances offered-

  • Dearness Allowance
  • Special Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Attractive bonus packages

Career Growth-

Career growth is, essentially, one of the major factors which are considered to make a fair and genuine decision. It is highly important for a candidate to figure out the growth in a career option before deciding rather than making a blindfold decision.

When we talk about SSC CGL career growth, promotions in SSC CGL happens in every 4- 5 years. With every promotion, you will be promoted to the next higher level-

  • An auditor will be promoted as Senior Auditor in 3 years.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer will be promoted as Enforcement Officer in 4-5 years.
  • Income Tax Officer will be promoted as Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner and Finally Commissioner.
  • Assistant in CSS will be promoted to the next post – SO (which is a Group-B Gazetted Officer post) and can go up to Joint Secretary.

In the case of SSC JE career growth, the growth opportunities are pretty decent and will be quite beneficial if your performance is consistent and you perform your duties well. The promotions in case of SSC Junior Engineers are as follows-

  • Senior Section Engineer
  • Executive Engineer

The SSC Junior Engineers get chances to write various exams and they are promoted to higher ranks as per their score in those exams.

Final Verdict-

As per our final verdict, both of the job profiles have their own pros and cons. It depends on your way of perception and the way you perform in your job which gives you growth. So, we advise the candidates to go through all factors and make a fair decision.

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