SSC CGL vs IT Job: Which one to choose?


SSC CGL vs IT Job: A comparison- Get Complete Details Here

SSC CGL vs IT Job: A comparison

The SSC CGL vs IT job is a never ending comparison with equal weights on both the sides.  SSC CGL jobs have been one of the most lucrative jobs of all times whereas IT jobs are among the jobs which give you faster growth. Now the question arises, which one to go for? The answer lies within you i.e. a job which interests you and gives you immense satisfaction. We, in this post, will elaborate SSC CGL vs IT jobs for you and you have to decide which one to choose.

The following comparison will be based on factors like:

  • Job Profile
  • Salary and Perks
  • Work Pressure and work Culture
  • Growth
  • Final verdict

# 1 Job Profile-


In a SSC CGL job, you need to perform either of these duties

  • Clerical work (like answering RTI queries)
  • Filling work and make notes
  • Administration work
  • Field jobs involving travel
  • Raids, surveillance, inspections, etc.
  • Shaping of policies


IT Job-

If you are into an IT job, you will be assigned work as per your department. IT department is functional around various departments like software, testing, etc. You will be assigned work as per your department. You can work as a software developer, a software tester, etc.

# 2 Salary and Perks-


In case of SSC CGL job, you will receive a salary of Rs. 25- 40,000 per month. You also get additional perks and benefits like-

  1. LTC
  2. House Rent Allowance
  3. Home Travel Concession
  4. Leave Fare Concession
  5. Mediclaim
  6. Contribution Pension Scheme
  7. Dearness Allowance
  8. Transport Allowance


IT Job-

There is no fixed salary for IT job as it completely depends on the type of work involved and your approach towards your job. If you approach is good, you can make most of the money with minimum years of experience. Basically, there is no money ending limitation in an IT job. IT people enjoy perks like-

  • Family care benefits
  • Job resources
  • Life and disability insurances
  • Mediclaims
  • Provident Funds (PFs)
  • Travel allowances (not at all workplaces but at a few)


# 3 Work Pressure and Work Culture-


In case of SSC CGL, the work culture is relaxing and not overloaded. The work timings are fixed and are not extended. You need not work for extra hours and no extra shifts are required. Moreover, the overall work pressure is low. The work atmosphere of a SSC job is boring and not innovative by any extent. If you wish to have a job which is secure with a good pay but is not innovative, you can go for SSC CGL.


IT Job-

In case if an IT job, the work load is heavy most of the times. But, if you are not working for any immediate projects, your workload can be a bit light. It depends on the type and nature of the work allotted to you. The ambience of an IT workplace is great which you give you motivation to work. People at an IT workplace engage in different innovative activities which makes every day at work even more interesting.

# 4 Growth-


Growth in case of SSC CGL is quite slow. The promotions in a SSC CGL job happens in every 4-5 years. You won’t deal with innovative things in a SSC CGL profile. The growth hierarchy is as follows:

  • Auditor will become Senior Auditor in 3 years.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer will become Enforcement Officer in 4-5 years.
  • Income Tax Officer will become Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner and Finally Commissioner.
  • Assistant in CSS will be promoted to the next post – SO and can go up to Joint Secretary.

IT Job-

Growth in IT job depends on the approach of work you do. The better your performance is, the higher you get promoted. Moreover, promotion in case of IT job is faster as compared to SSC CGL jobs. But, your growth can get adversely affected if you don’t perform well.


# 5 Final Verdict-

On a final verdict note, it can be said that both SSC CGL and IT job have their own pros and cons.



  • Relaxed work atmosphere
  • Good pay
  • Scheduled work hours
  • Job security
  • Maximum chances of visiting abroad
  • High work- life balance
  • Work pressure is low


  • No innovative/ creative tasks involved
  • Learning process is rare
  • Promotion is inevitable but slow as compared to IT sector
  • Office ambience is not appealing (not in all cases)

IT Job-


  • Good workplace ambience
  • Good pay (if your job and work is up to mark)
  • Higher chances of faster promotions
  • Continuous and significant learning
  • Maximum chances of visiting abroad


  • Workload is high (in case of immediate requirements)
  • Low work- life balance
  • Targets to be achieved
  • Instability of job

We hope you make a wise decision by going through SSC CGL vs IT Job. Consider all the factors given and choose what is appropriate for you. All the best!


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