SSC CGL vs IT Industry: Differences, Pros and Cons of the job

SSC CGL vs IT Industry

SSC CGL vs IT Industry: Which one is better? A Thorough Analysis with the pros and cons of both SSC CGL and IT industry. Have a look at the brief description and know which field is better and why. 

The Staff Selection Commission is one of the highly reputed Central Government organizations conducting various recruitment drives every year to fill in numerous vacancies. SSC CGL is one such post that has a total of 34 posts under it that recruits for various ministries/departments/organizations. The SSC CGL Job Profile is highly in demand and a lot of applicants apply for the posts.

SSC CGL vs IT Industry

SSC and IT are both very rewarding careers. They are both very different from one another. While SSC is Staff Selection Commission, primarily a Government job. IT industry, on the other hand, is having a job in the private sector.

These are like two polar opposites and the nature of the job is very different. Let’s have a thorough comparison and analysis of the work culture and other details between SSC And IT Industry

SSC CGL: SSC CGL vs IT Industry

SSC is jobs coming under the Staff Selection Commission. SSC jobs include SSC CGL, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL, etc. SSC CGL is taken by lakhs of students every year. In 2017 alone there were 30 lakh applicants for SSC CGL. Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate level is abbreviated as SSC CGL. SSC CGL is a highly respected post. The SSC CGL 2020 or SSC Combined Graduate Level exam is conducted every year for recruitment to non-technical Group B and Group C non-gazetted posts in various departments and ministries of the Government of India.

The SSC CGL is conducted for various posts like

  1. Assistants in Ministries/ Departments
  2. Inspector in Central Excise and Customs
  3. Inspectors in Income tax
  4. Preventive Officers in Customs
  5. Examiner in Customs
  6. Sub-inspectors in CBI and Narcotics bureau
  7. An assistant enforcement officer in ED, Department of Revenue
  8. Divisional Accountant, Auditor, UDC, etc

Roles and responsibilities of SSC CGL: SSC CGL vs IT Industry

There are close to 25-30 posts under SSC CGL. However, most jobs under SSC CGL will involve inspection, audit, jobs as Assistant, jobs in CBEC, as a statistical investigator, etc. These jobs will involve work pressure and candidate will have to do a lot of research and investigation. This will involve getting into a lot of details. There will also involve a lot of documentation and supervision and is regarded as a highly respectable job among the public. There is no room for error. Girls are often looking for jobs in SSC CGL that do not involve travel. Also, candidates who get into jobs that involve auditing and inspection will have to travel and travel is reimbursed.

Things to Keep in Mind about SSC CGL

SSC CGL has both desk jobs as well as inspection level jobs that involve traveling. It can involve a lot of interaction with a lot of people. There can be lot of work pressure during inspection and documentation days. This can also involve answering RTI queries, as well as taking care of policies that at impact both at local, state and national levels. Also, you may have to wear a uniform if some positions call for such a need.

Salary and Perks: The SSC CGL Salary start with an in-hand pay of 31,101 and go to 52,000. However, the grade pay will vary according to the designation. Grade pay starts from around Rs. 2400 and goes to Rs. 5400 based on the position.

Pros and Cons of working at SSC CGL: SSC CGL vs IT Industry

1. There is a lot of the traits of working in a government office and you will expect these in SSC CGL.

2. Nepotism, and “Yes Sir” Culture

3. Expect a 9-6 Job, nothing more

4. You may have to follow a lot of rules because of working in a government office

5. People will try to use political influence and connections

6. Good work will be rewarded and good work will be remembered

7. You may be transferred

8. Political decisions at central and state level will impact your job a lot unlike the IT industry

9. Do not expect the work culture of startups or IT companies, as it will be a bureaucratic work culture.

10. Promotions will be slow

11. Job Security unlike IT companies where you could be fired easily

IT Industry: SSC CGL vs IT Industry

The IT industry follows the work culture of the Private sector. Less nepotism, more hard work, and a performance-based approach. Most of the clients in IT MNC will be from abroad, so you are technically working for US/UK clients, unlike the government where you are working for the country.

Various Positions in IT industry:

Software engineer, Systems analyst, Business Analyst, Technical Support, Network Engineer, Technical Consultant, Technical Sales, Web Developer, Software tester, and more.

Some Pros and cons of working in the IT industry: SSC CGL vs IT Industry

1. You are more likely to get rewarded for hard work and performance

2. You can get benched if you are not up to the mark

3. It all depends on the Projects the company gets, so if there are a lot of projects, your saved or else screwed

4. The attrition rate is currently very high in IT sector as the global IT industry is going through a slowdown due to automation which is changing the face of the industry

5. You have to be updated with knowledge of the latest programming language and all IT skills

6. You have to work Overtime and may have to stay late at work and also work from Home

7. IT workforce is scared about losing their jobs as currently, the IT industry is going through a rough patch

8. You learn a lot of things

9. You can have picked up and Drop, which is not seen in government jobs.

10. Overall, you will learn to be tough and far away from the nepotism and work culture of Government office

11. You get to sit in swanky offices in really cool IT parks

12. If you are an IT coolie, you may not enjoy your work that much

13. If you are really part of the highly skilled IT workforce that earns more than 5 lakhs – 6 lakhs per annum, your life will be fun

14. Clean Toilets that have good taps, toilet paper, and all amenities, unlike government offices where toilets are dirty

14. Free Wi-Fi, Internet, and modern amenities,

15. None of the “Yes Sir” Culture of the Government,

16. Work Politics, but certainly none of the politics of unions and political parties, so stay free

17. Work, Work, Work

18. Do not expect a permanent job, and be ready to change your job every 2 years as this is more or less the culture in the IT sector today.

Conclusion: Both Jobs SSC CGL and the IT industry are good jobs and choose the job that gives you satisfaction. It is not easy to get a government job, at least not as easy as getting an IT job. So you can work in either SSC CGL or IT industry as per your interest.

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