SSC CGL Vs IBPS PO : A Comparision


SSC CGL Vs IBPS PO : Comparison based on salary, job profile, work pressure, etc.

SSC CGL Vs IBPS PO: Salary, Job Profile, Promotions

SSC CGL vs IBPS PO has so far, been the biggest of all battles for people leaving private jobs in search for a stable job in government sector. SSC CGL and IBPS PO both have been ultimate choices so far but, the question remains unanswered –  SSC CGL Vs IBPS PO? We bring you the largest comparison of the year between IBPS PO and SSC CGL which will highlight the major areas of Salary, Job Profile, Work Pressure, Working hours, Transfers, Perks and Benefits , Future Growth, etc.

Which is best Government Recruitment exam: Comparison Factors

  1. Job profile
  2. Work pressure
  3. Working hours
  4. Salary
  5. Perks and benefits
  6. Future scope


SSC vs IBPS: Job Profile.


  1. Clerical work like answering RTI questions
  2. Notes making and filling work
  3. Administration work
  4. Perform field jobs that involve traveling
  5. Raids, Surveillance, etc.
  6. Supervision of inspections and surveillance





  1. Provide service to the customers
  2. Bank business enhancement
  3. Handling of cash transactions
  4. Manage payment clearances
  5. Manage accounts of customers
  6. Official communication


SSC CGL vs IBPS PO: Work pressure:


The relaxed environment here will provide you a perfect “work- life balance”. The work can be demanding wherever and whenever required. The pressure of work depends on the department in which you are working in.


When you are a bank PO, your areas of work will be from marketing/ investment/ finance/ agriculture banking/ general banking etc. You will be provided with rigorous training to gain the expertise. This job can be demanding and relaxing as per requirements.

The pressure of both the jobs are high in the peak times of requirement of clients. Otherwise, they are quite flexible.

SSC CGL vs IBPS PO: Working hours:


  • If you talk of SSC CGL, work hours are properly scheduled.
  • The timings are fixed and no extra hour work
  • Five days working in a week


Banks recently have declared 2nd and 4th Saturdays as holidays. The schedules are proper but in times of high requirements, you need to devote some extra hours.

  • Work schedule is fixed but work load is heavy which will make you work extra.
  • The work pressure in the month of march is heavy.
  • There are six working days in a week except the 2nd staurday and last saturday of the month

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SSC CGL vs IBPS PO: Salary

You cannot find a major discrepancy between SSC CGL and IBPS PO in terms of salary. The salary of SSC CGL is subject to revision in the 7th pay commission. In case of banks, your pay is decent provided a part of will be invested in your transfers and other expenses. You also get additional perks with your basic pay.


The post of SSC CGL is divided into two groups- Group B and Group C. The SSC CGL salary for Group B is Rs. 9,300 to 34, 800 and  SSC CGL salary for Group C it is Rs. 5,200 to 20, 200.


As per the 10th Bipartite settlement, 23,700 is the revised salary of IBPS PO for a new entrant. A bank PO gets an annual increment of Rs. 980 and it will be applicable for a period of 7 years.

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SSC CGL vs IBPS PO: Perks and benefits:


The additional benefits along with the basic pay include home travel concessions, leave fair concessions, concession interests for housing contribution pension scheme, medical aids for your family, car loans, etc.


SSC CGL provides you with extra benefits along with the basic pay like House rent allowance, Transport allowance, LTC, Cash medical benefits, Pension etc.

Both of the jobs provide additional perks and benefits along with salary.

SSC CGL vs IBPS PO: Future scope:


When you are a bank PO, promotions after every 2- 3 years is the standard rule and the hierarchy is as follows:

  • Bank PO
  • Assistant Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • AGM (Assistant General Manager)
  • GM (General Manager)


In SSC CGL, promotions occur in every 4 to 5 years.  The promotional hierarchy is as follows:

  • Auditor to Senior Auditor in 3 years.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer to Enforcement Officer in 4-5 years.
  • Income Tax Officer to Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner and Finally Commissioner.
  • Assistant in CSS to the next post – SO (which is a Group-B Gazetted Officer post) and can go up to Joint Secretary.


In case of IBPS PO, you get faster promotions whereas in case of SSC CGL promotions depend on the department to which you are allotted to. In case of IBPS PO there is provision of bonds whereas there are no provisions of bonds in SSC CGL.

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When it comes to SSC CGL vs IBPS PO, we hope that you will make a wise decision. All the best!




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