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A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language. Synonyms are one of the important topics in the English Language section in the SSC CGL Exam of both Tier 1 & 2. This post takes you through the SSC CGL Synonyms Questions asked in the previous year’s exams.

  • As per the analysis, candidates can expect 5-6 synonym questions in the CGL exam every year. Hence, preparing the synonyms from the best English Books for SSC CGL 2021. will help score good marks in the exam.
  • Candidates are advised to learn at least 5-10 new synonyms a day as this will help them enhance their preparation level for the upcoming exam.
  • Reading the newspaper daily will let candidates improve their vocabulary.
  • To ease out your preparation, we have compiled important synonyms from many previous year papers in the form of a PDF. Download Free SSC CGL Synonyms Antonyms PDF to know the most expected questions and difficulty level of the questions.

SSC CGL Synonyms Questions (Commonly Asked)

Synonyms are one of the important sections in the English section of the CGL exam. Candidates can easily score more marks by learning new words daily. Also, solving the SSC English Quiz regularly will help in preparing well for all the SSC Exams. These quizzes will help in knowing the difficulty level of the exam and estimate which type of question can be asked in the exam.


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SSC CGL Synonyms from Previous Year Papers

As per the experts, practicing previous year’s question papers will help candidates to know the type of questions asked in the exam. During the preparation, try to attempt at least 1-2 previous year question papers to know the difficulty level of the paper.


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Important SSC CGL Synonyms Questions 2021

Take up SSC CGL Online Coaching to learn all concepts with guidance from experienced faculties. Here is a list of important synonym questions appearing from Previous year papers. Take a look at the synonyms which appeared in previous years.

1. CONSTERNATIN – trepidation

2. NECROPOLIS – cemetery

3. KNACK – flair

4. SLEUTH – investigator

5. PERSUASION – certitude

6. COMPUNCTION – repentance

7. OBSTREPEROUS – squawking

8. EXORCISE – expel

9. ACCOST – address

10. SLAKE – sate

SSC CGL Synonyms Weightage

In various government exams like SSC, Railway, and Bank Exams, there are few questions from Synonyms topic in English subject. The below table explains the number of SSC CGL Synonyms asked in each tier of CGL. In order to answer all the synonyms asked in the exam correctly, studying from SSC CGL Synonyms Question Asked Download PDF will be of great help.

Exam No. of Synonym Questions
SSC CGL Tier 1 2-3
SCC CGL Tier 2 5

SSC CGL Synonyms Questions Asked in Tier 1

Here, we have compiled all the Previous Year Synonyms For SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam. Preparing these questions would definitely help candidates to better score marks in this section. Also, follow SSC CGL English Preparation Tips for a better understanding of other topics in the English Language.

Words Synonyms
Abandon Leave, forsake.
Abettor Accomplice
Abnegation Denial
Abridge Shorten, curtail.
Abundant Plentiful.
Behaviour Demeanour
Bereft Deprived
Bias Predilection
Brutal Savage, cruel.
Callous Hard, cruel.
Calm Quiet, tranquil.
Carouse Frolic
Casual Uncertain
Crescendo Escalation
Crusade Campaign
Cupidity Greed
Damage Loss, harm, injury.
Decorate Adron, embellish.
Deformity Malformation, disfigurement.
Earnest Serious, solemn.
Embargo  Barrier
Emergency Exigency
Esoteric Abstruse
Eternal Forever
Exceptional Unusual, rare.
Fascinate Charm, enchant.
Ferocious Fierce, savage.
Fiendish Cruel
Genuine Real.
Genre Category
Gigantic Colossal, great.
Guilt Sin, crime.
Guzzle Imbibe
Haughty Arrogant, proud.
Hazardous Dangerous, risky, perilous.
Humility Modesty, politeness.
Illiterate Unlearned, ignorant.
Imperious Authoritative, dictatorial.
Impertinent Impudent, insolent, shameless.
Incinerate Ignite
Jaded Tired
Jolly Jovial, merry.
Judicious Discreet, prudent.
Knavery Fraud
Laborious Assiduous, industrious.
Laconic Concise
Lament Grieve, mourn.
Lethargy Sluggishness
Maestro Genius
Magnificent Splendid, grand.
Marvellous Wonderful
Meagre Small.
Multitude Mass, Assembly, Gathering
Nauseous Loathsome
Nice Pleasant, agreeable.
Notable Remarkable, memorable.
Notorious Infamous.
Obliterate Destory, efface.
Obsolete Antiquated.
Ominous Threatening
Opportune Timely
Oracular Cryptic
Pal Buddy
Pandemonium Chaos
Pensive Thoughtful.
Perennial Permanent, perpetual.
Persuade Induce, urge.
Profligate Immoral
Quaint Queer, odd, singular.
Queer Strange, odd.
Questionable Doubtful.
Radiant Bright, brilliant.
Rational Logical
Refined Elegant.
Rejoice Delight.
Revile Abuse
Ruck Mass, Pile, Heap
Sacred Holy, consecrated, pious.
Satiate Satisfy.
Scanty Slender, meagre.
Splayed Spread
Synopsis Summary
Talkative Garrulous
Temerity Boldness
Temperate Moderate.
Thankful Grateful, obliged.
Ugly Repulsive
Urbane Polite, courteous, suave.
Urge Press, incite.
Vacillatge Waver
Venerable Respectable
Verbatim Exactly
Vigilance Watchfulness
Wealthy Rich
Wickedness Evil.
Wild Savage.
Yield Surrender.
Yielding Submissive.
Zeal Passion.
Zenith Top, summit.

SSC CGL Synonyms

Most Commonly Asked Synonyms Questions in SSC CGL

Here is the list of few commonly asked SSC CGL Synonyms. Candidates are advised to practice these questions and be well prepared.

Word Synonym
Apocryphal Fictitious, inaccurate, disputed, unauthorized, baseless, counterfeit
Cajole Captivate, allure, attract, lure, tempt, win
Hermit Solitary, recluse, caveman, ascetic, abstinent
Ersatz Alternate, substitute, unnatural, artificial
Hyperbole Exaggeration, overstatement, magnification
Parochial Intolerant, narrow-minded, conservative, insular
Diabolic Wicked, unholy, demonic, evil, devilish
Enigma Riddle, secret, mystery, closed book, brain-teaser
Egalitarian Democratic, uncensored, less,
Trepidation Hesitation, fear, worry, apprehension, agitation

How to Prepare Synonyms

In order to practice SSC CGL English Synonyms, candidates should be aware of their existence. The first and foremost thing is that candidates have to read the newspaper daily and focus more on editorial sections to improve their vocabulary.

  • Every time you come across a new word, you must look it up in the dictionary to make sure that the word is well understood.
  • After knowing the meaning, make sentences of your own or use mnemonics to remember the new words.
  • Find the opposite meaning of the same word because it will help enhance your knowledge and will add more words to your dictionary.
  • Try to learn at least 20 new English words daily.
  • Make shortcuts, tricks to make the learning of words easy, and try to use them in your daily life. It will improve your communication skills.
  • Solve as many as SSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers and that will help you score marks easily in the exam.
  • Maintain a notebook to keep a record of all newly learned words.
  • Practice Mock tests on synonyms and words with similar meanings on a daily basis.
  • During the exam, candidates must examine each option carefully before choosing the correct one.

SSC CGL Synonyms FAQs

Q. Can I get the SSC CGL Synonyms Questions Asked in last year’s exam?

Ans: Yes, we have provided previous year’s synonyms questions here. Practice them and enhance your preparation for the upcoming exam.

Q. How many Synonyms Questions are asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam?

Ans: In the Tier 1 Exam, around 5 synonyms questions will be asked. With regular practice, it is definitely possible to get them right and score more marks.

Q. Can I download the Synonyms PDF for SSC CGL Exam?

Ans: Yes, there are many free SSC CGL Synonyms Questions PDF added in this post. Download the PDF and boost your preparation levels.

Q. What is the best method to answer synonyms questions?

Ans: One of the most common methods to answer synonyms questions is to practice and solve previous year’s papers. This helps in knowing which type of questions are asked and the difficulty of the questions.

Q. Can reading a dictionary help in answering synonyms questions?

Ans: Yes, reading a dictionary do help in answering synonyms as you will come across new words. Try to read the dictionary each day and find out their meanings.


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