SSC CGL Salary In Hand (Post-wise): Allowances and Perks

What is the SSC CGL Salary Structure or pay scale for all posts? Well, this is the first question that arises in aspirants when they are willing to apply for any post under CGL. In this post, we have explained the detailed SSC CGL Salary Structure and Career Growth which is important for each candidate to be aware of before applying.

  • Considering all posts, the SSC CGL Salaries vary from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000 after the implementation of the 7th pay commission.
  • As per an announcement made in 2017, SSC has increased the grade pay of the post of Assistant in the NTRO office from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/-.
  • For the prioritization of SSC CGL Posts, candidates must be aware of salary and benefits, duties/working conditions, posting areas, and growth/promotion. Any post applied for in SSC CGL will offer a great future in the organization.
  • There are a total of 34 posts that are categorized under Group B and Group C based on the SSC CGL PayScale.

SSC CGL Salary 2021

  • The below tables give a glimpse of SSC CGL Salary Details for various pay scales. SSC offers many CGL posts with different SSC CGL Job Profile. Hence along with the salary details, it is important to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of your desired post.
  • The Assistant Audit Officer post has the highest salary among all posts in SSC CGL. The monthly salary lies in the range of Rs 55,626 to Rs 65,318.
  • Based on the job profile, the pay level differs for each post. Hence the amount is categorized as per the SSC CGL Pay Level which ranges between 4 and 8.

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SSC CGL Pay Scale 2021

Let us have a look at the table below to know What is the salary of SSC CGL 2021 for different pay levels. Candidates can check the SSC CGL 2021 Vacancy to know post-wise vacancies released by the Staff Selection Commission.

Pay Level of Posts Pay Level-8 Pay Level-7 Pay Level-6 Pay Level-5 Pay Level-4
SSC CGL Payscale Rs 47600 to 151100 Rs 44900 to 142400 Rs 35400 to 112400 Rs 29200 to 92300 Rs 25500 to 81100
SSC CGL Grade Pay 4800 4600 4200 2800 2400
SSC CGL Basic pay Rs 47600 Rs 44900 Rs 35400 Rs 29200 Rs 25500
HRA (depending on the city) X Cities (24%) 11,424 10,776 8,496 7,008 6,120
Y Cities (16%) 7,616 7,184 5,664 4,672 4,080
Z Cities (8%) 3,808 3,592 2,832 2,336 2,040
DA (Current- 17%) 8,092 7,633 6,018 4,964 4,335
Travel Allowance Cities- 3600, Other Places- 1800
Gross Salary Range (Approx) X Cities 70,716 66,909 53,514 44,772 39,555
Y Cities 66,908 63,317 50,682 42,436 37,515
Z Cities 63,100 57,925 46,050 38,300 33,675

SSC CGL Salary Structure 2021

It is very important to know the complete out-growth of SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam 2021, for which you are struggling so hard, and what kind of salary structure and incentives it providing to you.

  • The SSC CGL 2021 salary and Perks are a motivation to all the CGL aspirants.
  • Therefore, to grab that power, you should enclose all your energy and put all your effort to grab this opportunity.
  • This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to get a government job.
  • Here we are providing SSC CGL In Hand Salary Structure and career growth opportunities for posts under SSC CGL.
  • In this article, we have provided the Grade Pay and Pay band for various posts under SSC CGL 2021.
  • You will find all the calculation of salaries and the growth of your career in this article. As per the SSC CGL Selection Process, candidates qualifying all stages will be eligible for final selection.

SSC CGL Salary Calculation

  • Let us take an example of Class X City- Delhi with a Grade Pay 4600
  • Suppose the Basic Pay for the post is Rs. 44,900, so the provided House Rent Allowances will be 24% of Basic Pay i.e Rs. 10,776 (according to assumed post and city)
  • The transport allowance provided will be Rs. 3600 (As the assumed Grade Pay lies in between Grade Pay of 2000 to 4800).
  • Dearness allowances – 0 (Dearness allowance is merged with the basic pay and will be revised after every six months)
  • Deductions: SSC CGL also deducts the various amount from the gross pay which will be used by the government for the future.
  • Mainly NPS (National Pension Scheme)- 10% of basic salary, Employee Provident Fund (EPF)- 12% of basic pay, Education Cess- 3% of basic pay, TDS, etc will be deducted from your gross pay every month.

SSC CGL In Hand Salary As per Pay Level 8

The below table lists the detailed salary of posts that fall under the 8th Pay Level Category based on the city.  The posts that fall under the 8th Pay Level are Assistant Audit Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer. Go through the below table to know the SSC CGL Officer Salary in Hand.

Parameter City X City Y City Z
Basic Pay 47600 47600 47600
HRA 11424 7616 3808
DA 8092 8092 8092
TA 3600 1800 1800
DA on TA 612 306 306
Gross Earnings 71328 65414 61606
NPS Deduction 10% (Basic + DA) 5630 5600 5600
CGHS 650 650 650
CGEIS 30 30 30
Total Deductions 6010 5980 5980
Net Earnings 65318 59434 55626
Govt. Contribution 7883 7840 7840

SSC CGL In Hand Salary As per Pay Level 7

The below table lists the detailed SSC CGL salary of posts that fall under the 7th Pay Level Category based on the city.  The posts that fall under the 7th Pay Level are Inspector in Income Tax, Excise, Preventive Officer, Examiner, Narcotics, Assistant Section Officer in CSS, IB, Railways, EA, AFHQ, Other Ministries, Assistant in Other Ministries.

Parameter City X City Y City Z
Basic Pay 44900 44900 44900
HRA 10776 7184 3592
DA 7633 7633 7633
TA 3600 1800 1800
DA on TA 612 306 306
Gross Earnings 67521 63929 60337
NPS Deduction 10% (Basic + DA) 5253 5253 5253
CGHS 350 350 350
CGEIS 30 30 30
Total Deductions 5633 5633 5633
Net Earnings 61888 58296 54704
Govt. Contribution 7355 7355 7355

SSC CGL In Hand Salary As per Pay Level 6

The below table lists the detailed SSC CGL In Hand salary of posts that fall under the 6th Pay Level Category based on the city.  The posts that fall under the 6th Pay Level are JSO, Divisional Accountant in CAG, Assistant, SI in NIA.

Parameter City X City Y City Z
Basic Pay 35400 35400 35400
HRA 8496 5664 2832
DA 6018 6018 6018
TA 3600 1800 1800
DA on TA 612 306 306
Gross Earnings 54126 49188 46356
NPS Deduction 10% (Basic + DA) 4203 4172 4172
CGHS 350 350 350
CGEIS 30 30 30
Total Deductions 4583 4552 4552
Net Earnings 49543 44636 41804
Govt. Contribution 5884 5841 5841

SSC CGL In Hand Salary As per Pay Level 5

The below table lists the detailed SSC CGL Pay Level 5 Salary of posts that fall under the 5th Pay Level Category based on the city.  The posts that fall under the 5th Pay Level are Auditor in CAG, CGDA, Accountant in CAG & Other Ministries.

Parameter City X City Y City Z
Basic Pay 29200 29200 29200
HRA 7008 4672 2336
DA 4964 4964 4964
TA 3600 1800 1800
DA on TA 612 306 306
Gross Earnings 45384 40942 38606
NPS Deduction 10% (Basic + DA) 3478 3447 3447
CGHS 350 350 350
CGEIS 30 30 30
Total Deductions 3858 3827 3827
Net Earnings 41526 37115 34779
Govt. Contribution 4869 4826 4826

SSC CGL Officer Salary In Hand As per Pay Level 4

The below table lists the detailed salary of posts that fall under the 4th Pay Level Category based on the city.  The posts that fall under the 4th Pay Level are UDC, Tax, Assistant, SI in Central Bureau of Narcotics.

Parameter City X City Y City Z
Basic Pay 25500 25500 25500
HRA 6120 4080 2040
DA 4335 4335 4335
TA 3600 1800 1800
DA on TA 612 306 306
Gross Earnings 40167 36021 33981
NPS Deduction 10% (Basic + DA) 3045 3014 3014
CGHS 350 350 350
CGEIS 30 30 30
Total Deductions 3425 3394 3394
Net Earnings 36742 32627 30587
Govt. Contribution 4263 4220 4220

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SSC CGL Salary Slip

The SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector would get a basic salary of around 45,000/- per month. Apart from the fixed pay, an ITI officer will have a lot of benefits and allowances such as

  • Daily allowance (DA)
  • House rent allowance (HRA)
  • Transportation allowance (TPT)

However, the SSC CGL salary may differ according to the location you get posted. Income Tax Inspector would experience significant growth opportunities in his career along with a good salary and perks. The total net salary would be 58,077 per month. Here is the sample SSC CGL Salary Slip shown below. Check the deductions and know what is SSC CGL Monthly Salary?

ssc cgl salary

SSC CGL Post-Wise Salary 2021

As there are 34 posts offered under SSC CGL, go through the SSC CGL post wise salary, grade pay, under which Group they are categorized.

Sr. No Classification of Posts Grade Pay Pay Scale Pay Band
1 Group B Posts Rs. 5400, Rs. 4800, Rs. 4600 and Rs. 4200 Rs 9300 – 34800 Pay Band-2
2 Group C Posts Rs. 2800, Rs. 2400, Rs. 2000, Rs. 1900 and Rs. 1800 Rs.5200-20200 Pay Band-1

SSC CGL Salary of Group B & C Posts

Group B Posts are eligible for a  Pay Band-II in the range of Rs.9300-34800 (pre-revised). Check out the SSC CGL Posts Salary Details of Group B below.

S.No Name of Post Ministry Group Grade Pay
Pay Level-8 (Rs 47600 to 151100)
1  Assistant Audit Officer  Indian Audit & Accounts Department under CAG Group B (Non Ministeria) 4800
2 Assistant Accounts Officer Indian Audit & Accounts Department under CAG Group B (Non Ministeria)  4800
Pay Level-7 (Rs 44900 to 142400)
3 Assistant Section Officer Central Secretariat Service Group B 4600
4 Assistant Section Officer Intelligence Bureau Group B  4600
5 Assistant Section Officer Ministry of Railway Group B  4600
6 Assistant Section Officer  Ministry of External Affairs Group B  4600
7 Assistant Section Officer AFHQ Group B  4600
8 Assistant  Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group B  4600
9 Assistant   Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group B  4600
10 Assistant Section Officer   Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group B  4600
11 Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Group B  4600
12 Inspector Posts  Department of Posts Group B  4600
13 inspector of Income Tax  CBDT Group B  4600
14 Inspector (Central Excise)  CBEC Group B  4600
15 Inspector (Preventive Officer)   CBEC Group B  4600
16 Inspector (Examiner)    CBEC Group B  4600
17 Assistant Enforcement Officer   Enforcement Directorate, Department of Revenue Group B  4600
18 Sub Inspector  CBI Group B  4600
Pay Level 6 (Rs 35400 to 112400)
19 Statistical Investigator Grade-II Registrar General of India Group B 4200
20 Divisional Accountant Offices under CAG Group B 4200
21 Assistant /Super-intend Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group B 4200
22 Sub Inspector  National Investigation Agency Group B 4200
23 Junior Statistical Officer M/o Statistics & Programme implementation Group B 4200
24 Assistant Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group B 4200
Pay Level-5 (Rs 29200 to 92300)
25  Auditor Offices under CGDA Group C  2800
26  Auditor Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group C   2800
27 Accountant Offices under CAG Group C   2800
28 Accountant/Junior Accountant Other Ministries/Departments /Organisations Group C   2800
29 Auditor Offices under CAG Group C  2800
Pay Level-4 (Rs 25500 to 81100)
30 Tax Assistant CBDT Group C 2400
31 Tax Assistant CBEC Group C 2400
32 Sub-Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Group C 2400
33 Upper Division Clerk Dte. Gen Border Road Organisation (MoD) Group C 2400
34 Senior Secretariat Assistant/ Upper Division Clerks Central Govt. Offices/ Ministries other than CSCS cadres. Group C 2400

SSC CGL Salary Allowances 2021

Apart from the gross pay, there are various other allowances entitles to each of the CGL employees that are explained as below. Check out the SSC CGL Monthly Salary Perks of the employees below.

Distribution of Allowances

House Rent Allowances (HRA)

The HRA is provided to the employees to meet their house rent requirements. The House Rent Allowance varies according to the cities that are classified under 3 categories X, Y, & Z. The below tables explains the HRA for every city.

Cities HRA Amount % of Basic Pay
X Rs 5400/- 24%
Y Rs 3600/- 16%
Z Rs 1800/- 8%

Dearness Allowance (DA)

The Dearness Allowance is the Cost of Living Allowance which is currently 17% of the Basic Pay under the 7th Pay Commission. The DA has been increased to 17% in October 2019 by the Union Cabinet.

Transport Allowance (TA)

The rate of Transport Allowance varies according to the cities an employee is posted. The below table shows the TA for candidates in different cities.

Cities TA Amount
X Rs 3600/-
Y Rs 1800/-
Z Rs 1800/-

Medical Allowance

The government organizations will reimburse all the medical expenses of the treatment to any of their employees or their family members.

Special Security Allowance

In case any of the employees are working for a special organization such as CBI, IB, or any Securit Agencies, then the employee will be provided with an extra 20% of Basic Pay as Special Security Allowances (SSA)


This is one of the most important benefits in government job as an employee will be provided with a handsome amount every month after their retirement. This amount will be deducted each month from the salary offered.

How the SSC CGL Salary is calculated after 7th Pay Commission?

Here is a brief explanation about salary of SSC CGL after 7th Pay Commission. Classification according to Types of Cities: The 7th Pay Commission has proposed the following HRA which varies according to the types of cities. Cities are classified into Class X, Y, and Z based on factors like population, cost of living, and urbanization.

  • Class X – 8 Cities only- 24% HRA (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune)
  • Class Y – Around 100 Towns (With a Population above 5 Lakhs) – 16% HRA
  •  Class Z – Rural Areas – 8% HRA

DA = Dearness Allowance is 0% as it is merged with the basic pay. Dearness Allowance is revised every six months. If you work for organizations like the CBI, IB, and other Security agencies you get an extra 20% of Basic Pay as Special Security Allowance(SSA). There are several other allowances like SDA, Medical, Canteen, Specs, Briefcase to the add to the list. However, we avoided these to make it simple to calculate the salary. Download free SSC CGL Study Materials to enhance preparations for the upcoming Combined Graduate Level Exams.

Example of Calculation of Salary for Examiner Posts :

Let us calculate the SSC CGL Examiner salary posted in Mumbai who has a Grade-pay of 4600 Rs. According to 7th Central Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table, The Basic Pay of an Examiner would be  Rs. 44,900. Mumbai is Class X City and hence HRA would be 24% of Basic Pay. There would be no dearness allowance.

  • HRA = 24% of Basic Pay of 44,900   = Rs. 10,776
  • DA  = 0.
  • Transport allowance =Rs. 3600
  • Now Gross pay = Basic Pay + HRA +DA +TA
  • Calculation of Gross Pay = Rs.44900 + Rs.10,776 + 0 + Rs.3600
  • Gross Pay Total = Rs.59,276 ~ Rs.60,000(approximately).

SSC CGL In Hand Salary and Deductions on Gross Pay:

  • NPS (National Pension Scheme) = 10% on Basic Pay is deducted as NPS = Rs. 4490
  • Employee Provident Fund(EPF) = It is based on the employee’s Basic pay which is 12% of salary (Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance).
  • EPF  = 12% of  Basic Pay = Rs. 5388
  • TDS and other taxes like Education Cess will be deducted.
  • Total Deduction = NPS+EPF+Tax(TDS)+Other deductions = Rs. 9000 (approx)
  •  Inhand Salary  = Gross salary – Total Deduction
  • Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 9000 (approx)
  • Inhand Salary would be approximately Rs. 51,000 in a Class X City 

In this way, we have calculated the In-hand salary of Various SSC employees belonging to Group B and Group C posts. The in-hand salary has been calculated for various grade pay and based on the classification of cities:

Grade-pay X city Y city Z city
2400 Rs.31,000 Rs.27,000 Rs.25,000
2800 Rs.35,000 Rs.31,000 Rs.28,000
4200 Rs.41,000 Rs.36,000 Rs.33,000
4600 Rs.51,000 Rs.46,000 Rs.42,000
4800 Rs.55,000 Rs.49,000 Rs.45,000

Based on the deductions, the SSC CGL Salary after 10 years will definitely increase. As the cost of living increases, employees expect more income and hence the organizations will have to increase the salary. As per the trend followed in the salaries and perks offered to an employee, it is obvious that the salary will increase by a certain percentage based on the current situation.

SSC CGL Salary During Training Period

During the training period, the salary structure is the same. After the appointment, candidates will begin their training. The monthly salary will be offered based on the post a candidate has been appointed to. On the last day of the month, the candidate’s salary will be credited to their bank account.

SSC CGL Salary Increment

Every year, there is a certain increment in the employee’s salary. All the central government employees will get an increment of 3 percent in their basic salary along with two times increment in Dearness Allowance at the rate of 1 percent or 2 percent in a year.

SSC CGL Best Posts as per Salary

The best posts are decided based on the preference made by candidates. Here is the list of preferences for SSC CGL Best Posts based on salaries.

Preference Posts & Description
First Preference Assistant Audit Officer/Assistant Accounts Officer. These posts have the highest salary among all other posts in CGL.
Second Preference Assistant in the Ministry of External Affairs is the next post in the salary.
Third Preference Income Tax Inspector is the next post which offers the highest salary after the above three posts. There is also early promotions compared to Preventative Officer and Excise Inspector
Fourth Preference Sub Inspector in CBI is the best post that offers a great salary package. One of the best things about CBI is that the employee will get a 13-month salary in a year.
Fifth Preference Assistant Section Officer in Central Secretariat Service is the next preferred post by candidates.


SSC CGL Job Profile 2021

The job profile of CGL posts varies from each post. Aspirants can go through the brief information on the Roles and Responsibilities of SSC CGL below. There are a few Best Posts in SSC CGL which are highly in demand and a huge number of candidates apply.

1. Income Tax Inspector (ITI) This is one of the topmost job profiles which has a large number of applicants and is highly in demand. The roles and responsibilities of an Income Tax Officer includes

  • Assessing, verifying and processing IT records of individuals and businesses.
  • Conducting raids.
  • Local traveling.
  • Handling refund claims etc.

The working hours is generally fixed by the department, however, an ITI works from 9 AM to 5 PM.

2. Central Excise Inspector The roles and responsibilities of an Excise Inspector are

  • Clerical or file related work (If posted in Headquarters).
  • Verifying taxations on goods passing through ports (If posted in the field).

The SSC CGL Per Month Salary of Central Excise Inspector varies from Rs 9,300/- to Rs 34,800/-

3. External Affairs Assistant The job role of External Affairs Assistant is as listed below Administration work like planning and examining documents, compiling reports, updating about events, noting, drafting, and communicating with the head office. The SSC CGL Pay Scale varies from Pay Scale: Rs. 9,300 – 34,800/-.

SSC CGL Salary FAQ’s

1) Which job has the highest salary in SSC CGL?

SSC CGL offers the highest salary for Assistant Audit officer (AAO) post, the only gazetted post in posts offered by SSC CGL.

2) What is the highest salary of an SSC CGL officer?

The salary for SSC CGL officer depends on the post group. SSC CGL pay the highest salary for Assistant Audit officer (AAO) post since its grade pay is 4800 and it is a gazetted post.

3) What is the salary of a person selected through SSC CGL after 5 years?

In any government sector, the joining salary will remain same as your previous batches. However, you will get one increment of 3 % yearly and DA will be increased twice in a year. Your salary after 5 years will depend on % of DA announced by the government.

4) What are the best posts in the SSC CGL as per salary and work?

Some of the best posts in SSC CGL as per salary and work are Sub-inspector in CBI, AAO, Assistants in MEA, Inspector posts under Income-tax, Central Excise, Examiner, Assistants in ministries.

5) Which post has the highest SSC CGL in Hand Salary?

SSC CGL gives the maximum in hand salary for the Assistant in Railway (Ministry) post i.e., 53,444.

6) Which cities are considered under the X category by SSC Board?

Cities including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune are considered as X category cities.

7) What is the in-hand salary of Tax Assistant selected through the SSC CGL Exam?

The salary of the Tax Assistant varies from each city. The grade pay of this post is Rs 2400 and employees get Rs 36742 in X city, Rs 32627 in Y city, and Z city.

8) When does an employee start receiving the salary through SSC CGL Exam?

After the appointment, the candidates will start receiving the salary from the first day. On the last working day of the month, the candidate will receive the monthly salary as per the post applied.


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