SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation: Check How To Score 40+ in SSC CGL Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation

To clear the SSC CGL Exam, it is suggested to have a proper successful preparation. For easing out the preparation level, here are the detailed SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation Tips to crack the reasoning section with more than 40 marks. Get the expert’s suggestion to crack SSC CGL Reasoning section.

  • As per the SSC CGL Notification, candidates must clear all the stages to get shortlisted for receiving the appointment of the applied post.
  • There are a total of 16 topics. Candidates ought to cover all of them to acquire more than 40 marks
  • According to the exam pattern, SSC CGL Reasoning section has 25 questions
  • There is a negative marking of 0.50. So, candidates have to be very careful
  • The exam will appear in an Objective mode (MCQs)
  • Candidates must take out at least 3 hours every day to focus on SSC CGL Reasoning
  • Taking up SSC CGL Online Coaching can help in understanding each topic in-depth and learn different ways to crack the exam.
  • Moreover, aspirants should also perform daily SSC CGL Mock Tests as well as SSC CGL Quizzes.
  • The difficulty of the reasoning section is easy to moderate
  • More than hard work, this section of the exam demands time and undivided focus

SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation Tips 2020

There are 16 topics that come under the Reasoning section of the SSC CGL syllabus. The number of questions is going to be 25. Also, each question carries 2 marks.

The following table expands on SSC CGL Reasoning Syllabus as well as the Exam Pattern:

Syllabus for SSC CGL Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning Exam Pattern

Tier 1 –  Classification, Analogy, Codding-Decoding, Puzzle, Matrix, Word Formation, Venn Diagram, Direction and Distance, Blood-Relation, Series, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Arranging words in logical order, Missing number, Odd one out, Syllogism

No. of questions – 25

Marks – 50

Negative Marking – 0.50 for every wrong answer

Exam Analysis for SSC CGL Reasoning

The difficulty level of all the questions in SSC CGL Reasoning is Easy-Moderate. The following table elaborates on how many questions appear in a certain topic:

Topic Weightage
Analogy 2-4
Classification 2-3
Puzzle 2-3
Direction & Distance 1-2
Word Formation 1-2
Codding-Decoding 3-5
Blood Relation 1-2
Series 2-5
Verbal Reasoning 1-2
Non-Verbal Reasoning 1-3
Matrix 1
Venn Diagram 1-3
Missing Numbers 1-3
Arranging words 1-2
Syllogism 1
Odd one out 2-3

SSC CGL Reasoning Questions Asked

Here are the list of SSC CGL Reasoning Questions asked in Tier 1 Exam 2020. Go through these questions and enhance your SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation.

  • 10:101::11:??? [120, 121, 130, 100]
  • Computer is coded as ocrepmtu then find daughter
  • Cab is 6 bed is 40 then find had
  • वह छोटी से छोटी संख्या क्या होगी जिसमें 7,9,11 का भाग देने पर क्रमशः शेषफल 1, 2 व 3 आयेगा।
  • Series: 2,3,6,10,17,28,?
  • Vein diagram of snakes ,reptiles , poisonous
  • Syllogism of 1- all birds are animals 2- no crow is birdConclusion -1. Some animals are crow
    2. No animals are crow
    3. Some animals are birds

How To Score 40+ marks in SSC CGL Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning is not a difficult section to crack. It takes the right guidance and technique while preparing for SSC CGL Reasoning. The following tips will help the candidates to score 40+ marks in SSC CGL Reasoning. Take up the SSC CGL Mock Test Series regularly to analyze your preparation levels.

How to prepare for reasoning for SSC CGL Tier-1 and score 40+ marks

The reasoning section of SSC CGL consists of 25 questions. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to read the question very carefully. Examine even the tiniest details of the questions. Only then you’ll be able to solve the question. The reason section majorly comprises of 3 sections:

  • High Level
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

Let us go through each of them so that we know how to score 40+ in reasoning section in SSC CGL Tier-I :

High Level Reasoning: This section mainly have Syllogism and Statement Conclusion. Though this section can be answered easily compared to others, it is really very time-consuming. You must keep an eye on the time while solving this section.

Visual Reasoning: This category covers important topics like Figure completion, Dice, Counting of Figures, Rule Detection, Images, Pattern Completion, Mirror Images, Water Images, Figure Matrix, Paper folding, etc. This section is quite easy and scoring but you need to practise regularly to get a hold of this section. Also, practise to solve it faster so that you have enough time for other sections.

Verbal Reasoning: This section mostly consists of topics like Series, Ranks, Direction, Arrangements, Coding-decoding, Analogy, Classification/Odd Pair. It is a bit difficult section but can be aced with proper practice. Make sure to devote a substantial amount of time practising this section.


The syllogism is a section that is not only easy but fun. The preparation for Syllogism does not include any hard & fast rules. The following tips will guide the candidates to the perfect SSC CGL Reasoning preparation guide:

  • This section of the exam is extremely easy
  • Usually, only 1 question is expected from Syllogism
  • Students only need to focus on the given statements, read them very carefully & then draw a conclusion of the right answer
  • Also, they can try taking help by making Venn Diagrams to draw the correct answer
  • The students need to give only 15-20 minutes per day to this section while preparing for SSC CGL Reasoning
  • Students should not lose the 1 mark in this section for any reason

SSC CGL Complete Study Plan for 10 Days

Blood Relations

Blood Relations is an easy section to crack. The candidates must keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • This section of the exam is sometimes a little confusing
  • Secondly, the confusion is less but the enjoyment of solving the question remains higher
  • Candidates should read the question very carefully
  • Afterward, there is a possibility this section can consume 5-8 minutes
  • Most importantly, if the practice has been intact, then it would hardly take 2-3 minutes to finish answering this section
  • The expected number of questions from this section is 1-2

Classification & Analogies

The section is quite easy. It does not take much time in completing the questions. The following guidelines will be helpful for the candidates who are focusing on SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation:

  • SSC CGL candidates can face around 4-5 questions from this section
  • Most importantly, the questions are going to be very easy. So, it would consume lesser time
  • The classification section is extremely easy. The following is an example of the questions which appear

Which one of the following numbers is different from others?

A. 10

B. 50

C. 22

D. 5

The right answer is 22. Because it is the only number which cannot be divided with 5

  • On the other side, even Analogy is very easily solved
  • There is an example of an Analogy question below


A. Red Kite

B. Bald Eagle

C. Mute swan

D. Robin

So, the correct answer is B i.e Bald Eagle. Because India’s national bird is Peacock, then USA’s national bird is Bald Eagle.

Verbal Analogies

The verbal analogy section is not very difficult. There are a few things candidates need to keep in mind. Take a look at the following tips:

  • Verbal analogy demands efficient vocabulary skills
  • So, candidates should focus on preparing for Synonyms-Antonyms
  • Here, there is a full guide to study and understand the English parts(including vocabulary) of SSC CGL

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The non-verbal reasoning part can consume 3-4 minutes of the candidate. But they can save it by practicing it every day for at least 15 minutes. Check the following SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation Tips to crack this section:

  • The non-verbal reasoning would appear in forms of pictures, symbols or some other pictorial form
  • The examiners might have molded questions in different manners
  • But, this is not at all a difficult section
  • Candidates need daily 15-20 minutes for practice if they want to achieve 40+ marks in SSC CGL Reasoning
  • Moreover, candidates must perform daily SSC CGL Mock Tests (free). This will keep upgrading the candidates where they stand at their preparational journey

Matrix and Puzzles

This is one of the most effortless sections in SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation. Follow the guidelines given below:

  • First of all, all candidates must read the question carefully
  • To crack this section, students require a good reading speed
  • So, practice the puzzles for at least 15 minutes per day
  • The questions will not be a high level of tricky.
  • The level would be up to 12th standard. So, it would be really easy to attain marks


Series could be a difficult area but not impossible. The following tips will help the candidates to master Series:

  • SSC CGL Reasoning – series section can be mastered easily if the candidates start to affirm their focus
  • It is not at all tricky if one gives undivided attention to the question
  • The answer will appear automatically if the candidates have done enough practice
  • Candidates must give at least 30 minutes every day to prepare for this only section
  • Perform daily SSC CGL Quizzes. This will help the candidates to be fluent in performing the reasoning section

How to Score 40+ in Reasoning Section in SSC CGL Tier I- Suggested Books

You can refer the following books for better SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation

  1. Analytical Reasoning (M K Pandey)
  2. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (R S Aggarwal)
  3. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Hindi (Kiran Publication)
  4. A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal English (B S Sijwali, Indu Sijwali)
  5. Logical & Analytical Reasoning English (A K Gupta)

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