SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching 2020

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching

Preparing for SSC CGL Exam? Worried about clearing the exam in first attempt. Well, go through the post to know about how to prepare for CGL exams with coaching. Many candidates look for study plans and offline coaching. This article explains about SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching.

The Staff Selection Commission or SSC conducts the Combined Graduate Level Exam every year to fill in numerous vacancies. The SSC CGL Exam is for all the hopeful candidates who would like to attain a career in various departments under the Central Government.

A great number of candidates apply for SSC CGL Examination every year. Thus, this test is vastly competitive. To clear all stages of this highly competitive exam, take up SSC CGL Online Coaching to get a deep understanding of each topic.

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching

Yes! It is possible! It is not necessary that the candidates always need to leave their houses and sign up in some institute. The belief in oneself should always be alive. So, today we are going to give you some major tips on how to prepare for SSC CGL without any coaching or help. The best way to do big things is to be a help to yourself. So let’s start

We will go from subject to subject.

Before we move on to the preparation, there are a few guidelines every candidate must be aware of:

  • Every candidate should manage their time wisely
  • Secondly, there must be a study plan scheduled when one is preparing without coaching
  • Follow the expert’s SSC CGL Preparation Study Plan to crack all the stages of CGL.
  • If candidates want, they can mold the study plan according to themselves
  • Candidates need to a little strict with themselves while preparing without coaching
  • Candidates must attempt SSC CGL Mock Tests & SSC CGL Quizzes regularly.
  • Besides that, candidates must develop a habit of reading daily
  • Our Free Current Affairs App will help the candidates to be updated with the latest matters
  • There should be a strict schedule of 6-8 hours of studying
  • Reading the newspaper and watching the news every day is mandatory

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching for GK (Tier 1 & 2)

GK is not a subject to be scared of. We can prepare for it with ease and comfort. There is no need to be worried about getting marks in GK. Just some right tips and correct books and you are good to go! Let’s focus on some important things while preparing for GK:

  • First of all, one has to keep in mind that there are some important subjects inside the section. The subjects are History, Polity, Geography, Science, Economics and Current Affairs. Candidates can take help from the Current Affairs App which updates daily
  • Secondly, to master all these subjects, candidates must do one topic from each subject every day
  • Perform daily SSC CGL Quizzes to strengthen the basics
  • Also, the aspirants must-watch news channels and read the newspaper every day for 15 minutes
  • Note down the important news in a separate notebook
  • Moreover, read from that notebook every day before going to bed
  • Furthermore, candidates must understand and memorize the basic concepts of Science
  • Besides that, perform take up SSC CGL Mock Tests frequently

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching – General Intelligence & Reasoning (Tier 1)

Reasoning can be done very easily if we walk on the right tricks. There are some amazing tips to get the best score in Reasoning. The following are some ideas on how to crack Reasoning:

  • 66% of the paper consists of Verbal Reasoning. The rest of the 34% of the paper is Non-verbal
  • Secondly, candidates should improve their logical skills to get the highest score in this exam
  • Candidates must not forget to perform daily SSC CGL Mock Tests (free)
  • To improve the logical skills, candidates must solve puzzles and mind games
  • Moreover, candidates can do puzzles too
  • Memory improving riddles can also help
  • Also, candidates should perform daily SSC CGL Quizzes (free) every day
  • Previous question papers will help in forming an idea on how the exam might appear
  • Clear all concepts in which candidates think they are weak
  • Besides that, candidates should also practice SSC CGL Previous Question Papers
  • Practice without leaving any day
  • Manage Time Effectively

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching – English Language (Tier 1 & 2)

The SSC CGL English Preparation is not that difficult as it is mostly perceived. Just some simple tricks and ideas are all it takes to crack the SSC CGL English section. Following are some tips and tricks to get a good score in English without any coaching:

  • Candidates must perform at least 2 comprehension passages regularly. This will increase the speed of doing passages
  • Secondly, revise Idioms & Phrases every day for 20 minutes. Try to use them in daily life sentences.
  • Perform Mock Tests without missing any day. Access Free SSC CGL Mock Test Here!
  • Moreover, candidates must work on their vocabulary. The best way to enhance the vocabulary part is to revise more and more Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Also, tell any friend to dictate new vocabulary words every. Write them down. This is how spellings are practiced. There should be no spelling errors in the English section.
  • Candidates must practice One Word Substitution without missing any day
  • Grammar should be perfect. To improve grammar, work on mainly Tenses, Prepositions, Conjunctions
  • The aspirant has to be outstanding in Active-Passive. There should be a daily practice of at least 20 minutes

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SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching – Quantitative Aptitude (Tier 1 & 2)

Quant is a little difficult section. But, it can also be cleared without any coaching or help. Candidates must follow a good study plan. Also, take care of the following guidelines:

  • Candidates can get a strict 7-8 hour Free SSC CGL Study Plan here
  • Secondly, practice and master the concepts of various sections
  • Do not go for cramming or learning the formulas.
  • Do not forget to perform 1 SSC CGL Mock Test regularly
  • Moreover, understanding the concept will be a great choice if the candidate wants to score high
  • Focus extra on Trigonometry, Algebra & Geometry. The three sections are very interesting and take a certain much space in the question paper.
  • The candidates should focus on studying with interest rather than feeling bored
  • Also, to get more marks, it is important to build an interest in the subject
  • Perform 1 previous year question paper every day
  • Practice at least 2 topics every day to own perfection in the subject
  • Go through SSC CGL Quantitative Preparation Tips by Experts to answer all questions in quant section correctly.

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching – Statistics (Tier 2)

Statistics is a very interesting subject. With the right books and the right methodology, one can easily crack this section in one attempt. Just a certain amount of focus is required. Follow the guidelines given below to crack Stats:

  • First of all, go through all the concepts and be very clear in them
  • Candidates should perform daily SSC CGL Quizzes!
  • Secondly, whenever the candidate start preparing the Stats section, begin with something that they don’t have any clue about
  • Afterward, go on the easy parts and revise them
  • Perform Mock Tests Every day.
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  • Candidates must manage their time effectively and stick to the schedule
  • Most importantly, aspirants should not try to memorize the formula. That will not help. Students must understand the concept and then practice
  • Besides that, when one practice, there is no need to cram the formulas. The formulas themselves stick in one’s mind

SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching: Tier 3

Tier 3 is one of the easiest Tiers among all. All one has to do is practice one essay/letter/precis writing per day. So, follow the given guidelines to crack Tier 3:

  • Mostly, society related topics appear in tier 3 questions
  • Topics like, Globalization, Poverty, Domestic Violence etc.
  • Students should read and practice at least 1 essay/letter/precis writing in one day
  • Moreover, this section will not take much time to prepare
  • All one needs is the right books.
  • One can get access to all the best SSC CGL Books
  • Get Full Access of how to prepare for SSC CGL Tier 3 Here!

Take Mock Tests: SSC CGL Preparation Without Coaching

It is quite visible that it is always advised to the candidates to perform more and more Mock Tests while preparing for SSC CGL exam or any other competitive exam. So, the candidates must read the following main reasons for advising Mock Tests:

  • Firstly, candidates must add in their daily study plan that they should definitely perform at least 2 Mock Tests regularly
  • Secondly, the main reason is that mock tests help the candidates to evaluate their own performance
  • Also, candidates will get to know a lot of their mistakes and the areas they need to improve
  • Moreover, mock tests are like teachers who are totally unbiased and give fair results to the students

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