SSC CGL One Word Substitution Questions Asked PDF Download

Replacing a sentence with one single word is known as One-word Substitution. We can observe One-word Substitution Questions appearing in most of the competitive exams. Here is the list of SSC CGL One word substitution questions asked in 2018 exam.

One Word Substitution Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2018 Prelims Exam

One-word Substitution is one of the important topics in the English section. In all SSC CGL Exams, we can see a minimum of 3-4 one-word substitution questions appearing in the English Section.

  • We have compiled all the questions from One-word Substitution section which were asked in Previous SSC Exams.
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Important SSC CGL One Word Substitution Questions

Here is the list of one-word substitution questions that were asked in the previous SSC CGL Exams. Take a look at these sentences and know their substitutions

1. Things which cannot be read – Illegible

2.  Incapable of being seen through- Opaque

3. One which cannot be seen- Invisible

4. A person who speak many languages – Multilingual

5. A person who sacrifices his life for a cause- Martyr

6. An instrument to measure temperature- Thermometer

7. Life history of a person written by that person- Autobiography

8. A person employed to drive a private or hired car- Chauffeur

9. A place where dead bodies are kept for identification- Morgue

10. A person who travels on foot- Pedestrian

Download SSC CGL 2018 One Word Substitution Questions PDF

These are a few sample questions based on One-Word Substitutions. Refer the above PDF for more SSC CGL One Word Substitution questions from Previous year SSC CGL Exams.


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