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Idioms and Phrases

Idioms are a group of words or an expression derived by the usage that doesn’t give a direct meaning. Idioms constitute an important part of Government exams like SSC, Bank Exams, and many others. To help candidates with this topic we have provided a few important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL 2020 Exam Preparation.

  • Candidates who are appearing for SSC CGL Exam 2020, must make a habit to study all the topics in the English section regularly by picking one topic at a time.
  • Enhance your preparation for SSC CGL Exams by downloading more SSC CGL Study Notes prepared by experts.
  • Here in this post, candidates can view or download Idioms and Phrases PDF to enhance their preparation for SSC Exams.
  • We have compiled the Idioms and Phrases from Previous year SSC CGL Exam Paper.
  • Check out SSC CGL Preparation Tips from experts to plan your preparation and score more.

Idioms and Phrases Asked in SSC CGL Exam

Here is the PDF link provided for candidates to download and begin their preparation for SSC CGL Exam 2020. Practice these questions regularly and be exam ready.

  • Around 5-6 Idioms and Phrases questions appear in every Combined Graduate Level Exam to test candidate’s knowledge in the English section.
  • Download the PDF to begin the preparation for the exam. Attempt SSC CGL Mock Tests regularly to analyze your preparation levels.
  • Make a habit to study regularly without neglecting so that it will increase your confidence level to score more.

Important Idioms and Phrases Questions

Here are a few important Idioms and their meanings that appeared in previous year SSC Exams. Take a look at Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Preparation listed below. Attempt the below SSC CGL Idioms & Phrases Questions and check your preparation levels.

Keep your wig on

Kick the bucket

Taken aback

To give up the ghost

An open book

On the wane

To flog a dead horse

To cut one short

Pull a fast one

Wet behind the ears

To attempt more questions and analyze your preparation click on the below link.

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1. rank and File – Ordinary People

2. By fits and starts – In short periods, not regularly

3. Between the devil and the deep sea – Between two dangers

4. Hit the nail on the head – Do or say the exact thing

5. To play ducks and drakes – To act foolishly or inconsistently

6. Like a cat on hot bricks – Very nervous

7. Cock and bull story – Made up a story that one should not believe

8. Put the cart before the horse – Put or do things in the wrong order

9. In the nick of time – Just at the last moment

10. Read between the lines – Understand the hidden meaning

Download Idioms and Phrases PDF Asked in SSC CGL Exam

Enhance your preparation for SSC CGL Exams by practicing Idioms and Phrases from the PDF provided here.


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