SSC CGL GK Preparation 2020: Check How To Score 40+ Marks In GK

The Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC CGL Exam every year to fill in numerous vacancies in different Ministries, Departments of Government Organization. As the first stage of CGL is scheduled in the month of March 2020, here is brief information on SSC CGL GK Preparation strategies and study plan to crack SSC CGL. The article below will also guide you on how to score 40+ marks in SSC CGL GK.

  • As per the SSC CGL 2020 Notification, there are four stages involved in the selection process that is Tier 1, 2, 3, & 4.
  • General Knowledge is one such section in the first stage of CGL which is very important.
  • Check the detailed preparation tips to crack SSC CGL GK Section and how to score more than 40 marks in the GK section.
  • Candidates are suggested to take up SSC CGL Online Coaching to get coaching from experienced faculties.

SSC CGL GK Preparation 2020

Here are the list of SSC CGL GK Questions Asked in Tier 1 Exam that was conducted from 3rd March to 9th March 2020. Go through the below SSC CGL GK Questions and prepare accordingly for the next CGL Exam.

  • Sri Lanka’s PM?
  • Hampi is in which state?
  • Who is the CM of Chattisgarh?
  • Thomas Row appeared in which Darbar?
  • Find the bone which is not of human’s
  • The chemical name of Solid CO2
  • Who will decide the repo rate?
  • Where are the headquarters of WHO?
  • Who is the hero of the Mission Mangal movie?
  • Who is the writer of “Era of Darkness”
  • Who is the newly appointed Army Chief?
  • which Article describes the Sexual Discrimination between males and females in the Indian constitution?
  • Mahabalipuram was built in which year?
  • What happens on the 4th day after Pongal?
  • Where is Lady Wellington park?
  • Who received Dada Saheb Palke Award in 2020?
  • Which acid is present in Vinegar?
  • Who was the father of Azad Shatru
  • Name of the excise conducted by Wings India in Begum Pet, Hyderabad Airport
  • Who is the last ruler in the Nanda Dynasty
  • What is the gland present between the lungs
  • Which acid is released when cutting onions that result in tears
  • Name of the book released by Amit Shah
  • Where is Madhapur Mela held?
  • In which year was the name of the capital Bombay changed to Mumbai?
  • What is the rank of India in National Brands Ranking?
  • Where was the recent Global Investors Summit held?
  • Question from Karma Yudha book
  • Who is MP’s first governor?

Syllabus for SSC CGL GK Preparation 2020

The syllabus for the GK section in the first stage of the SSC CGL Exam is not so vast. The topics are common and we all have done these topics in our schools. It should not take much time to prepare for the GK section. Here is a glimpse of SSC CGL Syllabus for the General Knowledge section.

Tier 1 GK
Static General Knowledge, Science, Current Affairs, Sports, Books and Authors, Important Schemes, Portfolios, People in News

Weightage of GK Topics

Here, we have provided important GK topics and its weightage. Go through all the important topics from the table below and plan your preparation accordingly.

Subject No. of Questions
Science 7 – 8
Polity 5 – 6
History 5 – 6
Current Affairs 3 – 4
Geography 2
Economics 2

SSC CGL GK Preparation: Exam Pattern

The following given information will guide you to the exam pattern of the SSC CGL GK section.

  • Number of questions: 25
  • Total Marks: 50
  • Negative Marking for every incorrect answer: 0.50
  • Mode of Exam: Online
  • Question Type: Objective (MCQs)
  • Time Given to Complete all the sections: 1 hour

There are a few things that all candidates must remember. Take a look at the following important points:

  1. The aspirants must write the exam carefully. They should focus on all areas of the exam because of negative marking
  2. SSC CGL aspirants should also work on their speed of writing the paper separately

SSC CGL GK – Books

There are some E-Books for SSC CGL GK Preparation down in the table. Download them and start studying right away. For a successful preparation, it is suggested by experts to study from the SSC CGL Best Books.

SSC CGL Tier 1-5 Exam Papers Download PDF
General Knowledge Book for SSC Exam Download PDF
E-Book for General Knowledge Notes for SSC CGL Download PDF

SSC CGL GK Preparation Tips

General Awareness is one of the high scoring sections in the SSC CGL Exam. Hence, general awareness preparation becomes very important to clear the CGL Exam in the first attempt.

  • During the preparation of GK, read the basics of all the subjects form NCERT including science, economics, and Polity.
  • Try to memorize important facts from history, geography and current affairs on a daily basis and that help you score good marks in the exam.
  • Solving SSC CGL previous year question papers can help a lot in enhancing the preparation. It is advised for candidates to solve at least 1 question paper every day.
  • Candidates can complete the GK section within 5-8 minutes if they are upgrading with the latest news regularly
  • Candidates are advised to attempt as many mock tests as possible during their SSC CGL General Awareness Preparation.
  • Take Daily Quizzes for SSC CGL GK Preparation and analyze your performance.

Subject-wise SSC CGL GK Preparation

The Gk section is pretty vast. It does not stop at just one or two topics. There are so many topics to work on. Let’s focus on each subject in the following article. This will make easier for the candidates to understand what to study.

SSC CGL GK Preparation: Geography

The geography section is not a very difficult or tricky one. The tips given below will help the candidate to understand what’s necessary to work on:

  • The candidate does not need to go through the entire world’s geography
  • Aspirants must focus mainly and deeply on Indian Geography and only some important aspects of world geography
  • All candidates must attempt at least 1 previous question paper per day
  • SSC CGL GK Quizzes are a must!
  1. The candidates need to acquire basic knowledge of our solar system, sun, moon, and stars
  2. Moreover, what are asteroids, comets, black holes etc
  3. Also, the basic knowledge of the universe up to the 10th standard level
Layers of Atmosphere
  1. Candidates must understand the 5 main layers of the atmosphere
  2. Understand the concepts of each layer in depth
  3. Moreover, revise their description and what they contain
  4. Besides that, understand the differences among these 5 layers and the sequences
Major Indian Soils
  1. This is one very important topic of Geography
  2. Candidates must acquire the understanding of the concept of major soils
  3. Also, the types and distribution of forests

  1. First of all, candidates must go through the questions which are related to CENSUS-2011
  2. Questions in relation to literacy(lowest to highest), sex-ratio and many more
  3. Moreover, in-depth knowledge of CENSUS 2011
Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls
  1. This section is a very easy and interesting one
  2. It will not take much time for the candidate
  3. Just go through the important ones and see where did they begin, their location the states they cover, where they end, through what areas they flow & their attributes
  1. First of all, go through the basic cultures of different states
  2. Afterward, look out for some very popular cultural events/festivals/food/dances/fairs
  3. Revise them every day to memorize them
Trade and Transport
  1. Candidates should go for the Major Indian Railway Zones\
  2. Moreover, they should also check the Major Indian Highways

SSC CGL GK Preparation: History Part-1

History Part-1 demands time and concentration. The strategy tips mentioned below will help the candidate to understand what’s necessary to work on:

Historical Wars
  1. Candidates must have a fair idea of all the wars happened in the past
  2. Secondly, the dates and places where the wars took place
  3. Most importantly, between who and who the wars happened and the reasons behind them
  4. Also, what were the consequences of these wars
  1. The culture status of South India especially is very important
  2. Also, go roughly through the important aspects of other cultures too
  3. Moreover, check out the popular temples in South
  4. Besides that, the popular and important rituals of different states
Delhi Sultanate
  1. The important personalities like Razia Sultan, Alauddin Khilji, Qutubuddin Aibak etc. Also, their policies
  2. Moreover, candidates can read more about Delhi Sultanate on the internet or the books they are studying from
  3. Extra knowledge will always be a blessing and help
The Ancient Travellers and their destinations
Mosques, Gates & Tombs
  1. Candidates should also read about important and popular forts and monuments
  2. For example Red Fort, Taj Mahal etc
  3. Moreover, memorize the important details of these buildings like where were they built, who built them, why were they built, the significance of the specific building etc
Mughals, their policy and their constructions
  1. First of all, candidates should be aware of the basic culture in the past
  2. Secondly, they can go through the popular gurus in the past \
  3. For example the Sikh gurus – Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Arjan Dev Ji etc
  4. Moreover, candidates should not miss the saints in history
  5. The Bhakti Saints, Sufi Saints etc
  6. Also, candidates must acquire the basic concept and ideas of different religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism etc

SSC CGL GK Preparation: History Part-2

The following subjects of SSC CGL GK Preparation History Part-2 are given along with the topics:

Revolts & Riots
  1. Firstly, candidates should go through all the famous Ancient Revolts
  2. Secondly, memorize their dates, places and between who they took place
  3. Also, the consequences of those revolts
Newspaper Owners
  1. First of all, candidates should make a list of (only) famous newspapers in India and foreign
  2. Also, write down their owners’ names
  3. Read them every day. Memorize.
  4. Perform SSC CGL Free Mock Tests every day!
Reforms, Reformers & Acts
  1. Candidates must have in-depth knowledge of famous acts. For example 1909, 1935, 1947, 1935 etc.
  2. Also, the reforms of Montague-Chelmsford Thuggary, Simon, RTC, Communal Award, etc.
  3. Moreover, the popular ancient reformers’ names and a little about the kind of reforms they formed
  4. For example Vivekanand, Kesab Chandra etc.
Europeans’ Entry
  1. When did the Europeans enter? Where did they establish their factory?
  2. Their revolts with other rulers
  3. Moreover, important dates of their stay
  4. Do not forget to perform Daily SSC CGL Free Quizzes
More in-depth knowledge about Gandhi, Educational Reform & Struggle for Freedom

SSC CGL GK Preparation: Polity

There are a few guidelines about this subject. It is not a difficult part of the exam. Students should not panic in this subject. See the following tips to clear and score well in Polity:

  1. Polity is easier than other sections of the GK Exam
  2. Students should go through the Indian Constitution, its progress throughout the time, its history and some more similar topics
  3. Also, candidates do not need to memorize all the article numbers in the constitution. They should only focus on important ones.
  4. Moreover, go through all the Fundamental Rights once
  5. Besides that, candidates should read and have basic knowledge about Indian PM, CM, President, Governor, Parliament, State Legislature, High Court, Supreme Court etc

SSC CGL GK Preparation: Economy

The following are some important topics of Economy that candidates should prepare:

  1. First of all, candidates must go through important Central Plans
  2. Secondly, the importance of Budget, World Bank, Employment, Banking, and more important similar topics
  3. Students must have in-depth knowledge of Inflation, the tax structure, RBI Policies, Food Security etc

SSC CGL GK Preparation: 20 Days Study Plan

To ease your preparation, we have provided 20 days study plan in this post. Following this plan will help candidates to score good marks in the GK section in the SSC CGL 2020 Exam.

Day 1 Ancient History: Harappa Civilization Day 11 Modern India – Congress (after Gandhi) Satyagraha’s
Basic Geography – Physical: Mountains, Oceans, Rivers, Deserts, etc. Basic Chemistry: Periodic table, Atomic structure, etc.
Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance Day 12 Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance
Day 2 Ancient History: Gupta Dynasty Modern India – 1940’s independence
Read Basic Geography – Agriculture, soils, climate, rainfall, monsoon, etc. Basic Chemistry: Metals and Non-metals, etc.
Day 3 Ancient India: Cholas, Pallavas Day 13 Polity – Constitution (Constituent Assembly facts)
Basic Geography – Solar system Study Basic Chemistry: Carbon, Hydrogen, etc
Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance
Day 4 Pandyas, Rashtrakutas Day 14 Polity – Impact of other constitutions on Indian Constitution
Basic Geography – Indian Geography, Rivers, lakes, mountains, highways, etc Basic Chemistry: Nuclear Science
Day 5 Delhi Sultanate Day 15 Polity: Powers of President, Vice President
Basic Economic facts – Organisations, schemes etc Biology: Human anatomy
Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance
Day 6 Prepare Akbar and Later Mughals Day 16 Rights & Powers of Supreme Court & High Court (Habeas Corpus), CAG, Election Commission, Emergency Provisions, Union, State and Concurrent Lists
Economics: Monetary policy, Economic Survey Biology: Diseases, Nutrition etc
Day 7 Modern India: 1857 Revolt Day 17 Fundamental Rights, Duties, Panchayat raj System
Basic Economic concepts – GDP, National Income, Inflation etc Current Affairs
Day 8 Modern India – Social Reformers Day 18 Constitution Amendments
Basic Physics: Newton’s Laws, Forces, Matter and its properties, etc Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance
Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance
Day 9 Modern India – Congress (before Gandhi) Day 19 Attempt Mock Tests and analyze your performance
Basic Physics: Electricity and Its Properties
Day 10 Modern India – Congress (after Gandhi) Day 20 Attempt Mock Tests and analyze your performance
Basic Physics: Thermodynamics
Attempt Mock Test and analyze your performance

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