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SSC CGL exam 2020 is around the corner and high time that candidates must begin their preparation. Many students are looking for coaching centers, best teachers and some excellent strategies to crack the exam in one attempt. The article is about SSC CGL English preparation and how to crack the SSC CGL English Section in one attempt.

So, every student has some of the other weak areas they’re battling with. This article is all about how to crack the English section in SSC CGL Exam 2020 in one go! We have strategized the plan by each section of the SSC CGL English exam in the following article.

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  • English section is a very easy and interesting one
  • Candidates must take out 3-4 hours per day to prepare for English section
  • Also, choosing the best books play a huge role in the outcome of marks
  • Candidates must strengthen their vocabulary skills to score well
  • The aspirants should perform daily mock tests and quizzes
  • Moreover, grammatical perfection is something all candidates must focus on
  • Take up SSC CGL Online Coaching to get the expert guidance for clearing all the stages of CGL.

SSC CGL English Syllabus 2020 for Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3

The following table has the complete SSC CGL English Syllabus of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3:

Tier 1 English Syllabus

SSC CGL English Syllabus Tier 2

SSC CGL Tier 3

Reading Comprehension, Fill in the blanks, Spellings, Phrases & Idioms, One-word substitution, Sentence Correction, Error Spotting

Reading Comprehension, Spellings, Fill in the blanks, Phrases & Idioms, Cloze Test, Error Spotting, Sentence Correction, Synonyms/Antonyms, Active-Passive Voice, One-word substitution, Para Jumbles Essay Writing, Precis Writing, Letter Writing

SSC CGL English Exam Pattern 2020

The table given below has entire SSC CGL English Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Exam Pattern


Maximum Marks No. of Questions

Negative Marking

English (Tier 1)

50 25


English (Tier 2)

200 200


Tier 3

100 Descriptive

Best Books to crack SSC CGL English

The books to crack any exam play a huge role in performing the entire examination. The given below is a list we prepare for the candidates. Hence, these are the best SSC CGL Books to start with. They will help crack the exam in no time!

1. Wren & Martin

This Grammar book is the best of all. If any candidate wants to improve the Grammar skills, this is the book!

2. Objective General English

The book is full of treasure for those who really are serious to tighten their English basics. So, we strongly recommend this book.

3. A Mirror of Common Errors

This is the best book for those candidates who think they do small mistakes unknowingly. Therefore, the book will guide the readers to the errors and also help to solve them.

4. Descriptive English (for all competitive examinations)

If any candidate wants to acquire perfection in the sections of Tier 3, which are Essay, Letter & Precis Writing, then this is the right book to buy!

How to crack SSC CGL English in one attempt?

Candidates can follow several numbers of strategies or study plans to score high in the SSC CGL English section. But we have got them some really helpful tips to go on with the SSC CGL English preparation.

So many students out there are eager to crack the exam in one attempt. So, we are here to accompany them on the journey! The following tips would best help the aspirants to clear SSC CGL English with a high score:

Reading Comprehension

  • First of all, we understand that many students find difficulty in this section
  • We want to tell the candidates that this part is the easiest one
  • All one has to do is 1 passage per day
  • If extra time is there, then we would suggest 2 passages per day
  • The level of Comprehension Passages is up to 12th level. That is why they are not that difficult as they appear to be
  • Moreover, try to understand the words. Every passage has something new to teach because they are excerpts of different proses
  • Candidates must try to take interest in the passage. This will make the preparation very easy
  • If one has an understanding of the topic of the passage, then finding answers is a very easy task
  • Try to manage time with the passages
  • Start with giving the time of 40 minutes, then after 2 days, reduce the time to 30 minutes, then 20 minutes
  • The goal is to complete the passage in the least time
  • Once one has done enough passages, it will become the easiest part of the exam and one can finish it in no time!


  • Synonyms-Antonyms are the most fun part of this section
  • If candidates will take the English section as something very interesting, we bet they can do way better in the exam and can easily get a high score
  • Secondly, synonyms-antonyms are the best way to build up the vocabulary too
  • Working on synonyms-antonyms is like enhancing the vocabulary in the easiest manner possible
  • There is a simple strategy for this part
  • Give Free SSC CGL Quiz Now!
  • Just choose 5 words. Any words. Write down their 4 synonyms and 4 antonyms. Make 5 sentences of each word written on the page.
  • If one counts, then they have just learned 40 words
  • Give one hour to this section every day for 15 days and on the 15th day, do a vocab check.
  • There will be a load of new words in your vocab box

Phrases & Idioms

  • Idioms & Phrases are the easiest part of SSC CGL English section
  • Try to read at least 20 idioms & phrases per day
  • Afterward, apply them in the daily sentences one speaks
  • Take Free SSC CGL Mock Test Now!
  • Moreover, candidates must bring out at least 20 minutes every day to devote to Idioms & Phrases


  • We know so many students face the problem in spellings
  • First of all, just simply bring out ten minutes
  • Then, tell any friend to dictate 20 words
  • Candidates, then, write the dictated words
  • Now, the words that are wrongly spelled, candidates should pick them out and then write the right spelling 5 times each
  • This is the easiest way to be a pro at right spellings

One Word Substitution

  • First of all, candidates must develop a habit of reading at least 30 one word substitutions
  • Revise them for another 5 minutes
  • Then, try to use those words in daily life
  • The better way to memorize these words is to make sentences out of all the words one has learned today

Active-Passive Voice

  • This is one slightly difficult part of the SSC CGL English section
  • There is one simple trick to do it
  • For the sake of simplifying it and learning Voice in a better way, candidates must understand all Tenses
  • Once the tenses are perfectly clear, there are certain formulas which are applied in Active-Passive voice
  • It will be much simpler to apply those formulae and understand the Voice section
  • Moreover, take full interest and then go on with preparing this section


  • Do not leave one day in practicing all these topics
  • Candidates should understand that the topics are not difficult. They just need time and repetition
  • The repetition is the best way to be perfect in any subject
  • So, be completely interested in these learnings and forge the way!

How Do Mock Tests & Quizzes Help?

There are certain reasons that we keep asking the candidates to perform more and more Mock Test Series & Quizzes. Take a look at the following reasons to be more clear:

  • Firstly, mock tests are a very easy and reliable way to test oneself
  • Secondly, they are easily performed and are very honest with the results
  • So, the checking is fair. Also, one does not feel the need to accompany them to take a test
  • Moreover, there are no biases in the outcome of marks in the mock tests and quizzes
  • Furthermore, mock test and quizzes are the best way to analyze one’s level, where we stand
  • Also, one will understand how much they still need to study and how much effort is still required
  • Besides that, Mock Tests & Quizzes are like a digital teacher. Take a fair advantage!

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