SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test/Skill Test – Check all the Details Here

SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test

SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test and Skill Test – Check here the details about the SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test and how is it conducted.

SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test 2018

Dear SSC Aspirants,

As you might be well-aware of the process of SSC CGL exam, we have mentioned the details of SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test And Skill Test. After successfully clearing Tier 1, Tier 2 and tier 3 and depending on what posts you are applying for, the further step towards getting a job is to clear the Computer Proficiency Test/Skill Test.

Why is SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test conducted?

The basic idea is to test a candidate’s ability to perform simple tasks such as typing correctly at a decent speed and your knowledge of basic office software tools like the word processor, spreadsheets, and slide maker (Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

If you are anxious about the test then it is advisable that as these tests are qualifying in nature, you should not worry that much. You only need to pass them — the marks will not be added to your total score. Even if you fail, you will still be considered for other posts (provided you have marked other posts while filling your examination form).

SSC will be making make arrangements for the computer during your examination. You will NOT be allowed to take your personal laptop or keyboard inside the examination center.

Data Entry Speed Test (DEST)/Skill Test

Data Entry Speed Test is meant to check your speed and accuracy at the same time while typing on the computer keyboard.

DEST Is Applicable for various posts

How the DEST Is Conducted

You need to accomplish the task of 2000 key depressions on your computer In the allocated time of 15 minutes. In this test, you need to type a passage/text which requires pressing 2000 keys on the computer keyboard in a total of 15 minutes time. Space, comma, alphabets, numeric characters; everything gets counted in these 2000 keys. Of course, you also need to be accurate.

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Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)

Coming to Computer Proficiency Test, or CPT is generally considered as a little bit complex than DEST.

CPT Is Applicable to which Posts?

Computer Proficiency Test is for all those SSC aspirants who have applied for various posts

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How is the Computer Proficiency Test conducted?

SSC will provide instructions for CPT/DEST later on. We are sharing the information below based on SSC CGL 2015 Exam process. Don’t be surprised all of a sudden if things change a little bit. For any exam, the most genuine source of information is the official notifications released by the respective department.

In general, a candidate’s friendship with computers is estimated on three basic computer applications. So there are three modules each for 15 minutes.

  1. Module 1 – Test on Microsoft Word
  2. Module 2 – Test on Microsoft Excel
  3. Module 3 – Test on Microsoft Powerpoint

Now let’s talk about these modules one by one for SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test 2018.

Module 1

Module 1 is similar to DEST. You are provided a printed passage, and you have to type the same within 15 minutes (2000 key depressions). This is not a big deal for anyone who has a little bit experience of typing on a computer keyboard.

Module 2

In Module 2, you are provided with a printed table which needs to be created in Excel. Furthermore, you are also be asked to do some simple calculations and to calculate problems like percentage, absolute increase/decrease, profits etc. using Excel formulas. This is a very simple task for anyone who has some basic exposure to Excel. No complicated formulas are asked.

Module 3

Module 3 tests you on making slides (Microsoft Powerpoint). You are provided with a printed copy of one (or maximum of 2) slides. And then you have to prepare the same on your computer in 15 minutes. There will also be some instructions to change the font and size of text, use bullets, change header/footer, insert date, change filename etc. All the basic stuff, just by assuming that you have created a few ‘PPT’ files in your life.


A brief Instruction For DEST/CPT Exam

Please read the official instructions at least once and make sure you follow them. Instructions normally include what are the documents you need to bring along when to reach the venue, how the exam will be conducted and things which you should not be doing etc.

Candidates are advised to report at your venue an hour prior to the exam starting time or at the reporting time if mentioned on your admit card. SSC can also instruct you to bring all the relevant attested photocopies of your credentials with you on your examination day.

Carry the photocopies of all the important documents and get them attested by a Gazetted Officer. You can also keep two extra photographs with you to be on the safer side.

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We hope that you have liked our article on SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test. Stay tuned for more updates!


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