SSC CGL Antonyms Questions Asked PDF Download 2020

A word opposite in meaning to another is known as Antonyms. Check out the list of SSC CGL Antonyms Questions asked in SSC CGL 2020 prelims exam. Though it is just a small topic, studying for Antonyms is important in order to score good marks in the exam.

  • Gear up your preparation for the second stage of the SSS CGL 2020 Exam that is scheduled in the month of October 14-17, 2020.
  • To ease out your preparation, we have provided Important SSC CGL Antonyms questions 2020 here. These questions are compiled from many previous year papers to help with the candidate’s preparation.
  • In this post, we have provided Previous Year Antonyms for SSC CGL that are important for the upcoming SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier 2 exam.
  • For enhancing your preparation levels, study the from the Best English Books for SSC CGL 2020.

SSC CGL Antonyms Questions Asked 2020

Antonyms are one of the important topics in the English Section. There is a minimum of 5-6 Antonyms questions appearing in all SSC CGL Exams.

  • Candidates who are appearing for Combined Graduate Level Exam are suggested to go through the SSC CGL Study Notes which include all the important topics that will appear in the exam.
  • In this PDF, we have compiled all the questions from the Antonyms section which were asked in Previous SSC Exams.
  • Download the PDF now and boost your preparation for SSC CGL 2020.
  • Taking up the SSC CGL Mock Test Series regularly can help in analyzing the preparation levels.

SSC CGL Antonyms Weightage in SSC CGL

In various government exams like SSC, Railway, and Bank Exams, there are few questions from Antonyms’ topic in English subject. The below table explains the number of SSC CGL English Antonyms asked in each tier of CGL.

Exam No. of Antonym Questions
SSC CGL Tier 1 2-3
SCC CGL Tier 2 4-5

Most Important Antonyms for SSC CGL

As the SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam is scheduled in the month of October, candidates can start their preparation by learning at least 10 most difficult antonyms per day. This will help score good marks in the exam. To ease your preparation, we have provided a few difficult antonyms in the table below.

Word Antonym
Apocryphal Accredited, authentic, authorized, legitimate, reliable, trustworthy, genuine
Cajole Deter, dissuade, drive away, repel, warn
Ersatz Natural
Hyperbole Understatement, meiosis
Parochial Cosmopolitan
Diabolic Good
Enigma Answer, explanation, solution, proposition
Egalitarian Undemocratic, elitist
Trepidation Bold, courage, confidence, self-command, immobility, firmness

Important SSC CGL Antonyms Questions

For cracking all the stages of CGL, enrolling in the SSC CGL Online Coaching will be of great help. Here is the list of SSC CGL Antonyms that were asked in the previous year’s exams. Take a look at these words and know their antonyms.


a) Reasonable

b) Weakness

c) Melancholy

d) Relentless


a) Soft

b) Average

c) Tiny

d) Weak


a) Started

b) Closed

c) Finished

d) Terminated


a) Red

b) Natural

c) Truthful

d) Solid


a) Influx

b) Homecoming

c) Return

d) Restoration


a) Abdicate

b) Renounce

c) Possess

d) Deny


a) Covert

b) Condense

c) Congest

d) Conclude


a) Divine

b) Immortal

c) Spiritual

d) Eternal

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To attempt more questions and analyze your preparation click on the below link.

Attempt Free SSC Quiz

1. Acumen – Stupidity, Ignorance

2. Baffle – Clarify

3. Consent – Disagree

4. Condemn – Praise

5. Feud – Harmony

6. Hamper – facilitate

7. Immerse – Emerge

8. Mitigate – Augment

9. Ominous – Auspicious

10. Quack – Upright

Download SSC CGL 2018 Antonyms Questions Asked PDF

These are just sample antonyms. Refer or go through the PDF provided in this post to know more English Antonyms For SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam.

List of Antonyms for SSC CGL

Here, we have provided a list of antonyms for SSC CGL and this will help candidates appearing for the Tier 2 Exam.

Word Antonym Word Antonym
Acumen Stupidity, Ignorance Adhere Condemn, disjoin
Abash Uphold, Discompose Abate Aggravate
Abortive Productive Adamant Flexible, Soft
Adjunct Separated, Subtracted Allay Aggravate, Excite
Ascend Climb Escalate Audacity Mildness, Cowardice
Axiom Absurdity, Blunder Baffle Facilitate, Clarify
Bleak Bright, Pleasant Barbarous Civilized
Barrier Link, Assistance Befogged Clear-headed, Uncloud
Bleak Bright, Cheerful Bold Timid
Calamity Fortune Captivate Disillusion offend
Comprise Reject, lack Consent Object Disagree
Contradict Approve, Confirm Camouflage Reveal
Carnal Spiritual Cement Disintegrate
Clandestine Open, Legal Comic Tragic, tragedian
Conceit Modesty Concord Discord
Consolidate Weaken Cunning Nave, Coarse
Deceit Veracity, Sincerity Defray Disclaim, Repudiate
Deprive Restore, Renew Denounce Defend
Docile Headstrong, obstinate Dwarf Huge, Giant
Eclipse Shine, eclipse Efface Retain, Maintain
Endeavour Cease, quit Epitome Increment, expansion
Fabricate Destroy, Dismantle Fanatical Liberal, Tolerant
Feud Harmony, fraternity Forsake Hold, maintain
Frivolous Solemn, significant Gloom Delight, mirth
Gracious Rude, Unforgiving Guile Honesty, frankness
Glory Shame, Disgrace Harass Assist, comfort
Hideous Attractive, alluring Humble Proud, Assertive
Impenitent Repentant Indifferent Partial, Biased
Infernal Heavenly Immense Puny, Insignificant
Immunity Blame, Censure Impious Pious, Devout
Infringe Comply, Concur Insipid Delicious, luscious
Jaded Renewed, recreated Jejune Interesting, exciting
Justify Impute, arraign Keen Vapid, insipid
Knell Reconstruction, rediscovery Lax Firm, reliable
Linger Hasten, quicken Lure Repel, dissuade
Mandatory Optional Miraculous Ordinary, trivial
Molest Console, soothe Murky Bright, shining
Nimble Sluggish, languid Nullify Confirm, Uphold
Obstruct Hasten, encourage Obtain Forfeit
Ominous Auspicious Oracular Lucid, distinct
Pacify Irritate, worsen Perturbed Calm
Precarious Assured Quibble Unfeign, plain
Restrain Incite Ravage Reconstruct, renovate
Remonstrate Agree, loud Retract Confirm, assert
Sacred Ungodly, Profane Steep Flat, gradual
System Chaos, Disorder Scanty Lavish, multitude
Solicit Protest oppose Taboo Permit, consent
Throng Dispersion, sparsity Trivial Significant, veteran
Thrifty Extravagant Transparent Opaque
Urchin Creep, Knave Vagrant Steady, settled
Veteran Novice, tyro Vouch Repudiate, prohibit
Wan Bright, healthy Wed Divorce, Separate
Wile Naivety, honour Yell Whisper muted
Yearn Content, satisfy Yoke Liberate, Release
Zeal Apathy, lethargy Zenith Nadir, base
Zest Disgust, passive Zig -zag Straight, unbent

How to Prepare Antonyms For SSC CGL

In order to practice Antonyms for SSC CGL, candidates should be aware of their existence. FollowingSSC CGL Preparation Tips by experts will help candidates to prepare this section easily.

  • The first and foremost thing is that candidates have to read the newspaper daily and focus more on editorial sections to improve their vocabulary.
  • Every time you come across a new word, you must look it up in the dictionary to make sure that the word is well understood.
  • After knowing the meaning, make sentences of your own or use mnemonics to remember the new words.
  • Find the synonym of the same word because it will help enhance your knowledge and will add more words to your dictionary.
  • Try to learn at least 20 new English words daily.
  • Make shortcuts, tricks to make the learning of words easy, and try to use them in your daily life. It will improve your communication skills.
  • Solve as many as SSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers and that will help you score marks easily in the exam.
  • Maintain a notebook to keep a record of all newly learned words.
  • Practice Mock tests on Antonyms on a daily basis and try to analyze all the options while practising.
  • Candidates are advised to include the best Antonyms and Synonyms Book For SSC CGL in their preparation.
  • During the exam, candidates must examine each option carefully before choosing the correct one.

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