SSC CGL Answer Key 2020: Download Tier 1 Answer Key Here

SSC will be releasing the SSC CGL  Answer Key for the first stage of the CGL exam at the end of March 2020. Candidates can go through the complete details about the SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key, how to download the PDF, and how to raise objections.

  • The SSC CGL Answer key can be checked and downloaded on the official website of SSC.
  • To raise objections on any of the answers, SSC will be releasing a tentative answer key a week before.
  • After considering all the objections, SSC will release the final SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key on its official website.
  • Candidates can, however, predict their result from this official answer key to start their preparation for the next stage of the SSC CGL Exam.
  • Candidates can download the Answer Key by filling in their Registration Number & Password.

SSC CGL Answer Key 2020

The Answer key is a PDF document that has the correct answers for candidates to check. Candidates who had appeared for the SSC CGL Exam will be able to download this answer key and check their responses.

  • Through this SSC CGL 2020 Answer Key candidates will be able to estimate their scores and raise objections for wrong answers.
  • It is important that candidates must remember that scoring above the SSC CGL Cut Off only will result in getting shortlisted for the next stage.
  • SSC will first release a tentative answer key and then the final answer key.
  • The article explains all the important details regarding SSC Answer Key for CGL Tier 1.

SSC CGL Answer Key Dates 2020

The students shall check out the following SSC CGL Exam Dates in the following table:

SSC CGL 2020 Important Dates
SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Date March 2-11, 2020
Release of Official SSC CGL Answer Key (Tier 1) March Last Week 2020
The last date to login to view the answer key and raise objections April 1st Week 2020
SSC CGL Tier 1 Result Declaration April Last Week 2020
SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Date June 2020
Release of Official Answer Key for Tier 2 June Last Week 2020

How To Download the SSC CGL Answer Key 2020?

Candidates can follow the steps given below in order to download the SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key:
SSC CGL Answer Key 2018

  • Visit the official website of SSC
  • Click on the official link related to the update on SSC CGL Answer Key.
  • An official SSC CGL Answer Key PDF opens.
  • Click on the link below for the candidate’s response sheet, answer key and challenge submission.
  • Click on “Click Here” on the redirected page.
  • Submit your login credentials to login and check the SSC CGL 2020 answer key.
  • Check the response sheet and Tier 1 answer key to evaluate your performance.

How To Submit Challenge (Objections) on the SSC CGL Answer Key 2020?

Kindly follow the steps given below in order to submit the Challenge/Objection.

  • Post login using your credentials, find challenges link on the top-right corner.
  • Check fee per challenge (INR 100) and click Proceed
  • You are redirected to the online payment page.
  • Make the payment for the number of questions you wish to raise objections for.
  • Post payment, you are redirected to the challenge form page.
  • Enter the name, mobile number, question number, correct option according to yourself after verifying your roll number on the form.
  • Mention the reason in 300 characters for every objection.
  • Click submit.

How To Calculate Your Score With SSC CGL Answer Key 2020?

Candidates basically use SSC CGL Tier 1 answer key in order to evaluate marks. The candidates evaluate their marks and match with the answer key in order to see where they stand in the competition and to get an idea about how many scores will they achieve in the respective exam.

The students can check how to calculate scores with the help of the answer key as follows:

  • Open the Answer Key Page
  • Now, check the response of question number 1
  • In response sheet, the candidate’s given answer is mentioned as ‘Candidate’s Answer’
  • Once the student checks their answer, they should proceed to see which actually is the right answer
  • If the answer matches the actual answer, mark it as correct and vice versa
  • If the candidate has not attempted the question, mark it as un-attempted.
  • Similarly, the candidate should repeat the steps from 2 to 4 for all the given 100 questions
  • Then, add all the scores of correct answers as well as incorrect ones

After that, use the formula below to evaluate the score:

SSC CGL Tier 1 Marks= Total Correct Answers * 2 – Total Incorrect Answers * 0.5

SSC CGL Tier 2 Marks = Paper-1 Marks + Paper-2 Marks + Paper-3 Marks (Junior Statistical Officer) + Paper-4 Marks (Assistant Audit Officer/ Assistant Accounts Officer)

Paper-1 Marks = (Total Correct Answers * 2) – (Total Incorrect answers * 0.5)

Paper-2 Marks = (Total Correct Answers * 1) – (Total Incorrect answers * 0.25)

Paper-3 Marks = (Total Correct Answers * 2) – (Total Incorrect answers * 0.5)

Paper-4 Marks = (Total Correct Answers * 2) – (Total Incorrect answers * 0.5)

SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key Overview

  • Staff Selection Commission releases the Answer Keys for Tier 1 & Tier 2 only as they are Online Objective Papers.
  • No Answer Key is released for the Tier 3 exam as it is an offline paper.
  • Tier 3 examination has a descriptive section in English/Hindi (writing of Essay/Letter/Application Writing/Precis) hence no Answer Key can be released.
  • Tier 4 is a Computer Proficiency Test/Skill Test hence no Answer Key is released for this section either.

SSC CGL Result 2020

SSC will release the result for the Tier 1 examination. SSC CGL Result will be announced on the official website in the month of April 2020.

  • The SSC CGL Tier 1 results can be checked only on the official website.
  • The Result will be released in PDF format for all the stages.
  • By logging into the SSC portal using the login credentials candidates can check and download their results.

SSC CGL Cut Off 2020

The table below shows the Expected SSC CGL Tier-1 Cut off 2020 for different categories:-

SSC CGL Tier 1 Expected Cut Off
Section Cut Offs (Out Of 200)
General 143-152
OBC 130-138
SC 120-130
ST 110-118

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111 thoughts on “SSC CGL Answer Key 2020: Download Tier 1 Answer Key Here

  1. My shift questions:

    QID : 1 – Select the related word from the given alternatives.

    Father : Parent :: Sister : ?

    दिए गए विकल्पों में से संबंधित शब्द को चुनिए।

    पिता : माता-पिता :: बहन : ?
    1) Other
    2) Brother
    3) Daughter
    4) Sibling
    Correct Answer: Sibling

    QID : 2 – Select the related letters from the given alternatives.

    WTQ : DGJ :: NKH : ?

    दिए गए विकल्पों में से संबंधित अक्षरों को चुनिए।

    WTQ : DGJ :: NKH : ?
    1) MPS

    2) LOR

    3) NQT

    4) ORV
    Correct Answer: MPS

    QID : 3 – Select the related number from the given alternatives.

    60 : 15 :: 100 : ?

    दिए गए विकल्पों में से संबंधित संख्या को चुनिए।

    60 : 15 :: 100 : ?
    1) 45

    2) 35

    3) 5

    4) 25
    Correct Answer: 25

    QID : 4 – Select the odd word from the given alternatives.

    दिए गए विकल्पों में से विषम शब्द को चुनिए।
    1) Chair
    2) Sofa
    3) Couch
    4) Television
    Correct Answer: Television

    QID : 5 – Select the odd letters from the given alternatives.

    दिए गए विकल्पों में से विषम अक्षरों को चुनिए।
    1) XVT

    2) NPR

    3) LJH

    4) FDB
    Correct Answer: NPR

    QID : 6 – Select the odd number from the given alternatives.

    दिए गए विकल्पों में से विषम संख्या को चुनिए।
    1) 1
    2) -2
    3) -(-3)
    4) 5
    Correct Answer: -2

    QID : 7 – A series is given, with one word missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

    bat, thin, reply, length, ?

    एक अनुक्रम दिया गया है, जिसमें एक शब्द लुप्त है। दिए गए विकल्पों में से वह सही विकल्प चुनिए जो अनुक्रम को पूरा करे।

    bat, thin, reply, length, ?
    1) terror

    2) display

    3) dome

    4) scolding
    Correct Answer: display

    QID : 8 – A series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

    AbC, dEfG, hIjKl, MnOpQr, ?

    एक अनुक्रम दिया गया है, जिसमें एक पद लुप्त है। दिए गए विकल्पों में से वह सही विकल्प चुनिए जो अनुक्रम को पूरा करे।

    AbC, dEfG, hIjKl, MnOpQr, ?
    1) StUvWxY

    2) StUvWx

    3) StUvWxYZ

    4) sTuVwXy
    Correct Answer: StUvWxY

    QID : 9 – A series is given, with one number missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

    1, 0.125, 1/27, 1/64, ? , 1/216

    एक अनुक्रम दिया गया है, जिसमें एक संख्या लुप्त है। दिए गए विकल्पों में से वह सही विकल्प चुनिए जो अनुक्रम को पूरा करे।

    1, 0.125, 1/27, 1/64, ? , 1/216
    1) 0.025

    2) 1/8

    3) 1/128

    4) 0.008
    Correct Answer: 0.008

    QID : 10 – Hansh’s birthday is on Monday 5th June. On what day of the week will be Tushar’s Birthday in the same year if Tushar was born on 11th December?

    हंश का जन्मदिन सोमवार 5 जून को है। यदि तुषार का जन्म 11 दिसंबर को हुआ था तो उसी वर्ष तुषार का जन्मदिन सप्ताह में किस दिन होगा?
    1) Sunday
    2) Wednesday
    3) Monday
    4) Tuesday
    Correct Answer: Monday

    QID : 11 – The weights of 4 boxes are 40, 30, 50 and 20 kilograms. Which of the following cannot be the total weight,in kilograms, of any combination of these boxes and in a combination a box can be used only once?

    चार बक्सों का वजन 40, 30, 50 और 20 किलोग्राम है। निम्नलिखित में से बक्सों के किसी भी संयोजन से कुल वज़न, किलोग्राम में कौन सा नहीं हो सकता है और एक सन्योजन में एक बक्सा एक ही बार प्रयोग में लाया जा सकता है?
    1) 140
    2) 130
    3) 90
    4) 100
    Correct Answer: 130

    QID : 12 – From the given words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


    निम्नलिखित विकल्पों में से वह शब्द चुनिए जो दिए गए शब्द के अक्षरों का प्रयोग करके नहीं बनाया जा सकता:

    1) NAMES

    2) EMITS

    3) STONE

    4) NOISE
    Correct Answer: NAMES

    QID : 13 – If SQUALOR is coded as USWCNQT, then how will WHY be coded as?

    यदि SQUALOR को किसी कोड में USWCNQT लिखा जाता है, तो WHY को उसी कोड में क्या लिखा जाएगा?
    1) CZR

    2) SGY

    3) YJA

    4) YPT
    Correct Answer: YJA

    QID : 14 – In a certain code language, ‘+’ represents ‘x’, ‘-‘ represents ‘+’, ‘x’ represents ‘÷’ and ‘÷’ represents ‘-‘. What is the answer to the following question?

    9 + 3 – 72 x 6 ÷ 3 = ?

    किसी कोड भाषा में, ‘+’ का मतलब ‘x’ है, ‘-‘ का मतलब ‘+’ है, ‘x’ का मतलब ‘÷’ है और ‘÷’ का मतलब ‘-‘ है। निम्नलिखित प्रश्न का उत्तर क्या है?

    9 + 3 – 72 x 6 ÷ 3 = ?
    1) 46

    2) 21

    3) 9

    4) 36
    Correct Answer: 36

    QID : 15 – If 19#13=3; 25#3=11; 36#10=13; then what is the value of 7#3=?

    यदि 19#13=3; 25#3=11; 36#10=13; तो 7#3 = ? का मान ज्ञात कीजिये।
    1) 21
    2) 2
    3) 26
    4) 39

    Correct answer – 2

    1. According to the reviews of students and our Analysis of the exam, the expected cut off for CGL Tier-1 2017 will be in the gap of 118-123.

    1. hello everyone,
      i am getting 4 marks less from earlier exam cgl-2016.
      so expecting cutoff will fall this time.
      anyone else have fall in marks or just me.
      good luck for tire 2.

  2. Guys I am giving my roll number and password but I’m getting answer sheet of a different person I dnt knw wht’s happng anybody pls help

  3. i for got my roll no anyone please tell my result my registration no is 64006299742 date of birth 11-08-1988 exam date is 19-08-2017 morning shift 10.00 a.m.

    1. suguna google cgl admit card 2017 …yu will get it by your registration number on your ssc site…there yu can get yur roll no.

  4. sir m score is 157…i want to know sir will u give any discount to students who will be selected in tier 1 in the amount of tier 2 test series yours…if i join ur

    1. how come we won’t be able to download our omr after 12th ? thats sad … kindly send the answer keys at the earliest.. thanks a lot in advance

  5. 8th august 2nd shift
    que 134 ans is malaria
    que 161 is wrong all answers are right condition implies either sum of x,y, z is zero or x,y,z are equal…so answer could be anything

      1. idea nhi hai yaar…mine 127 and 2 answers are wrong in key so 132 ho jaayey shayad….gk mai only 14…tumhaara kitna bna @disqus_BzhEfFq2V0:disqus

          1. last year 149 tha but in gk it was 23.. max score in this shift for optimum mind in this shift could have been 150-155 only.. i can bet on this … meray 8 gk k easy questions jinmay i was confuse among two options turned just opposite .. which cost me 20 marks

          2. yaar plz do reply …are yu confused about reasoning questions.. i still cant solve 3 reasoning questions.. cant get their logic yet….apart from that i am sure that one question of gk is answered wrong and one question of math was wrong

  6. Some of the given answer keys are clearly wrong or very much doubtful. How do I challenge those? Will it cost me an exorbitant Rs 100 for each and every answer?

    1. The candidates may login using their same User ID and Password which were used during the Examination and submit representations, if any, from 07.09.2017 (5.00 P.M.) to 12.09.2017 (5.00 P.M.) through on-line method only, on payment of Rs.100/- per answer. Representation received after the due date will not be entertained under any circumstances.

  7. QID : 236 – Which among the following carries impure blood to human heart?
    निम्नलिखित में से कौन मानव हृदय तक अशुद्ध रक्त पहुँचाता है?
    1) Aorta
    2) Pulmonary vein
    फेफड़े की नस
    3) Pulmonary arteries
    फेफड़े की धमनियाँ
    4) Vena Cava

    Correct answer should be 2) Pulmonary vien

  8. 8th august slot 2 ….question 102 koi reporesent kar do vo galat question hai , uskaa koi logic nhi ban rhaa… mainay already 3 que represent karay hain..134,161,121

  9. I missed the chance to download the answer key as I came to know about this only today .. is there any other way to know my mark or get my answer key downloaded ?

    1. As previous year cut off marks in OBC category was 125.50 and this year as the paper pattern changed and vacancy is reduced, there is a slight chance that you may clear the cut off.

  10. When does they release final key approximately.Will they show me response sheet in the final key as I have missed th check this time

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